Does Your Garden Have Room For You?

Your garden needs to have plenty of room for you too! It needs to be a space you can spend some time in, and enjoy yourself in, and even have a good BBQ for all the family every once in a while! Sure, your garden looks lovely, and you’ve put a lot of time and effort into it, but is right for you? 

But if you’re currently working with an outdoor space that has little to no space for the people in the house next to it, it’s time to make some changes. Don’t worry, a project like this doesn’t have to be overwhelming, because we’ll show you where to start. 

Is your seat taken by a few flowers too many?

You Need a Dedicated Sitting Space

A dedicated sitting space ensures you don’t just have to grab some Folding Wooden Deck Chairs and set one out on the grass, hoping it’s stable enough to lounge in. Instead, give yourself the room to set out these kinds of chairs properly, so you can create a communal sitting space, that’s stable enough for long term enjoyment. 

Make sure there’s plenty of shade to keep you feeling cool in the summer and protected in the winter, and think about setting up a permanent gazebo feature too. These are much easier than trying to create a porch of your own! 

You Need to Think About the Wildlife

The wildlife in your garden isn’t going to go away simply because you’re out there and want to spend a good few hours soaking up the sun. There’s still going to be all kinds of birds in the trees and creepy crawlies in the grass, and keeping this in mind is essential to ensuring your garden has room for you too. 

Following on from the point above, you might need to set up a proper deck area, where the mud in the ground will be covered up and away from you, and any bugs that might come too close are easy to spot and move away. Simply put, give yourself a small portion of a deck or a patio to sit down and relax on, and you’re good to go. You could even think about fencing it in

Watch How Much You’re Planting

And finally, make sure you’re not overflowing your garden with plants. Sure, the garden is the place for filling with color, but it’s also a delicate ecosystem. You don’t want plants to become invasive, and beat all the others you’ve carefully planted out of the soil beds. 

Similarly, you want to ensure there’s enough room for leisure activities, without trampling anything (or getting swiped by an unruly bush!), so watch how much you’re planting, and don’t be afraid to cut back. 

Your garden has room for you, you just can’t see it yet! Make sure you’re following tips like those above to cut out a space for your enjoyment. It’s what you deserve for the summer we’re now in. 

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