How To Care For My Lawn In Spring

A Beautiful Lawn

Spring Lawn care

Once the frosts have stopped, your lawn will start to come into its own and you must get to work if you are to have a beautiful lawn this season. Regular maintenance is key.

Lawn care jobs that need doing now


Hopefully it is fairly obvious that if you have a lawn, then you will need to mow it! As a good rule of thumb, in the spring lawns should be mown once a week and at the highest setting on your mower. This regular mowing should help to keep your lawn in good health. 

Moss killing

Moss becomes a problem when your lawn is damp and poorly drained. Now, at the start of the season is a good time to begin with your moss remedies for this year. Scarification is the most natural way to remove the moss from the lawn. The best tool for the job is a spring-tine rake. 

Feeding your lawn

Regardless of the condition of your lawn, a really good feed will encourage growth and prevent moss and weeds from taking hold. Lawn fertilisers are best applied to wet soil or just before rain is forecast. A top tip here is to mix the fertiliser with soil to help with an even distribution and to prevent the fertiliser from scorching the grass. The organic alternative to chemical fertilisers is chicken manure pellets. When autumn comes, do not use the fertilisers or chicken manure that you have used in the spring or summer. The spring feeds have a high nitrogen content that encourage growth that will be damaged in the winter months. 

Over-seeding your lawn

If you have had to take a lot out of your lawn while scarifying or there are areas where the grass is not as thick as you would like it, then now is the time to over-seed your lawn.

  • Use a rake to loosen the surface of the soil. Take out any stones and make sure you are left with a fine gradient.
  • Sprinkle grass seed over the area at the recommended rate for the task
  • Rake lightly
  • Water gently

Make sure you are using a seed mix that is suitable for the area that you are planting. 

Watering your lawn

Lawns are pretty hardy when it comes to draught and usually recover well even if they have turned brown in the summer heat. If it does become necessary to water your lawn do make sure that there are no restrictions in place such as hose-pipe bans! If the soil has become really hard, aerating the ground before watering with a garden fork or the like will really help the water to penetrate the ground. 

Potential Lawn Problems

  • Over seeding: If you are unable to make a perfect colour match (and it worries you) with your lawn seed then consider over-seeding the whole lawn.
  • Shaded areas in your garden: areas such as those under trees are more prone to becoming sparse. Over-seeding annually should help to achieve a more even covering in your whole garden.
A Beautiful Lawn
A Beautiful Lawn

There are so many jobs to be getting on with in your garden at this time of year, but taking the time to take good care of your lawn will reap the benefits throughout the rest of the year.

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  1. Better get my mower out!

  2. Hadn’t thought about over-seeding, I’ll give it a go.

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