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    Marty Boy

    Can anyone suggest some evergreen trees to give some privacy along a 10ft boundary? Not really a fan of conifers. On a bit of a budget so know whatever I choose won’t give an instant effect, maybe looking at a 5-year plan.




    Hi Marty,

    How about trying the Common Laurel – Prunus Laurocerasus rotundifolia – this makes a fantastic beautiful hedge.



    Marty Boy

    Thanks Paula.

    I’ve been thinking about buying some whips when they come into garden centres. Has anyone had any luck planting them?



    You could also try beech hedging. Technically not evergreen, but when closely planted as a hedge they tend to keep most of their leaves in the winter even though they go brown meaning you retain the privacy and screening that an otherwise evergreen hedge would also give you. Beech tends to grow relatively fast and if you start with reasonably established plants (i.e. around 4 feet tall) they will grow at around 6 inches in height per year if carefully pruned.
    Another one to consider is privet which is properly evergreen and can look very nice and dense and be shaped easily. Although must be properly pruned and not be allowed to grow to fast early on or it becomes straggerly and sparse in places.
    For sheer speed of growth you can’t beat laurel or conifer hedging but it doesn’t tend to look as nice and conifers especially have to be carefully managed or they can go very brown and dead in places, especially at the bottom which very rarely recover. Laurel is very resiliant and can cope with extreme cuting back and will just grow back stronger and faster than before (if that is what you are looking for).
    Best of luck!


    Marty Boy

    Hi @johnap,

    Welcome to the forum – looks like you really know what you’re talking about – I did go for beech – lovely lovely hedge.

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    The Thuja Green Giant is really popular https://www.plantingtree.com/products/thuja-green-giant-tree

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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