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    A type of Japanese holly, “Soft Touch” holly (Ilex crenata “Soft Touch”) shows tiny, rounded leaves kept in mind with appealing, silvery veins. Black berries turn up in autumn as well as likewise last throughout the wintertime. A compact, evergreen plant with a rounded shape, “Soft Touch” gets to completely expanded elevations of only 2 to 3 feet, making it appropriate for growing in boundaries or along pathways. “Soft Touch” holly increases in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant strength locations 5 through 9

    Water “Soft Touch” holly frequently throughout hot, entirely dry weather condition. Offer worrying 1 inch of water weekly, or about 1 3/4- inches weekly if the climate condition is exceptionally warm or the dirt is sandy. Otherwise, holly is drought-tolerant and also needs no supplementary watering. To quit condition, prevent sprinkling with a lawn sprinkler; instead, maintain the fallen leaves completely dry by utilizing a garden tube or soaker hose on the dust at the base of the plant.

    Spread 2 inches of compost around the plant every spring. A natural compost, such as chopped fallen leaves, shredded bark or want needles, help modest dirt temperature level as well as saves water.

    Fertilize “Soft Touch” holly before brand-new development emerges in spring, utilizing a slow-release, 4-3-4 plant food created for holly or different other acid-loving plants. Spray the plant food on the dirt around the plant in an area lengthening 12 to 18 inches past the drip line, which is the factor where water rainfall leaks from the suggestions of the branches. Use around 1 to 2 pounds of plant food per inch of trunk diameter. Do not permit plant food to touch the trunk. Always water the plant swiftly after utilizing plant food.

    Prune the plant lightly throughout winter or extremely early spring to remove dead and also damage development and to maintain the recommended size and shape. You can likewise prune the plant throughout the summertime, yet trimming right now may reduce berry production in fall.

    Rake the trimmings after trimming to keep the plant cool, stop health problem, as well as to prevent kids or pets from tipping on the prickly leaves.

    Splash the tops and additionally bases of the fallen leaves with an industrial insecticidal soap spray if the holly is bothered by pests such as range, mites and leafminers. Reapply the spray every 4 to 7 days as insecticidal soap, which is much more secure than chemicals, gets rid of just on connect with. Numerous insecticidal soap products prepare to use. If you utilize a focused item, blend the spray at a rate of 5 tbsps in 1 gallon of water.

    Factors You Will Need
    Garden tube or soaker tube
    4-3-4 Slow-release plant food for acid-loving plants
    Pruners or garden shears
    Insecticidal soap spray

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