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Vine Pruning Tips

Keep Pruning your Vine Have you just returned from a short holiday or a weekend break and found so many surprises greeting you in your allotment or garden? Courgettes that weren’t there before are now nearly full sized marrows, tomatoes split from the excessive rainwater, and a complete new scene of flowers, (and weeds!). Well […]

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When to Prepare Your Summer Beds

 (Spring) Cleaning Now – Prepare Your Summer Bedding Weed, Weed, Weed! Although the summer solstice is about to descend on us, now is the time to finish spring cleaning your gardening. The beginning of spring is definitely the right time to spring clean one’s house, our gardens have a self cleansing mechanism during that period. […]

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Best Bulbs to Plant with Children

Fast Growing Summer Bulbs Which Children Will Enjoy It is always good to pass on our love for gardening to our children, but if we want their gardening enthusiasm to stay with them for life we need to give them the extra carrot! Sowing parsnip seeds which will take 3 weeks to germinate and another […]

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Plant Lavender Now for Gorgeous Summer Display and Fragrance

Fantastic Deal on Hidcote and Munstead hardy lavender plug plants get 72 plug plants for just £9.99 – just 14p per plant – with FREE postage!!! Lavender can be planted as a low growing hedge or in drifts, but even if you have no room for a major display you must have at least a […]

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Perennial Plug Plants – Buying Guide

How to save when planting perennials   How do we fill a border with perennial plants without hurting the pocket? The simple answer is sowing seed, but perennials from seed rarely flower in the first year and need a lot of time and protection in the early years. The alternative is to buy full sized […]

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Understanding Mail Order Seed Varieties

Seed Varieties Deciphered Gardening Tip – For the week   22nd Nov. – 28th  Nov. December is a busy month for everyone – especially for the postal services, multiplying the likelihood of your parcel getting delayed or lost, by at least 4 times the norm. The other option of waiting till the nation wakes up again […]

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You can Enjoy the Winter Flowering Mahonia Even in a Small Garden

Flower of the week from YOUR garden to YOUR table:   14th Nov.  – 21st  Nov. Botanical  Name:  Mahonia Japonica.    Common Name :  Mahonia. I spent a few days visiting my sister in London this week and I felt strongly England’s North South divide. Not from a financial aspect as it is often declared, but  from […]

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wheelchair gardening

Wheelchair Gardening

Gardening Tip – For the week 17th Oct. – 23rd Oct. Disabled?  This should not mean you have to stop gardening! Gardening is not a hobby that we wish to relinquish just because we are becoming older. However, the unavoidable arthritis and  rheumatism catch up with us as the birthday candles increase on the birthday […]

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Cut Your Dahlias Before the Frost Kills Them!

Flower of the week from YOUR garden to YOUR table:   17th  Oct. – 23rd  Oct. Be quick, be nimble, and cut as many of these flowers as you can because the nights are getting colder! We have already experienced nights of 6oC and no one can rule out a touch of frost during the next […]

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ballerina apple trees

Do you think that you have no room for an apple tree?

Gardening Tip – For the week 10th Oct. – 16th Oct. Do you think that you have no room for an apple tree? One would expect the answer to this question to depend greatly on the size of you garden, which is true, but it will also depend on how big you think an apple […]

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