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    The Meyer Lemon tree is the best interior citrus performer in addition to its popularity is proof of this! This little tree can supply blossoms as well as fruit as long as 4 times a year! Deal your citrus tree some sunlight, water, in addition to food as well as likewise see it surprise your presumptions. The care is surprisingly extremely simple and the Meyer Lemon also expands excellent in containers. The fruit is sweeter than typical lemons since the Meyer Lemon is a cross of a lemon and also a mandarin orange. You will definitely enjoy the means your homemade lemonade preferences from your extremely own Meyer Lemons! And also one of the most efficient part is that our Meyer lemons are dental implanted, not increased from seed, so you canister have fruit in the very first year along with a hardier tree!

    Meyer Lemon Tree care

    Increase you Improved Meyer Lemon tree completely sun as well as also well-drained dirt. When growing in the ground water deeply 2 times weekly up until your dwarf citrus tree is created. After the very initial couple of months, water when the soil begins to entirely dry. Meyer Lemons do not like wet origins so ensure the soil has in fact dried out to relating to 2 inches whether in the ground or in containers. Citrus plants like damp atmospheres so misting the leaves daily in entirely dry atmospheres is ideal.

    Fertilize with our balanced slow release plant food when planting in addition to in extremely early spring as well as additionally late summertime season. Containerized plants carry out better when fed 3 to 4 times every year. Fertilize your potted citrus with our balanced slow release fertilizer when planting, completion of cold weather, very early summertime in addition to once again in fall.

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