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Easily Grow the Exotic Crocosmia

Above the ground all plants are relatively similar they all have leaves and flowers, just in different shapes and sizes. It is under the ground that their diversity becomes more distinct. Some plants have fibrous roots which are thin wiry roots travelling in all directions whilst others have a central tap root (looking similar to […]

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Suffering with “Glasshouse Whitefly”; Read on:

Glasshouse Whitefly Glasshouse whitefly are, as their name implies, mainly a pest of greenhouses and other protected spaces such as conservatories, coldframes and porches but in a hot summer and especially in warmer parts of the country, they may sometimes attack plants in sheltered spots in the garden. This may not be something we’ve much […]

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Oriental greens for your winter vegetable garden

Oriental greens for your British winter vegetable garden Now is the time to begin sowing Oriental greens in your vegetable garden.  The second half of summer is ideal for planting these tasty salad leaves. The soil is still warm but the lessening daylight reduces the chance of the plants flowering and going to seed. All Oriental […]

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Sweet peppers & Chilli peppers

Sweet peppers & Chilli peppers I love sweet peppers, it is as simple as that and, although I’m not one for eye-wateringly-spicy hot food, I do like to liven things up a bit with more subtle use of chilli peppers in my cooking too. Like many vegetables, it is too late in the season to […]

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Clematis montana

Climbers; filling vertical gaps in your garden

Gardening Tip – For the week 18th   July – 24th July planting Climbers Filling in the vertical gaps in your garden with Climbers Many people spend the long winter evening planning next years garden, nowadays, we have an advantage,  with digital photography there is no limit of the amount of photos you can take, so […]

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Gerbera – Flower of The Week

Gardening  Week 18th  July – 24th July The weather man tells us that clearer skies are on the horizon, but for the past fortnight there has not been a day that the heavens  have not opened showering upon us their anger. The bedding plants that managed to show some colour between showers immediately lost their petals […]

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Landscaping tips and tricks

Landscaping is the art of creating an aesthetically appealing garden that is also functional. The elements of landscaping can include a wide and diverse array of features including plants, stones and rocks, trees and structures. When it comes down to landscaping some will choose to pay a professional to design and create a landscaped garden, […]

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girl in garden

Low maintenance garden design ideas

For many of us, the garden is a haven, within which we spend many hours toiling with various elements to create a sanctuary of colour, smells and aesthetic appeal. However for some, although the desire is there, the will may not be for a variety of reasons. That is when people look at how to […]

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Do we have to stop picking rhubarb now?

Gardening Tip – For the week 11th   July – 17th July Do we have to stop picking rhubarb now? The answer in the texts books is yes, but recently things might have changed. Rhubarb (Rheum x Hybridum) can be seen on nearly every allotment in some far flung corner. It delights us with being one […]

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Flower of the week from YOUR garden to YOUR table: Ligustrum

Gardening  Week 11th  July – 17th July As I walked down the street this week I knew that regardless of all the rain we have had, the scent of summer has definitely finally arrived. Now what scent do I mean? Well, in a street lined with well kept gardens you are unlikely to find this […]

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