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    Hi all!
    Just looking for a bit of help with a horsetail problem. We have a few clumps of them over the garden. I have tried different chemicals/weed-killers containg glyphosate but as the weeds have a waxy coating it helps them fend off and repel the weedkiller.I have tried physical removal, however the roots seem to snap off as they are quite deep and this year I tried a blow-torch but they do seem quite resitant.
    Any other helpful tips would be appreciated


    Daniel Stone

    Get the strongest glyphosate based weedkiller, slash the mares tail down – you can use a machete, grass scythe, strimmer or even tennis racket!! Leave them for a week or so until they’ve started trying to repair the damage you’ve done to them. Then give them a good spraying with glyphosate – the trick with glyphosate is a) to spray onto a surface which it won’t slide of off and b) to spray it onto weeds which are actively growing – by slashing and waiting a bit you’ll have accomplished both of these conditions – and hopefully the glyphosate weedkiller will now work!
    Please let me know how you get on


    Walter Aitken

    I have been having the same problem for 5 years, have tried everything but the one that seems to work best is a combination of blow torch and glyphosate weedkiller by doff.
    First wait until they have grown a bit then use the blowtorch on them, leave for a few days this will allow the ones you missed to poke through then use blowtorch on them leave for a week and they will die off, gather up the dead marestail. After a few weeks they will start to grow again at this stage use the doff weedkiller and in a few days / weeks they will die off and turn black, keep repeating and after 5 years garden should be free of marestail

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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