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    I am the sheriff of my town, and recently we had organized a farm festival. It was a great success with extensive participation from people across the town. A substantial amount of people had assembled for the event because of which we have plenty of cleaning to do. There is a considerable amount of recyclable materials, like crop residue, to clean along with that, we have other materials as well. I have rented junk disposal bins from Toronto, and have summoned a few people, to collect the waste, sort them, and throw them in the mini bins. However, the bins are rented for 4 days, and I think executing the duty within that period is not possible. So I was wondering if there is a scheduled pick-up date for the mini bins? Would the disposal services adhere to the timings that they mention? Has anyone opted for a mini bin before? Any info on this subject would be appreciated. Thank you.



    الأشخاص لجمع النفايات وفرزها وإلقائها في الصناديق الصغيرة

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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