Best Patio Furniture – Buyers Guide and Reviews

What is a garden or outside space without something to sit and relax on? Everyone has their favourite style of garden furniture, but take a moment to read through what we think are the best available on the market today; you never know what might catch your eye!

Here is a comparison table showing the most popular patio furniture currently being sold on Amazon in the UK. Click here if you want to read our “Garden Furniture Buyers Guide” before browsing the top 10 list.

Read on and be tempted by our selection of garden furniture sets that have made it onto our list of 10 best outdoor patio furniture sets.

10 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture sets

There is so much choice out there! We have made the decision making a little easier by reviewing the best furniture sets that are out there. There is something for every budget, read on!

10 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture sets: Best Rattan Outdoor Furniture 9 Seater Rattan Corner Garden Sofa & Dining Set

Product Description

If you are not sure what exactly ‘rattan garden furniture’ might look like, click on the link and have a look. Yes, rattan garden furniture is the style that you will see at all of the best garden shows; in their display gardens and for sale. This rattan garden furniture set comes in a variety of colours (we’ve linked to our favourite) and comes with an outdoor cover, great for those of use who don’t have a huge area indoors to store this set over the winter. We loved how comfortable the chairs were to sit on, and could imagine sitting on a lovely chill out day in the garden with a glass of something cold. The cushion covers are easy to remove for washing.

10 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture sets: Best balcony table and chairs Outdoor Rattan Balcony Garden Furniture Set

Product Description

We don’t all have big gardens (boo!), but no matter how small your outside space is, there is a garden furniture set that will fit. You might have noticed that this balcony table and chair set is another rattan furniture set. We think that rattan is a really stylish and modern take on garden furniture sets. This balcony table and chairs set is designed with comfort in mind! Whether you use this balcony table and chair set on your balcony or in a secluded area of your garden, it is a quality little set. The plastic build of this balcony table and chair set means that your patio furniture is durable and weather resistant – perfect!


10 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture sets: Best tea for two set Folding Garden Patio Set For 2

Product Description

The ‘tea for two’ sets of garden furniture are as popular now as they were when they first appeared on the market. We picked this one for the decent table height and for a good fold (why don’t all designers think about chair to table height??) This tea for two set is lightweight so great for moving in to or out of the sun as it moves around your garden. The fold makes the chairs almost flat, so this tea for two set is really easy to store if you want to bring it in for the winter.


10 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture sets: Best metal garden furniture – Grey Metal 4 Seater Garden Furniture Dining Set – Parasol Included

Product Description

We LOVED this set and couldn’t believe the price for such a contemporary and modern metal garden furniture set. This metal garden furniture set comprises four chairs, a table, and a parasol all for under £100. The quality is just amazing for the price. The table and chairs of this metal garden furniture set are made of an extremely durable and weather resistant strong steel frame. The chairs are stackable, and the textile of the chairs and parasol are easy to clean; just wipe them down. The seller describes this set as perfect for sun, shade, and style; we agree! The parasol looks stunning, and the company claims that it will shelter you from an unexpected downpour.


10 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture sets: Outdoor rocking chair – Victorian Style Metal Garden Rocking Chair

Product Description

Maybe not the first item you might expect to find on a list of furniture sets, but this outdoor rocking chair just had to make it onto our list. This traditional Victorian outdoor rocking chair is a beauty to look at with its rustic and distressed finish. This will arrive flat packed though! The instructions won’t take you too long, and soon you’ll have a beautiful and comfortable new outdoor rocking chair in your garden. In time, the outdoor rocking chair will weather and discolour and blend into your garden.


10 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture sets : Best sun lounger – Lichfield Deluxe Camp Sun Lounger

Product Description

Yes, this is a camping sun lounger. Yes, it certainly looks like one too! BUT – this is comfort like you’ve never felt in a sun lounger. Forget those hard plastic things ‘we’ fight over on an all-inclusive holiday. The ripstop fabric is so comfortable to sit or lie on, and the back is adjustable to five different positions. The frame of this sun lounger is strong and light, and the whole sun lounger is easily foldable for storage. Yes possible a strange choice, but don’t knock it ‘till you’ve had a nap in the sun on it!


10 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture sets: Best Wooden Deckchair – Oypla Traditional Folding Hardwood Garden Beach Deck Chair

Product Description

If you are looking for a traditional wooden deckchair for your garden, you really can’t go far wrong with choosing this one. This is a folding hardwood wooden deckchair that will provide you with a comfortable seat for the day. As you sit to eat, relax back with a drink, or recline back for an afternoon nap in the sun, this wooden deckchair will have the reclining level to ensure you are comfortable. This wooden deckchair folds completely flat, so it great for storage. This wooden deckchair is manufactured from the highest quality FSC certified hardwood so you can rest easy in the sun.


