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Natural Fun: Giving Your Kids A Slice Of Your Garden

A lot of parents worry about how much time their children spend using electronic devices in the modern world. Smartphones, computers, and televisions have become very normal parts of life for a youngster, even when they are still very little. Of course, while this isn’t always a problem, it can leave your little ones missing […]

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How to Design a Beautifully Functional Garden

Your garden can be so much more than a large patch of grass that is difficult to maintain. It can be so much more than a pretty picture to look at. Your garden deserves to be functional. If you don’t work functionality into your design, then you doom yourself to never using it. Knowing what […]

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4 Great Assets You Can Add to Any Garden

Gardens can always be improved in many easy ways. Your needs and tastes change all the time, so why not have your garden reflect that? It could be a practical addition which helps the environment or promotes your healthy lifestyle, or it could be a new design feature which gives your garden that finishing touch. […]

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How Can You Run A Garden If You’re Short On Time?

We seem to have less and less time in the modern world. With our always-on, digital culture, the world seems to have sped up and we all seem to be constantly busy. While many of us find the antidote to this in reconnecting with the natural world through our gardens, sometimes it can seem as […]

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The Most Interesting Garden Styles

Gardening is not only a hobby, it can be a form of art. Gardens can be unique as they provide a great opportunity to use your creativity. You can express your dreams and reflect your ideas by planting plants, placing sculptures, and playing around with the landscape. There are many styles of gardens that you […]

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How To Plan And Grow A Beautiful Perennial Garden Border

Use A Mixture Of Different Types Of Plants To keep your garden from looking boring, try mixing different styles of plants together in the space. For instance, mixing plants with tall flowers like red-hot pokers or Agastache with shorter, rounder flowers like coneflowers or sedum creates a richer, more layered look. As an added bonus, […]

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A Closer Look at Microbes and Soil

All of us are feeling increasing pressure to do more with even less. Every state is discussing restricting phosphorus and fertilizer, and although they are not good for the environment, it also can make it hard to meet our needs in terms of plant growth. So what can be done to help ourselves as well […]

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How to Grow the Perfect Vegetable Patch in Your Own Garden, and Why it’s Worthwhile

It’s something that a lot of people find themselves wanting to do, but they’re not overly sure how to start. Growing your own vegetables in your back garden is a commitment, that will take you a little bit of time every day, but the results and rewards are endless. Not only are you able to […]

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elderly woman gardening

How Can Gardening Help Those With Alzheimer’s?

Once the weather gets warmer, most people look forward to spending more of their time outdoors where they can soak up all the sunshine. The warmer weather is perfect for those looking to do some gardening. Spending time in the garden is a great way to stay entertained and occupied while enjoying the nice weather […]

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Fruit Trees For Your Garden

Imagine the sweet taste of a delicious apple. Taste the beautiful sharp and sour blend of a lemon on your tongue. Envisage the gentle and juicy feel of a pear as it dissolves in your mouth. Sounds delicious, right? Now consider the unseen amounts of pesticides and other harmful chemicals that have invaded these mouth-watering […]

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