How do I get rid of raccoons from my premise..!!

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    Hey, My family and I are residing in Hamilton for years. We didn’t encounter any difficulties with animals in these years. Recently a creature is making trouble to us. It’s a fuzzy creature with bushy tails, and it was penetrating into our premise and eaten the pet food in almost all days. We usually keep our pet food in the deck, and due to these activities, we stopped putting it there. Besides, our garden in the backyard which we used to plant with tomatoes, melon, berries are eaten and damaged, and its excrements are left behind the field. I think it was this same creature getting into our garden and doing all these crazy things. Yesterday, I saw this near to our outhouse which was kept unused, and we used to keep our old belongings there. I think it was living up there, and I noticed that it has a black mask of fur that covers its eye area. My friends said that it would be a raccoon, but I’m not sure about it. I want them out of my premise. How about hiring a raccoon removal services near Hamilton to take care of this? I don’t have any personal experience with such services. So before heading to call them, I thought I should ask any experts here! Please share your thoughts as soon as possible.



    Hey Dennis, we had a huge issue with raccoons in Toronto, we were dealing with them for two summers using different DIY methods, I even bought dehydrated coyote urine :)))) but nothing worked, they caused a lot of damage in our attic, so I called Raccoon Removal Toronto to professional remove them, so guys installed a one-way door and patched all holes in our roof. I would highly recommend going for professional help when dealing with wildlife.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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