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Gardening Styles for 2017

2017 Gardening Trends The gardening trends for 2017 are promising to be an exciting move towards colour block planting, dwarf shrub planting, and green (!). Let’s have a look at what to expect and how you can achieve the look in your garden! #1 Gardening Trend for 2017 : Colour block planting   Garden designers […]

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Frost does not need to Bite!

Why frost can be good for the garden Easier Landscaping Although gardeners today like to see their plots as flat as a bowling green all the year round, when digging over in the autumn and winter there is no need to break up and smooth out the clods of earth, when the clods of earth […]

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garrya elliptica

Garrya Elliptica – Colour in your Garden in January

  How to grow garrya elliptica Placement of garrya elliptica The garrya elliptica bush is not fully frost hardy and maybe that is why it is not so common, however it will withstand temperatures down to -5o so it should overwinter well anywhere in the British Isles lower than Northumberland. Many advise to grow it next […]

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Top Tips for Pond Cleaning

How to clean your pond Avoid pushing more soil into your pond   The first problem I encountered was that as I moved anything near the pond, more soil kept falling into the pond which would only mean that I would have even more soil to extract. I therefore dug a trench about 45 cm  away […]

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Viburnum a winter flowering gem!

Botanical  Name: Viburnum This week I purposely did not fill in the full botanical name in the heading to the article because there are many similar ones that you can choose from. The idea is to have flowers at this otherwise cold and flowerless time of the year, so it is important to avoid the […]

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Allotment Planning for the New Year

It is the New Year –  or at least that is what the calendar says , but there is very little to do in the garden at the moment so does the gardeners year begin now?  – Maybe it would be more suitable to join up with the tax man and make the Gardeners New […]

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Winter Cutting Back & Pruning

How to prune and cut back plants in the winter Once the leaves have fallen  from deciduous shrubs and trees it is so much easier to see if their structure has become too congested.  It is also a lot easier to  spot : Dead, Diseased and Damaged branches or stems. It is these three D’s […]

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Interesting Use for Rose Hips

Floral Display Using Rose Hips Hip Hip hooray, my allotment always has something to offer for my vase, and this week I stumbled upon a rose bush on the edge of the allotment, clad with small red rose hips. The bush has been there for years and the hundreds of pink flowers brighten up the […]

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What should I do with my Christmas tree after Christmas?

Discover 3 alternative uses for your old Christmas tree. First of all, let me start with a friendly note: DO NOT BURN your old Christmas tree INSIDE! This is dangerous as the wood will burn very quickly and spit. The sap found in Christmas trees that will release toxins into the air and can release […]

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Protecting Your Plants from the Cold

Protecting plants from the winter weather Last month I talked about keeping plants in pots happy over the winter  – definitely one of the first jobs to do . But for many of us a little bit of winter protection is in order for many plants, even if they are growing in open ground. Which […]

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