Best Real Estate Blogs to Read For Lawn Maintenance Tips

Best Real Estate Blogs to Read For Lawn Maintenance Tips


The real estate industry is rapidly changing, so it’s a must to be regularly updated with upcoming real estate events. To be updated with current events in real estate, you need to read real estate blogs and news. Doing this will help you gain new knowledge and develop your real estate skills. If you’re an agent, reading blogs will help you understand what trend is in. On the other hand, if you’re a buyer, reading blogs will give you ideas on how to increase your property value.


For instance, keeping your lawn green and healthy can attract potential homebuyers while increasing its value. To help you more on lawn maintenance tips, here are some blogs you can read:


  1. Zillow Porchlight


Zillow Porchlight is a consumer-focused blog which is considered one of the leading resources for homebuyers and homeowners. It empowers consumers with knowledge about homes by giving them data and inspiration. Moreover, it helps consumers connect with local professionals who can aid them in their property needs. Consumers can also access MLS listings and real estate agents.


Their blog posts include buying your first home to tips on lawn care tips. The website also features their favorite blog posts and Zillow tools. You can use their tools that include a rental property biz directory, mortgage rates, homes for sale, and home design inspiration. If you want to access Zillow on your mobile, just install their mobile apps. Through this, you can be updated regularly without opening their website.


  1. CRE Online


CRE Online is one of the best sources when it comes to real estate investing. It started in 1995 which gives valuable information to real estate investors. For instance, one of their popular blogs discusses how retiring without investment can be a crisis. At the same time, it gives information on how to start investing in retirement funds and assets.


Aside from helping investors with their real estate investing, their site has lists of real estate investor clubs, community, books, and blogs. The blogs consist of how to’s and real estate news. If you check their blogs, you can find multiple lawn care tips and maintenance blogs. For instance, they have posts on how to make cash returns on lawns and ways to fix your lawns.


  1. Houzz


Houzz features home designing, renovating, decorating, and purchasing advice. The website has a wide variety of blogs that range from the kitchen to bathroom, landscaping to gardening, etc. They also have a discussion or forum from their stories and advice tab. Moreover, they have a “find professionals” tab that lets you connect and hire their services. It covers designing to remodeling, home improvement to home services, and cleaning services, too.


When you want to look for lawn designs, you can search on their photo gallery. It consists of hundreds of exciting and unique images you can ogle. Moreover, if you’re interested in their featured items, you can order it from them. You can shop by department, or you can just read their lawn tips or design which can increase your home’s value.


  1. Movoto


Movoto is a homeowner-focused website as it focuses on tips to improve your property. Their categories have moved to guides, homeownership, market trends, opinions, first-time buyers, and best neighborhoods. Moreover, they have a blog that consists of the best places to live in every state and write-ups about housing market trends. Also, part of their site features the safest cities where you can live.


If you’re looking for homes for sale, they have it, too. For instance, home listings in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Miami, Washington, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are linked to their website, too. Most importantly, if you’re looking for lawn tips, they have it on their site. Such blogs include making your lawn greener, and even games you can do on your lawn.


  1. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate


The BHGRE is best for homebuyers and homeowners as it offers tips on how to use your property for parties, or how to stage it for homebuyers. You can even ask a professional’s advice on home improvement tips. They also have a community section where you can find ideas on what to do for your community or neighborhood. Moreover, they even have a Spanish version for their website.


Their site also features interior and outdoor designs which include lawn maintenance. One of their blogs for a lawn is how to make it luscious. Also, they have a Q&A section wherein experts are interviewed for the blog such as saving a waterlogged lawn. This site has numerous tips both for buyers and sellers on tips and entertaining guests.




When you’re into real estates investing or want to add value to your home, read blogs to enhance your knowledge of real estates. If you enrich yourself with blogs, you can choose the best idea or improvement for your lawn. Therefore, making yourself updated from what’s in and what should be done for your lawn will maximize your property’s value.





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