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Renovating your garden and outdoor areas with concrete

If you are planning to renovate your home then why not also opt for a beautiful garden and outdoors. But don’t forget that outdoor areas such as the pool area, patio, terrace, garage, or driveway are equally important. Designing these well will also add value to your home. Concrete is a cheap and stylish modern […]

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5 Fertiliser Ideas For Your Garden

Making your garden attractive involves a lot of time, effort, and hard work. Fertilising is a crucial part of that process and if done correctly, it goes a long way to make your garden more pleasing to look at. Indeed it can be expensive to buy the right fertiliser from high street vendors, but thankfully […]

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Heavy Landscaping Work To Do In Your Garden? Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Waterproof Work Boots

All this time spent at home has probably got you thinking about the kind of improvement work you can do in your house and garden. Has it made you notice that your garden is in dire need of maintenance? If it has, then now’s a perfect time for you bring it back to its former […]

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The Benefits of Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawn has been around for a long time, but it’s only been in the last few years that it has become popular. We used to hear of sports grounds and facilities adding an all-weather astroturf pitch, but it wasn’t something that many of us had in our home gardens.  The artificial grass of years […]

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Garden Maintenance Tips for an Easier Life This Year

There are a lot of things that you can do in the garden to ensure it is more practical and less like hard work. Look, it’s true that we all want to have a gorgeous looking garden, and this can sometimes take a while to achieve. But, one of the key factors that also plays […]

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How To Design Backyard Guttering If You Have A Garden

A rain gutter is designed to hold plants and decorate a fence, wall, or porch railing. Gutters are also perfect as an alternative to pots for cultivating plants, allowing you to grow different herbs, shallow roots, flowers, and greens. With creativity and resourcefulness, you can design and install a gutter garden in your free space. […]

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Does Your Garden Have Room For You?

Your garden needs to have plenty of room for you too! It needs to be a space you can spend some time in, and enjoy yourself in, and even have a good BBQ for all the family every once in a while! Sure, your garden looks lovely, and you’ve put a lot of time and […]

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Fence Types To Make Your Garden And Outdoor Space Look Great

Most people install fences as a temporary or permanent enclosing structure around their properties for both security and privacy reasons. Interestingly, the type of fences you install determines to a great extent how secure and private your property will be. When it comes to fencing, most people are confused about the type of fence to […]

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Should You Switch Over to Composite Decking?

Now that the days are getting longer, your attention may have been turned to your garden and the ways in which you can utilise your outdoor space better, how you can spruce up your garden, or you might even be thinking of remodelling it all together. Whatever’s on your mind, you’ll want to think about […]

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The Grass Doesn’t Have To Be Greener On The Other Side!

Are you sick of comparing your garden, specifically, your grass, to your neighbour’s garden? Great news: the grass doesn’t always have to be greener on the other side! It’s normal to find faults with your own lot and compare it to somebody else’s, but with the tips we’re going to share with you here, you’ll […]

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