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When is the best time to prune?

When is the best time of the year to prune your Garden? Knowing the best time to prune will not only allow you to maintain a happy and healthy garden, it will also allow you to ensure that the aesthetic appeal of your plants, flowers and evergreens is always on point. Pruning your plants at […]

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Planting Peas, Mange Tout and Broad Beans

Broad beans, peas and mangetout favour the cooler growing conditions of early summer as their seeds germinate at low temperatures. While days are getting longer and warming up, nights and soil are still too cool for many crops but these attractive, tasty and nutritious vegetables are easy to cultivate so great for beginners and experienced […]

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The Soil is warming up; time to mulch!

What is mulch? The RHS defines mulches as: “loose coverings or sheets of material placed on the surface of cultivated soil.” You can apply mulch to soil on the ground or on top of composts in containers. There are two types of mulch; biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Biodegradable mulches The design purpose of a biodegradable mulch […]

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April jobs for your kitchen garden

Whatever the weather, there are jobs you can be getting on with in April in your kitchen garden. Vegetables If you are planning any seed sowing straight into the ground, wait until your lawn begins to put on some length. This is a good indication that your soil is warming up. Weeds! As with every […]

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Best plants for your type of soil

A common mistake that novice gardeners make is to associate the wrong type of plant for their particular soil type. Poor growth, loss of plants are common problems which can often be associated with the type of soil that the plant has been planted in. So to help, we have produced a simple guide to […]

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BBQ Food sauces and rubs to enhance your BBQ cooking

When it comes to BBQ food, we all have a favourites. Whether its a monumental burger, vegetable skewers or a stunning fish dish, the fact is that the BBQ provides us with the opportunity to try out new things alfresco style, especially when the weather is being kind. Scouring the internet will no doubt provide […]

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