Christmas Gift Ideas for the Gardener in Your Life

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What Christmas Gift Would a Gardener Find Useful?

I know, I know it’s only October, but the reality is that as soon as Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night are over thoughts naturally turn to the impending festive season. Of course it doesn’t help that the days are shorter, colder and every year it seems to be earlier and earlier that high street retailers start to put up their Christmas offers. So who am I to resist the rising tide?

For gardeners, novice and professional, Christmas provides an opportunity for loved ones to deliver gardening related festive cheer. To help with these important decisions, I have compiled a list of potential gift ideas which as a keen part time gardener myself, would be very welcome, (thank you)!

Whether searching offline in local stores, the traditional way of shopping or venturing online into the all knowing ether, known as the internet, there are a huge array of Christmas gift ideas that will satisfy the whim of any gardener.

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An obvious consideration in the gift stakes has to be the trusted and ever so dependable gardening book. This year we are simply spoiled for choice. I have reviewed a couple of this year’s literary offerings which are outlined below:

The RHS A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants.

Although a reasonable amount for a book, there is literally no finer book for the budding and experienced gardener. The book has been edited by Christopher Brickell and offers in many ways the ultimate reference tool. The book, priced at £75, is packed with superb images and concise descriptions that offers expert advice and guidance on more than 15,000 plants.

It is also one of the only books I am aware of that comes in its own stunning presentation box.


Vertical Gardens by Leigh Clapp and Hattie Klotz

Published by New Holland Publishers and retailing at £16.99 this innovative book outlines advice on the growing trend of vertical gardening. Packed full of useful tips and ideas on low-maintenance, space-saving and water-smart solutions, it offers unique ideas that enables anyone with a balcony, rooftop or courtyard to enjoy the fruits of this enjoyable pastime.


Apart from the sage advice usually available in gardening books, the alternative option of a piece of trusty garden equipment is always a favoured option. This can include anything from a singing duck watering can, garden tool stool through to an indoor garden care set or a personalised create planter, all of which are currently available at reasonable prices.

Whatever your choice of Christmas gift, as an avid gardener, I can say with assured confidence that it will be well received.

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