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    I want to build my garden shed, big metal thing, but the shed company say I need to have room between the shed and foliage. Now, my neighbours conifer sticks out onto my patch – the roots and trunk on his side, the branches on mine. I’m pretty sure I can nip back to the trunk from my side to the boundary and thus allow my new shed to breathe! I just want to be armed before I ask (hes a miserable so and so) and will say no for sure.

    Also the roots are on my side, and as I say i need to put a concrete shed base down, so will probably kill at least part of the tree when I cut the roots – anyone else had the same issue?




    Ok here is why I need the base apparently

    I have cut some of the branches this weekend – the roots concern me a little. Like most people I have a bit of enforced time this week, so would like to tackle the job.

    I have asked a couple of forums, but any help would be great
    Attached is a pic of the trees Thanks

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