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    I’m new here, want to get my daughter in to gardening what is the best way to do this?


    I found by giving my 21 month old her own little gardening set she watched me and her nan do some weeding and she copied us so we gave her lots of praise and now we can’t get her out of the garden hope this helps



    Tomato plants are great for little ones. My 3 year old loves picking her tomatoes for the family dinner. Also sunflowers are easy to grow and just make you smile. We have also grown cress in an egg shell that I decorated with googily eyes,



    Hello @jlt_84 @Carrieann Whittington @emcorcoran
    Welcome to this friendly gardening forum. Generally kids love gardening – it’s just about encouraging this natural tendency and not putting them off by giving them the arduous chores like too much weeding or gathering rubbish!

    Enjoy the site –



    Hi all im new to this site but my daughter absolutely loves doing the garden with me and not just the easy stuff we completely ckeared about 20m2 off brambles the other week, we replanted the lawn after the harsh summer and we have just built 3 new flower beds st the front of our house. I live in south wales right on the coast.



    Hello @jlt_84 @cazmo77678 @emcorcoran @jamespowell

    A very warm welcome to our friendly gardening forum. We have a couple of articles on the site about how to encourage children to garden

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    All the best



    What are the best winter flowers for children to grow in the UK?



    I work at a youth club where the young people also help to maintain a patch on an allotment. Is this something your daughter might enjoy? Will also allow for some mum daughter time outside of the house x



    Hello, does anyone have any tips on how to encourage young children to get into gardening?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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