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    Does anyone know how to get someamazing gardening gear for schools?




    Have you asked the RHS – maybe they can point you in the right direction?



    Our local authority has a scheme for grants for school gardening




    I am a class teacher and a science leader at a junior school in Portsmouth. With us being on the outskirts of the city, we are not deemed an ‘inner city’ school and lack the funding that most inner city schools get. These schools are now looking great, fresh and ready for the 21st century. However, the school I am at lacks support and funding. This is frustrating as children in our school could really benefit from a great outside space that could enrich, immerse and engage all children within the new curriculum. I am in the process of trying to create an outside space that all curriculum areas could benefit from, which is fit for purpose and somewhere where children in our school can thrive. Being left and neglected, our school is old, falling apart and in need of drastic action. I feel that there are many schools in the same position as ours, feel the same. Let’s not forget that ALL children deserve a fair chance at succeeding in a great environment. For our children to feel proud, we must ensure that our grounds are showing that we are proud. This is why I am after support, donations and funding to help raise the standards of our surroundings to enable all 480+ children to succeed and feel part of something special, rather than something that is, in hindsight, falling apart. As a junior school, we want our children to move forward rather than stay static. Their infant school has already had a makeover and we want their junior school to be an environment of today too. Any help, suggestions and advice is warmly appreciated.

    Thank you.



    This is really helpful, thank you



    Did you see today’s news about seaside resort towns getting money for re-generation – sounds like you may be able to benefit from this – what do you think?



    Do you all think it makes any sense as Gardening for schools about major themes was what all of us are in need? As we know that Assignmentman can be what we all like to add in our free time so there might be many who would like to go for it for the rest of us as well.

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