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Mountfield SP454 Petrol Lawnmower – Self Drive RV45 140cc – Serviced – £119

Mountfield SP454 Petrol Lawnmower Self Drive – good steady drive 17inch blade sharpened and balanced Carb cleaned and serviced Deck in original condition and in very good condition Good size collection box is also in good condition A well looked after lawnmower Very very easy to start from cold £119.00 First come first serve sale […]

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Alternative to the Classic Grass Lawn

Almost all homes in the UK have at least one grass lawn – many have two; one at the front of the property and one at the rear. It is not just houses that are bordered by lawns but our apartment blocks, communal buildings and schools are usually surrounded by grass lawns. It is important […]

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Best Outdoor Garden Games – Review and Buyers Guides

Top 10 Outdoor Garden Games Spending time outside of your home is great for your health because it keeps you in shape and you are spending your day on fresh air. Due to that, I wanted to share with you best outdoor games you can find. Some of them are for two; others can involve […]

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Planning Your Garden’s Design – You can garden. Part 2

Five top tips to consider when planning your garden’s design: goal-orientated design 1. Decide what you want to do in your garden. Do you want a garden for your children to play football in or one that will accommodate as many people as possible for BBQ parties? Do you want a garden to show off […]

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Trialling Stanley’s New Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Stanley Tools New Power Gardening Tools “Stanley” the household name for quality hand tools; and if you didn’t know the ubiquitous Stanley Knife actually takes its name from Frederick Trent Stanley who founded “Stanley Bolt Manufacturing” in 1843. Fortunately for us gardeners they have now started producing garden power tools. As a keen gardener and […]

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Are Evergreen Plants Really Ever-Green?

Evergreen Shrubs in the Garden  Evergreen plants get a mixed bag of comments, many people look at them as the lazy gardeners’ method of creating a garden without working and they don’t belong in a ‘real’ garden. Some people feel they are so architectural you might as well put an artificial plant in their place. […]

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Are You Looking for a New Fence?

A revolution in fence panels: straight lines and no more splinters! Well, no-where near as many! I don’t know about you, but storm Doris played havoc in my garden. I had to replace quite a few glass panels in my greenhouse and just don’t talk to be about fence panels! Well actually, do talk to […]

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Introduction to Charles Dowding’s weekly advice

Introduction to Charles Dowding’s weekly advice  I want to help you garden more efficiently and successfully, with the advice of my experience based on 35 years of successful gardening, for vegetables, flowers and fruit trees. I have assembled a massive resource base of advice, on You Tube (1,200,000 views), my website www.charlesdowding.co.uk and in my […]

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Perennial Plug Plants – Buying Guide

How to save when planting perennials   How do we fill a border with perennial plants without hurting the pocket? The simple answer is sowing seed, but perennials from seed rarely flower in the first year and need a lot of time and protection in the early years. The alternative is to buy full sized […]

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Valentines Day for Gardeners

 Valentines Day – when work in the field commences! I was looking at a flyer the other day advertising a small  bunch of valentines day red roses for £35,  and I thought to myself,  I can’t believe that my ancestor proposed on the 14th of February with a fresh red rose – where would he […]

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