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    I’m new! Looking for advice on buying and keeping a venus fly trap.



    Hi @ljay and welcome to our gardening community.

    Venus Fly traps are available in most garden centres and even sometimes in the supermarket. There are various different shapes and colour forms which have been developed by plant breeders – choose whichever tickles your fancy – just make sure to select a healthy plant showing new growth with no dead leaves etc.
    When caring for dionaea muscipula there are 3 key points – 1) make sure to provide lots of sunlight during the growing season. 2) Water from underneath placing the pot in about half an inch of RAIN water – do not use tap water. 3) Provide your venus fly trap with a cool winter dormancy period.

    Hope this helps – Enjoy the site



    @ljay @jack also make sure they’ve got good drainage – the top of the substrate should not be wet – the substrate should be an equal mix of sphangum moss and hort sand



    Have they got a long life ?



    Random question – do they actually keep down bugs? I have a fruit fly issue every summer. Wondering it they will assist !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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