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Should I install a wind turbine in my garden?

With an increasing focus on renewable energy sources, an increasing number of people are integrating at-home renewable energy sources into their power supply. And, whilst solar panels tend to be the most common home renewable energy sources, did you know that it’s also possible to install a home wind turbine in your garden? But how […]

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How to create the perfect rooftop garden

Create the perfect Rooftop Garden Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a lovely garden to love and nurture but that doesn’t mean that you should miss out just because you live in a smaller space, or in a populated city or urban area! In recent years, roof top gardens have continued to […]

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Planning your garden lighting for maximum effect

The most Important Aspects of Garden Lighting Garden lighting can create a specific ambience within any garden space. With the advent of LED lighting options, the gardener now has at their disposal a varied array of options to create any desired effect they would like. With a few simple steps its possible to create an […]

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Things to consider when choosing a Gazebo

Thinking about adding a Gazebo to your Garden? If you’re lucky enough to have enough space in your garden, a gazebo can be a great addition to your home. Whether it’s designed to offer a space to host dinner parties, social occasions, or even celebrations, or simply to be an extension of your home, there […]

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Our recommendations for garden furniture this summer

Spring has sprung – hooray! And as thoughts turn to longer, lighter and brighter days, it’s highly likely that many of you will already be dreaming about long, sunny days in the garden. As soon as the slightest glimmer of sunshine breaks through the clouds, many of us cannot wait to get outdoors. After all, […]

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Natural Insect protection solutions that will help you to grow a happy, healthy and pest free garden

How to keep your plants happy and disease free When it comes to keeping pesky insects and disease out of our gardens, many of us automatically turn to harsh chemicals. But did you know that there are a whole host of natural insect protection solutions that are just as effective when it comes to ensuring […]

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How to deter garden pests

How to Keep away those Garden Pests There really is nothing more frustrating than investing time in nurturing your plants, vegetables and flowers for pesky insects to ruin all of your hard work, right? After all, no garden is free from disease or pests, so it’s important that you take the necessary precautions to implement […]

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Beating Slugs and Snails – 10 Strategies that Really Work

How to get rid of Snails & Slugs in your Garden Slugs and Snails. Words that strike terror into the hearts of gardeners everywhere. The most feared of all the garden pests, slugs and snails can destroy plants and flowers in matter of hours and are notoriously difficult to control. With their voracious appetite they […]

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Best plants for your type of soil

A common mistake that novice gardeners make is to associate the wrong type of plant for their particular soil type. Poor growth, loss of plants are common problems which can often be associated with the type of soil that the plant has been planted in. So to help, we have produced a simple guide to […]

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How to design your garden effectively

Top Garden Design Tips for 2016 The design of your garden is important. The layout, styling and use of available space defines the garden itself. But for many people the simple premise of how to design their available outside space eludes them. Creating a specific well thought out design ensures that your garden does exactly […]

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