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    New to this I’m also looking forward receiving free kit



    Iv’e come looking for things for my mum who would prefer to live in the garden than the house.
    Hopefully I don’t start picturing the bugs through the screen!!



    Hi I’m new and have just had my first allotment. All advice welcomed x



    👋 Hello ev1 : I have lived in same place for 20yrs + I just recently discovered I had some Blue bells growing, I have no Clue how they would just appear but I’m not complaining, if anything it has gave me an interest in Gardening. ☺



    Hello! I’m very new to gardening and have just started with celery and peas because apparently they’re easy to grow lol! Any hints and tips on veg growing guys?



    Just joined the forum. I want to get a mini greenhouse and grow some veg and fruits. 🙂



    Hi! I’ve just joined and wanted to say hello 🙂



    I planted 3 rows of potatoes in may, slightly later but out of the 3 rows (15 potoatoes) I have 10 up. 8 of them are a good size, watered every night when sun goes down. 2 of my plants have started wilting but still green. They are end plants, all the rest seem fine. Ground isn’t holding water so no water logging. Just planted 2 rows of plates. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what it could be. I do have trouble with a cat that jump over the wall and uses it as his walkway????. My onions and carrots doing fine so far, runner beans were a bit slow but over night seems to have grown an inch lol.
    Thanks in advance


    Marty Boy

    @allyj66 I find the end plants on my rows often don’t do as well as the middle ones. Could be cos they aren’t as well sheltered from bad weather, pests etc.
    The cat you talk about is more likely to be ruining the plants if it using the ground as a toilet!
    What do you mean “just planted two rows of plates”??



    Oops. Planted another 2 rows of potatoes in a different patch of the garden. I know theres a rule of not planting in same spot. Years since I had an allotment, so real rusty. Hopefully just the cat problem. We private rent and garden had liner and gravel down for last 13 years. Pulled up half to use as veg plot. Soil looks good, a bit stoney in places which comes in handy using for rockeries. Maybe I should pull the 2 up to be on safe side ?? Others are growing well and seem fine.
    Thank you @marty Boy


    Marty Boy

    You would have been a millionaire if you’d managed to grow plates 😂😂

    I’d keep the side two plants – just keep an eye on them.

    You’re doing the right thing with crop rotation.

    Usually soil that has been under a liner is very fertile because the liner stops nutrients from being washed out



    Hello 🙂
    I just renovated my house and now I’m doing the garden. i came here to get some ideas as i never do this before.

    Thank you



    Can anyone recommend a decent pear tree for my garden please?



    Hi newbie alert! Love my garden, need greener fingers



    Hello have fun gardening friends

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 101 total)

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