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The rise of electric and battery powered gardening equipment

Electric and battery powered gardening equipment boom   Commercial shows such as the recent SALTEX exhibition at the NEC, have seen increasing numbers of electric gardening equipment on show. It is becoming clear that powerful, quality, and affordable electric and battery powered gardening equipment for the mainstream, domestic gardener is not in the too distant […]

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asian hornet

When do wasps die off in UK?

When do wasps die off in UK?   When do wasps die off in UK? Don’t we all want to know the answer to that one?! The good news is that Worker wasps don’t live through the winter, they die off every year.   But … have you heard about the Asian Hornets (Vespa velutina) […]

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apples on a tree

Harvest Apples

Harvest apples Whether you’ve got  one apple tree in a tiny back garden or what amounts to a mini orchard, this is the time of year when you can indulge in one of my (many!) gardening passions – harvesting tree-ripe apples as the early autumn sun warms your back …and then, before you even think […]

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Sowing seed now, for 2017 Crops

Gardening Tip – For the week 12th  Sept. – 18th Sept.  Sowing seed now, for 2017. Maybe the calendar traditionally begins its first leaf with the month of January but the gardener must begin a few months earlier, and the cold November, December is too late, we must start to sow some of next year’s […]

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leather jacket

How to get rid of Leather Jackets – daddy-long-legs larvae

How to get rid of Leather Jackets (The insect not that awful thing your husband bought in the seventies!!) The daddy-long-legs invasion that they’re talking about in the news!!   It’s that time of year again, and my carefully manicured lawn is just full of leather jackets, and the adult crane flies (daddy-long-legs) have started […]

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Sowing Your Winter Radish

Its time to go back to seed sowing – Winter Radishes Its time to sow seeds again. I have been lax in sowing seed during the last few months; and surprisingly now I have had a sudden urge to start again. Most classic radish varieties like Scarlet globe, Sparkler or French Breakfast can still be […]

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