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How to Deal with Wood Pigeons

Wood pigeons Wood pigeons seem to be increasing in number and everywhere I go, to give a talk, do a demo in a garden centre or doing a GQT these feathery pests certainly seem to be featuring heavily in people’s gardens! They do damage all over the garden, but worst hit are the edibles – […]

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Preventing the Spread of the Horse-chestnut Leaf Miner

What is the Horse-chestnut Leaf Miner? If  you’ve  noticed gingery brown, dry patches on the leaves of horse-chestnut trees these are the ‘blotch mines’ caused by an infestation of the horse-chestnut leaf mining moth, Cameraria ohridella. This pest has only been recorded in the UK since 2002 but has certainly made its presence felt. Earlier […]

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brown rot on apple

How to Deal With Brown Rot on Fruit

Brown rot on Apples and Pears If you’ve noticed soft, squidgy brown patches on your apples and pears, whether these are just harvested or currently in store, the chances are that this is the aptly named ‘Brown rot’ .  Caused by a species of the Sclerotinia fungus , brown rot is a common and damaging […]

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Toadstools in Turf

Toadstools in Turf I’ve more than a passing fascination with fungi  and at this time of year they can be hard to escape – they’re literally popping up everywhere and often causing a lot of distress, especially to those lawn-loving gardeners or when they suddenly appear  in a newly mulched flower border.  So if your […]

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chafer grub damage

Treat Your Lawn for Chafer Grubs ASAP!

Chafer Grubs Now I know that looks aren’t everything BUT these really are grim to look at and they can do a lot of damage too. Chafer grubs are the young or larvae of garden chafer beetles (those brownish beetles which suddenly appear in large numbers in May and June and clatter against the windows […]

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Powdery Mildew on Phlox

Powdery Mildew Fungi – Prevention better than Cure

Powdery Mildew Fungi Flower beds and borders are often looking a little unkempt at this stage in the year, but that ‘Could do Better’ look  is often made a lot worse by the appearance of powdery mildew fungi.  If you’ve seen a white or off-white dust like growth appearing on the foliage of plants such […]

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maggots in apple

Maggotty Apples – Yuk!!

Maggotty Apples There really is nothing worse than sinking your teeth into an apple to find that you have a mouthful of delicious fruit and also a mouthful of ‘maggot’, maggot droppings and general gunge or sometimes just the last two without the ‘maggot’ itself. Grim either way!! As the apple harvesting season gets underway […]

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Effective method to control the Red Spider Mite

Red spider mite If you’re growing plants in a greenhouse, frame or conservatory there’s a good chance you may get problems with red spider mite. Glasshouse red spider mite or two-spotted mite as it is also known is, to put it politely, a menace! The tiny greenish kaki mites (less than 1mm long)  feed on […]

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fuchsia gall mite

Fuschia Gall Mite – Microscopic Mischief Maker!!

Fuchsia gall mite Just the other day I was handed some photos of a very miserable looking fuchsia by a very miserable looking friend. Sadly I was left with the miserable task of telling him that yes, this was yet another case of a fuchsia gall mite (Aculops fuchsiae) infestation. This relatively new pest was […]

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Suffering with “Glasshouse Whitefly”; Read on:

Glasshouse Whitefly Glasshouse whitefly are, as their name implies, mainly a pest of greenhouses and other protected spaces such as conservatories, coldframes and porches but in a hot summer and especially in warmer parts of the country, they may sometimes attack plants in sheltered spots in the garden. This may not be something we’ve much […]

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