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    Hey there hope everyone is well, I was wondering if anyone could give me some help I started my own compost bin last year but it is full of water at the bottom and smells revolting I thought it would of been like a soil now I had lid on to prevent rain getting in as well I just have no idea what to do with it?

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    Hello @mummag3

    I’ve been there and done that with my compost! Basically all “container” composting must be done in free draining or completely open bottom containers otherwise you will end up with a foul smelling mess! With one exception if you have a specially sealed hot bin composter which is completely sealed against outside precipitation – these are specialist fast composters and are generally quite expensive.

    I’d advise you to drain your container and make sure there are holes in the bottom for excess water to drain away

    good luck

    gerry 🙂



    Hi, I had the opposite effect with my compost. Everything appeared to be dry and I could still recognize cardboard egg cartons and other stuff after a year. I had bought one of those plastic compost bins from the council. I put in leaves and grass cuttings mainly. I even bought some powder from B&Q which is supposed to accelerate the time it takes to turn the cuttings into compost. I think the compost is supposed to get hot. In the end I gave up.



    I’ve tried various plastic composters (not hotbins – they are too expensive for me) and found them all to be a gimmick! I’ve gone back to the old fashioned compost heap at the back of the garden – as long as you pile it high and turn it every now and again it works an absolute treat



    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try doing what you do.

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