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Which ground cover is best for weed control?

Ground Cover Weed Control The bane of every gardener is how to control the weeds that keep springing up [from nowhere] on the allotment. The question we are always pondering is , which is the worse offender, the weeds or the pests? But even if the weed crisis only comes second place it needs addressing […]

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Pieris Japonica – Beautiful blooms in the depth of winter!

Botanical  Name: Pieris Japonica .    Common Name : Lily of the valley shrub. I was roaming around my friend’s garden this week and I saw this beautiful plant in full flower. In fact I think it was the only plant in the whole garden with flowers! It had no plant label but  I immediately put […]

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Alternatives to the Classic Hedge

The Dividing Line – A Mini Hedge Winter months is the time to plant up a new hedge and that is what I intend writing about this week however I purposely did not title the column ‘planting a hedge’ as the word  ‘hedge’ conjures up an image of a sky scraper of green, generating a […]

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Mistletoe Alternative

Have you ever tried growing mistletoe? Poor man’s mistletoe! – Have you bought any mistletoe this year? – Have you ever tried to grow mistletoe? –  If the answer is yes to the first and no to the second question it wouldn’t surprise me, because mistletoe is extremely difficult to grow. It is a parasite […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Choosing a Garden Rake

 Our Review of Leaf Rakes Some of the main players in the world of gardening equipment, specifically lawn rakes and leaf rakes, include Spear and Jackson, Bulldog, WOLF tools, Gardena, Joseph Bentley, and Draper tools to name but a few. When it comes to the wooden lawn rakes and besom broom brushes, you will find […]

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Berry Varieties to Decorate Your House

All About Berries The berry season has arrived, so the flower of this week has matured from a flower into a fruit – the berry!  I was initially inspired by a wreath that I saw on the front of a gardening magazine. It was totally made of berries and I thought the bright red berries […]

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Understanding Mail Order Seed Varieties

Seed Varieties Deciphered Gardening Tip – For the week   22nd Nov. – 28th  Nov. December is a busy month for everyone – especially for the postal services, multiplying the likelihood of your parcel getting delayed or lost, by at least 4 times the norm. The other option of waiting till the nation wakes up again […]

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How to Grow, Cultivate and Cut Fatsia Japonica

Botanical  Name: Aralia Sieboldii or Aralia Japonica or Fatsia Japonica Common Name : Fatsia The approaching festive season and long dark evenings are synonyms with candle lit dinners till late at night. However, if you have little children or if for any other reason you prefer not to use candles; I have a flower alternative […]

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hydrangea bush

Caring for Long Lived Hydrangea Flowers

The Long Lived Hydrangea Flower I think no other flower can match  the long lived hydrangea for longevity. I have had beautiful hydrangea blooms growing peacefully in my garden waiting to be picked for the past 3 months, during this time they have changed colour from blue to purple to mauve but only now when other flowers […]

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bulb planting

Bulb planting 101

Comprehensive Guide to Bulb Planting   After the show of summer bedding and a bumper harvest comes bulb planting time! There is nothing quite like walking into a garden centre at this time of year and inhaling the scent of new bulb displays (obviously, I don’t recommend sniffing too close to the bulbs!) The crackle […]

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