10 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture sets: Luxury garden furniture, the Curved Sauna Seat – Curved Sauna Seat

Product Description

If you are looking for a bit of luxury and style for your garden, then this curved sauna seat could be the perfect match for you. This piece of luxury garden furniture is a stunning and robust curved sauna seat is made of acacia wood and you won’t be able to miss its ergonomic design and its unique rocking function. Whether you have a sauna, pool, flowerbed, or balcony, this beautiful piece of luxury garden furniture is the one to buy. (It would also look amazing inside as a statement piece). This curved sauna seat has been treated with a high-quality linseed oil and without any chemical wood preservatives.


10 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture sets: Best wooden garden furniture set – 5 Piece Outdoor Wooden Dining Set

Product Description

If you are looking for something more traditional for your garden, have a look at this wooden garden furniture set. There are options for circular, square, or octagonal table tops in this set (the link will take you to the octagonal set). The tables and chairs of this wooden garden furniture set all feature a classic slatted design that is pleasing to the eye and will compliment any garden. This set has been made from Malaysian Meranti hardwood and has been treated with teak oil. This adds an extra layer of protection and provides a beautiful and lustrous finish. The chairs arrive made, and the table just needs a few screws.

10 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture sets: Best picnic table bench – 5ft Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Wood Picnic Table Bench

Product Description

Any review of garden furniture would be seriously lacking with an offering for the best picnic table bench. We have picked this one for its heavy duty design and build with high quality, thick, commercial grade timber. Manufactured in the UK, just a few screws will finish off this picnic table bench, and you’ll be all ready to go. This picnic table bench has been pressure treated with Tanalith for 10-year all weather protection from rot and can easily seat 4 to 6 people. The timber for this picnic table bench is sourced from renewable FSC certified forests. All of the corners have been finished off and rounded on the timber for a smooth finish.


Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets: The Buyers Guide

There are so many things to think about when you are investing in garden furniture. Whether you are spending £27 on a camping sunlounger, or £1000 on a luxury set, there are several factors to consider.


Choosing the Best Outdoor Patio Furniture Set for You

Do you dream of large family gatherings, or just you and a friend sitting for hours with some food? Think carefully before you invest in garden furniture and you won’t be disappointed.


Size always matters. Do you regularly have four or more sitting outside? (Or just enjoy a large table!) This might sound obvious, but don’t forget to buy a set with the number of chairs that you need! If the set comes with four chairs and you are looking for six, see what else the seller has to offer. There are quite often extra chairs hanging about in warehouses; don’t be afraid to ask!

Rattan, wood, or metal?

Think about where your new furniture will live when you are not using it. Will it stay out 365 days of the year, or are you planning to store it over the winter? Plastic-molded rattan and treated metal will be fine left out (although some will say that metal should be wiped down after rain). Some wooden garden furniture is pressure treated to last outside. The moral of the story, really, is to ask the seller any questions that you have.

Design aspects to look for in outdoor patio furniture sets:

Build quality

Check to see how much of your new furniture set will arrive already built. If it arrives fully constructed, do still check all of the nuts and bolts to make sure none of them have been loosened in transport. If you are happy to carry out a little construction with your garden furniture, then your options will really open up. What we are saying here then? You need to make sure that once the furniture has arrived at your home, it has been put together properly!

Replacement parts

If you stick with a known brand, you shouldn’t find it too hard to find replacement parts should you need them (although you may find it simpler to pop into your local hardware store for the odd nut). Research the correct or recommended treatment for your furniture if you have selected wooden garden furniture, Cuprinol is usually in the mix for quality wood preservatives and paint. If you have chosen metal garden furniture, it is recommended to purchase a ‘touch up’ pot of paint at the same time to ensure you can colour match the second you spot a chip on your garden furniture set. Companies such as Nova garden furniture stock a great range of colours in their ‘touch up paint’ range.

Outdoor patio garden furniture sets!

Well, there you have it. Ten of the best garden furniture sets, and a few others thrown in for good measure. Which one(s) were you tempted by? We hope that this has been an informative guide that will help you on your way to becoming the proud owner of some quality new garden furniture.

We love to see what people are doing with their outdoor space, why not send us a picture of your garden furniture and how it fits into the design of your garden?!
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Happy gardening!

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