You can also create stunning 3d flower and plant arrangements

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3D gardening – yes it’s possible!


Although receiving no hints through the press before the start of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, one of the most visually stunning displays came from the floral designers Ming Veevers Carter who created the display on behalf of the New Covent Garden Flower Market. Her stunning design was a cut out of an outline we, in the UK, are very accustomed to seeing and see multiple times every day; the portrait of Her Majesty The Queen in profile as on stamps and coins!


This absolutely stunning design was full of sweet peas, hydrangeas, alliums, roses, freesias, and other flowers all sourced from the famous New Covent Garden Flower Market.


How could this ever be possible for a ‘real’ person to achieve?






Indoor, cut flower display:

  • Design: When planning something of this magnitude for an indoor display, one of your first considerations really needs to be the medium that the plants are going to be placed in. Carter has not released how she achieved this, but I would suggest planning around the size of dry foam blocks.
  • Supports: There are a multitude of secretive supports available in the cut flower world. You can use very thin canes or sticks, as a cake decorator would, to hold adjacent bricks together. Wire is a really useful material to have on hand here too. Wire can be used to hold: the main design together, the foam blocks together, the plants to the foam and/or the main structure.
  • Plants: Think about what angle you want the plant to be held and the strength and rigidity of the stems. Strong stem choices could include: roses, agapanthus, carnations, or pussy willow. Non-supportive stemmed plants including ivy could be used through out the display too – think about how a plant may look hanging upside down as well as upright. If you are planning a long-term display, then you might like to consider growing a plant such as ivy through the display and replacing the cut flowers around the climbing plant. Air plants could look amazing suspended from the top of your design.


Outdoor, growing plant display:

  • Design: If you don’t have a clear design in mind, you might want to think about your plant choice at the same time and develop a design that will show off your favourite plants. Make sure you have considered the size of your design as well as how long you plan to keep the plants in the design. If you are designing a centre-piece for one season, it might look horribly overgrown if you plant some very fast growing climbers in it.
  • Supports: Beyond the actual structural building of your frame, bamboo canes are a really good choice for using as supports for various different plants and can easily be cut to size. Don’t be afraid of using wire outside! Just make sure you have chosen a type that is suitable for outdoor use. If you want your plants to provide that majority of the support in your design, choose strong plants that will support others as well as holding the shape of your design together.
  • Plants: If you have been following the blogs on here, you will have read our article about topiary. Depending on your 3D shape, Buxus could be the perfect choice for achieving the main body of your display. Honeysuckle would be a lovely fragrant choice with its white or yellow flowers, really giving your design the wow factor.


There is so much scope for creating an incredible 3D garden. If you have a go, why not post a picture in our forums to inspire other to have a go too!

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5 Replies to “You can also create stunning 3d flower and plant arrangements”

  1. Wow! I’ve never thought about doing something of this scale. Might just give it a go 🙂


  2. What a beautiful display <3 <3

  3. and I thought my hanging baskets were impressive! Feeling like I need to up my game a little now!!

  4. Oh wow. I’ve seen this design on twitter, so amazing. I’d love to make something even just a little as impressive as this 🙂

  5. Maybe one day someone will make a picture of my head out of flowers?! 😀

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