There are endless choices of house plants that you can choose from if you want to bring home your first house plant. It’s normal for a beginner to feel daunted at the thought of taking care of a plant at home for the first time. Well, the good news is, not all plants really require an intensive care on a day-to-day basis. There are even some that can survive throughout a few days of neglect. Listed below are some of the best low-maintenance plants that are easy to care for inside your homes and offices.

  1. Pothos

One of the most forgiving plants out there is the Pothos plant. This tropical forest plant can withstand neglect for long periods of time. Its beauty shows through its heart-shaped leaves, and looks like a vine due to its trailing tendrils. This plant has the ability to purify the air. Pothos is also called as “Devil’s Ivy” since it’s a plant that is difficult to kill as it can survive even in pitch-dark conditions.

2. Snake plant

The snake plant is a member of the lily family. Judging by the plant’s leaves, it is called a snake plant due to its tall sharp leaves, which look like a snake in a standing position. Its stiff leaves grow vertically from a basal rosette. The snake plant is known to be one of the most tolerant of all decorative plants and can survive even in the most unsuitable growing conditions. The snake plant is very easy to take care of inside your homes because it’s tough to kill. It’s ideal for indoor spaces due to its ability to purify air and remove toxins that are in the air.

3. Zanzibar Zamioculas

The zanzibar, also called ZZ Plant for short, can survive long-term drought, thrives in low light, and is very simple to maintain. Because of that—and its Insta-worthy look—it has become trendy over the years. It has wide, attractive, dark green leaves that make for a very adorable addition to your interiors at home or in the office. 

However, make sure to keep this plant away from pets and kids prone to eating anything they see—this plant can be toxic.

4. Spider plant

The spider plant is a plant from the asparagus family. It’s most commonly known as the spider plant due to its long grassy green-and-white striped leaves. This plant can grow so fast if placed in a bright and sunny spot. 

However, it can also survive even on low-light spaces or even windowless rooms, so don’t worry too much about giving it enough light. It can also hold water so well that it can survive even a few days of drought. Another fun thing about this plant is it produces small plants, or baby spiders, which can be easily passed on to your other friends too!

5. Aloe Vera

Another famous plant on the list is the aloe vera. This attractive succulent is a great indoor companion as it is very easy to take care of and is very useful too. The plant is stemless, greenish, and just bloom out from the plant’s central stem. This plant prefers indirect sunlight or even artificial light, but not too much since it can turn its leaves yellow and dry out the plant.

The juice or gel of the aloe’s leaves can be used to relieve pain from burns or scrapes. However, it should not be ingested by people or pets as it can be toxic when consumed internally. It’s best displayed on your desk or bedside table. Don’t forget to water it at least once a week for a more optimal growth.

Wrapping Up

There are still lots of indoor plants out there which can also be a good addition to your indoor plant collection as the ones listed above are the top choices for the easiest plants to keep. Soon when you’ll get used to the idea of having your own baby plants to care for every day, it’s time you step up your game for the wider and bigger plants, or even design your own backyard garden. After all, growing your own plants whether indoors or outdoors, doesn’t just add visual beauty to your homes, but also benefits you in terms of your health, mood, stress, and diminish pollution in the air. So, what are you waiting for? Get your first house plant now.