Boost your mobile phone signal at home and in your garden

Despite the technologically-charged age we live in, sometimes it doesn’t all work perfectly. We all have those frustrating moments in which we struggle to contact somebody just at the crucial time, or fail to access the internet with our mobile data—all because of limited mobile phone signal. When you’re on the move, this can sometimes be unavoidable depending upon where you’re travelling or the area you find yourself in; at home or the workplace, however, there should be no cause for frustration because of mobile phone signal, or lack thereof. If you require additional coverage in your own space, then the solution is clear: Home Mobile Phone Booster Nikrans LCD-300GD.

Nikrans LCD-300GD is at the forefront of the latest signal booster equipment available on the market, using only the most advanced wireless technology. This upgraded system now covers areas up to 3200ft(300 m2), thus ideal for uninterrupted connectivity in a variety of spaces including shops, restaurants/cafes, basement spaces, or sizeable apartments. In Britain especially the device could prove invaluable for village or small town settings, where phone signals are often erratic at best! In order to help both novices and experts, the LCD display screen improves user experience with essential notifications: such as installations steps, antenna gain and many more useful features. The signal booster automatically senses and controls the appropriate level of gain; and the booster will go into “sleep mode” if no incoming or outgoing traffic is detected.

Your booster will contain two indoor antennas (for better rebroadcast of signal), one outdoor antenna and all the necessary cables. The actual signal booster itself is of small, compact and lightweight design. It should be stressed that this model is only for enhancing GSM signals of 900Mhz and 1800MHz simultaneously—both of which are the most common worldwide signals. With three-to-seven business day shipping to the UK, and committed customer support, don’t allow “no signal” to frustrate and slow you down any longer.

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