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Introduction to Charles Dowding’s weekly advice

Introduction to Charles Dowding’s weekly advice  I want to help you garden more efficiently and successfully, with the advice of my experience based on 35 years of successful gardening, for vegetables, flowers and fruit trees. I have assembled a massive resource base of advice, on You Tube (1,200,000 views), my website www.charlesdowding.co.uk and in my […]

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Perennial Plug Plants – Buying Guide

How to save when planting perennials   How do we fill a border with perennial plants without hurting the pocket? The simple answer is sowing seed, but perennials from seed rarely flower in the first year and need a lot of time and protection in the early years. The alternative is to buy full sized […]

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Valentines Day for Gardeners

 Valentines Day – when work in the field commences! I was looking at a flyer the other day advertising a small  bunch of valentines day red roses for £35,  and I thought to myself,  I can’t believe that my ancestor proposed on the 14th of February with a fresh red rose – where would he […]

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The Perfect DIY Cloche

How to make your own cloche Having been frustrated over the years with a variety of shop bought cloches I decided to make my own with the following features: No Hinges to rust over  It can easily be built for a minimal cost, It is light and manoeuvrable, the lid can easily be removed and […]

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The Big Garden Birdwatch 2017

This year, the Big Garden Birdwatch will take place from 28-30 January 2017! In 2016, the Big Garden Birdwatch count was pretty awesome! Some stats: 519,000 people counted 8,262,662 birds! If you’ve been in a state school in the last 20 years, or ever watched Springwatch, the chances are that you have heard of the […]

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Top Tips for Pond Cleaning

How to clean your pond Avoid pushing more soil into your pond   The first problem I encountered was that as I moved anything near the pond, more soil kept falling into the pond which would only mean that I would have even more soil to extract. I therefore dug a trench about 45 cm  away […]

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Mistletoe Alternative

Have you ever tried growing mistletoe? Poor man’s mistletoe! – Have you bought any mistletoe this year? – Have you ever tried to grow mistletoe? –  If the answer is yes to the first and no to the second question it wouldn’t surprise me, because mistletoe is extremely difficult to grow. It is a parasite […]

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You can Enjoy the Winter Flowering Mahonia Even in a Small Garden

Flower of the week from YOUR garden to YOUR table:   14th Nov.  – 21st  Nov. Botanical  Name:  Mahonia Japonica.    Common Name :  Mahonia. I spent a few days visiting my sister in London this week and I felt strongly England’s North South divide. Not from a financial aspect as it is often declared, but  from […]

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hydrangea bush

Caring for Long Lived Hydrangea Flowers

The Long Lived Hydrangea Flower I think no other flower can match  the long lived hydrangea for longevity. I have had beautiful hydrangea blooms growing peacefully in my garden waiting to be picked for the past 3 months, during this time they have changed colour from blue to purple to mauve but only now when other flowers […]

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FloraBrite tools

Stop Losing Your Gardening Tools

Never lose another gardening tool again   As a keen gardener myself, I can personally vouch from talking to many of my esteemed colleagues who are also intrepid gardeners that losing gardening tools is an oft quoted problem for every gardener. Misplaced in the undergrowth or simply mislaid during the numerous gardening tasks, it’s an […]

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