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dwarf french beans

Growing Dwarf French Beans

Dwarf French Beans Tasty, tender and bearing no resemblance to the tough (and often rather undesirable!)  offerings from the supermarket. That’s home grown French beans, a terribly simple crop which you can still sow from seed now.  There are lots of different varieties of French Beans available and I can’t say that I have any […]

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herb gardening

Herb gardening for beginners

  The fact is that herbs have become an extremely popular form of plant grown at home and in the garden. Herbs are used for various reasons for food flavouring and on occasion for medicinal purposes. Whatever the reasons are for growing herbs, there are a few simple steps to take to ensure that your […]

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gyo pic

Vegetable gardening tips for beginners

Grow your own has long been a favoured pastime for many people, for various reasons. Not only the satisfaction of cultivating and eating your own produce, that you have carefully nurtured over several months, but also from the perspective of the quality of the food in terms of nutrients that you are able to control […]

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sweet williams

This Weeks Flower – The Lovely Sweet William

At this time of the year I welcome in my garden a flower that reminds me of my childhood, the Sweet William.  It is another plant classed as a cottage garden plant and is hardly available in supermarkets, but it is really an easy plant to grow your self.   I can’t find a reliable reference […]

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DIY Seed Sower

Two original  inventions to guarantee your success in seed sowing

Gardening Tip – For the week 27th June -3rd July It is easy to plant a ready grown plant in the ground but when it comes to sowing seed the procedure becomes much more difficult.  Let me just list a few of the odds against your seed sowing and germinating success: 1] Every square metre […]

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Flower of the Week Boris’ “Red Hot Poker” Kniphofia

Gardening  Week  25th  June – 1st July Some plants are classed as ‘cottage garden plants’, have you ever thought why? The reason probably is, because people that lived in cottages did not have the same pressure to keep up with the Jones’s as  those that lived in stately homes or town houses. They did not bother […]

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Plum Tree

Gardening Tip – Making Fruit Trees Fruit – Easy Pruning Techniques:

For the week of 20th – 26th June. When we have a fruit tree that is not producing fruit as it should, I always say we should look at the fruit tree as if it were a human being.  It wants to have children,  but it first would like to enjoy life, it will therefore […]

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Children Gardening

Create a Lifelong Love of Gardening – How to Get Children Interested in Gardening

Gardening is a wonderful hobby for children to enjoy and one which can stay with them for a lifetime. Not only does it get them outdoors into the fresh air but it’s also a great opportunity to learn about plants and nature. The key to encouraging children into the garden is to make the experience […]

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Let’s Talk Tomatoes – and a Useful Tip for Arthritis Sufferers

Tomatoes If you want to eat tomatoes which taste of tomatoes, with a strong, zingy flavour then you  just HAVE to grow your own.  On occasion you can buy tasty tomatoes in the shops, but not often and generally at a real premium.  There are lots of different varieties readily available as seeds (a bit […]

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Gardening Tip of the Week – Plant Out, Now or Never

For the week of 13th – 19th June. It is mid June and the thermometer should now show double figures even through the nights  until September. This is the growing period for most of our vegetables and  choice plants on the allotment. My polytunnel is bursting with plants that are outgrowing their pots and crying […]

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