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How to Add Ultimate Luxury to Your Garden

Adding luxury to your garden doesn’t necessarily require you to spend a lot of money – it is about paying attention to fine and opulent details. By adding your own personality and unusual quirks to your garden it will exude luxury and sophistication because you are not following an existing style. There are many ways […]

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Boost your mobile phone signal at home and in your garden

Despite the technologically-charged age we live in, sometimes it doesn’t all work perfectly. We all have those frustrating moments in which we struggle to contact somebody just at the crucial time, or fail to access the internet with our mobile data—all because of limited mobile phone signal. When you’re on the move, this can sometimes […]

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The Benefits Of Installing A Deck On Your Home

It’s typical for homeowners to look for ways on how they can improve their space or spice up the aesthetics of their properties. This is especially true for homeowners who have been living in the same property for decades. If you share the same sentiment, consider installing a deck on your home. A deck can […]

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How To Plan And Grow A Beautiful Perennial Garden Border

Use A Mixture Of Different Types Of Plants To keep your garden from looking boring, try mixing different styles of plants together in the space. For instance, mixing plants with tall flowers like red-hot pokers or Agastache with shorter, rounder flowers like coneflowers or sedum creates a richer, more layered look. As an added bonus, […]

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A Closer Look at Microbes and Soil

All of us are feeling increasing pressure to do more with even less. Every state is discussing restricting phosphorus and fertilizer, and although they are not good for the environment, it also can make it hard to meet our needs in terms of plant growth. So what can be done to help ourselves as well […]

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How to Grow the Perfect Vegetable Patch in Your Own Garden, and Why it’s Worthwhile

It’s something that a lot of people find themselves wanting to do, but they’re not overly sure how to start. Growing your own vegetables in your back garden is a commitment, that will take you a little bit of time every day, but the results and rewards are endless. Not only are you able to […]

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7 Tips To Keep Pigeons Out of Your Garden

We’ve all been there. Growing a garden is a pain enough as it is with bugs and deer roaming about, especially if you live in a more rural setting. But they’re easy to chase off, exterminate or distract into other ventures. Pigeons take stubborn to a whole new level, so how are you supposed to […]

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Helpful Landscaping Tips To Use When Building A New Home

Building a home is a fantastic thing to do. You plan every room and space meticulously and it’s an exciting prospect to see it realised. However, what about the garden space?  Well, a great landscaper can really help aid your work and help create a fantastic out door area. Here are some great tips to follow […]

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Tips For Attracting Birds To Your Birdbath

Watching birds frolic in a birdbath in your garden is interesting and enjoyable for all the family. Here are some top tips for attracting birds to your birdbath in your garden. Height Keep the Birdbath Low. A standard birdbath sitting on top of a pedestal might look good. However, it isn’t the best way to offer […]

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Fruit Trees For Your Garden

Imagine the sweet taste of a delicious apple. Taste the beautiful sharp and sour blend of a lemon on your tongue. Envisage the gentle and juicy feel of a pear as it dissolves in your mouth. Sounds delicious, right? Now consider the unseen amounts of pesticides and other harmful chemicals that have invaded these mouth-watering […]

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