The rise of electric and battery powered gardening equipment

Electric and battery powered gardening equipment boom


Commercial shows such as the recent SALTEX exhibition at the NEC, have seen increasing numbers of electric gardening equipment on show. It is becoming clear that powerful, quality, and affordable electric and battery powered gardening equipment for the mainstream, domestic gardener is not in the too distant future.

Saltex Show 2016


Electric garden shears

electric-hedge-cutterA mainstay of small-scale topiary for many years, electric garden shears are common place in gardens and garden centres. Garden hand shears are a real time-saver when it comes to topiary and small box (etc.) plants. For the amateur gardener, the results can be fantastic and can really look fantastic.  Electric garden hand shears can be found everywhere from Tesco and Homebase selling battery-powered shears from £20 to high-end machinery centres selling Bosch and other quality brands that can retail for £100 or more.


Electric garden shredder

A piece of gardening equipment that you wouldn’t have seen in a domestic setting 5 years ago but now becoming increasing popular is the electric garden shredder. Rather than having piles of garden waste sitting around waiting to rot, the shredder means a quicker rot, or easier bagging for the tip! They are ideally suited to the rise in popularity of electric gardening equipment, just make sure you are buying one with a long enough cable! The money saved buying a cheaper machine will often disappear when you need to get into buying outdoor extension leads. The louder, rapid ‘Impact shredders’ retail between £100 and £250. The quieter, crushing ‘Roller Shredders’ retail between £150 and £500.

Electrical safety Precautions When Gardening

Here at GoTo4Gardening we do love a good gardening gadget. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight some outdoor electrical safety.


  • RCDs (Residual Current Devices)

rcd-plug-current-breakerThe Residual Current Device can be a life-saving device. The presence of one helps to protect you against electric shock and can reduce the risk of electrical fires. Without one, cutting through an electrical lead during a simple job like mowing the lawn could kill you. Make sure that when you are using an electric lawnmower, electric hedge trimmers, or any other electric gardening equipment that you have RCD Protection.


  • Cut the grass, not the cable!

While this may seem a fairly obvious point, it is so important that this is raised. Make sure you keep your electric cables and their plugs in good condition and replace any that are damaged.

  • Buy the best electrical gardening equipment that you can afford and keep it serviced.
  • Follow the equipment-specific instructions
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment
  • Don’t cut grass in wet conditions
  • Regularly check the RCD using the ‘test’ button


  • Garden ponds – don’t electrify the water!

With water comes the increase in change of electric shock. If your mains electric equipment is installed incorrectly there is the risk of injury or death to your fish or your family. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice; electrical safety is more important than ego!

  • Buy good quality equipment
  • Use an RCD
  • Regularly check cables and connections
  • Maintaining the cables and connectors for your electrical gardening equipment

It is so important to regularly check the condition of the cables and connectors for your electric gardening equipment. Don’t take risks with electricity. Make sure any electric equipment you are using outside is:

  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Rated for the equipment you are using it for
  • Uncoiled – coiled cables can overheat
  • Replaced if damaged
  • Kept dry

Electrical gardening equipment

With the wide-scale investment in all things electrical, electric and battery operated gardening equipment looks sure to be the future of gardening equipment. With all safety precautions kept, it is an exciting future!


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