Best ways to store potatos over the winter?

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    Storage temperature has a significant impact on how long potatoes will last.
    When stored between 43–50°F (6–10°C), raw potatoes will keep for many months without spoiling (3).
    This temperature range is slightly warmer than refrigeration and can be found in cool cellars, basements, garages or sheds.
    Storing potatoes in these conditions can help delay the formation of sprouts on the skin, one of the first signs of spoilage.
    In fact,one study found that storing potatoes in cool temperatures more than quadrupled their shelf life, compared to storing them at room temperature (3).
    Storing at lower temperatures also helps preserve their vitamin C content.
    Research showed that potatoes stored in cool temperatures maintained up to 90% of their vitamin C content for four months, while those stored in warmer room temperatures lost almost 20% of their vitamin C after one month (3, 4).
    Storing at temperatures slightly above refrigeration is a great way to extend shelf life and maintain vitamin C content.

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