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    Hi, I work for a care home and we are in the process of planning a garden that includes veg, fruit, herbs and flowers to give our clients the chance to get out and create a lovely garden and get a sence of achievement. Any advise would be welcome thankyou.


    Hi! Just wanted to share a few tips that may come in handy!

    Ensure the vegetables get plenty of light; use good soil – that’s the key to a good vegetable garden! Mulch is also very good to use because it keeps moisture and suppresses weeds, as well as insulating the soil.

    Good luck with your vegetable garden!



    Hi, don’t forget to add a bit of fertilizer to your soil. I’m currently using a blood and bone mix with all my veg and herbs and they all seem to be doing well so far.



    Consider raised beds for those who aren’t as mobile. Think about access and maintenance. Smaller beds enclosed by pathways will be easier to manage. Think carefully which flowers and shrubs you plant. Some plants spread or seed very readily and take over and become a nuisance to control. Choose shrubs which will not grow too big;the garden needs to be as low maintenance as possible or it will become neglected and unattractive. Find some keen volunteers who will come and do the general maintenance, pruning, digging etc so residents do the easier fun things.
    In terms of sustainability a compost bin for kitchen waste will be good for feeding the garden and a water butt or two will make watering easier and is better for the plants.
    Insect friendly plants like lavender, verbena, herbs allowed to flower and scabious can attract butterflies and bees- a great source of pleasure for us all and pollinators for your fruit and veg.
    Easy fruit and veg could include strawberries (who doesn’t like to pick a fresh strawberry), salads, peas and beans and courgettes.
    Good luck .it is an excellent therapeutic idea.

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