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Gardens are not just for working in; they are also for relaxing in! Some of these garden speakers that we have reviewed might seem like the ultimate luxury item, but just think about how often you could enjoy listening to music or a movie soundtrack with an outdoor cinema if you had a set!

Here is a comparison table showing the most popular outdoor speakers currently being sold on Amazon in the UK. Click here if you want to read our “Outdoor Speakers Buyers Guide” before browsing the top 10 list.

Read through our selection of the best garden speakers out there. Do you own any of the garden speakers we have looked at? Are you tempted by any of these?

10 Best Outdoor Speakers 2019

We have looked at a lot of outdoor speakers across the budget ranges. We hope that there is a set of garden speakers on our shortlist for everyone!

The best portable  outdoor speakers for 2019 – JBL CLIP 3 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with Rechargeable Battery, Waterproof IPX7 for Outdoors, Siri and Google Compatible

Product Description

This JBL won us over for the best portable speakers. Its integrated carabiner is a really handy touch to the speaker’s rugged design. We loved that this speaker is wireless and Bluetooth enabled; this really is the best portable speaker out there! This portable speaker is compatible with MP3 players, and Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Our choice for the best portable speakers gives such a great quality sound from such small speakers. You can even daisy chain two of these JBL portable speakers together.

10 Best Outdoor Speakers 2019: The best outdoor wall-mounted speakers – Bose ® 251 Environmental Speakers

Product Description

WOW, these outdoor wall-mounted speakers from Bose really are something else! They are engineered to deal with whatever harsh conditions the UK weather has to throw at them (and many other countries too!). These amazing outdoor wall-mounted speakers are designed and tested to handle rain, salt and snow. They can even deal with temperature extremes of 60 C to -30 C. There is a reason that these outdoor wall-mounted speakers have won Bose awards. They deliver a balanced sound over a much wider area than is seen in most other outdoor speakers. These speakers don’t have a ‘sweet-spot’ as such; there is a great sound wherever you are! Each speaker cabinet of these, our choice for the best outdoor wall-mounted speakers, contains two speakers that are set at precise angles, that means the sounds that you hear is consistent even when you are moving through your garden.
Our choice for the best outdoor wall-mounted speakers couldn’t be easier to mount and connect to your existing system. Buy these speakers today to experience the extraordinary Bose sound!

10 Best Outdoor Speakers 2019: Best outdoor wireless speaker – ION Audio Cornerstone Portable Waterproof Wireless Outdoor Speaker with Rechargeable Battery

Product Description

If you are looking for the best outdoor speakers, then look no further; here they are! These 6.5-inch full-range speakers feature an on-board amplifier, which really helps to increase the quality and the ‘quantity’ of the sound. We were really impressed with the long-lasting battery; 50 hours of rechargeable battery life! Not content with being our best outdoor wireless speakers, these are waterproof so don’t worry about forgetting to bring them inside after your party. The Bluetooth was impressive too; these outdoor wireless speakers will stream from any device over Bluetooth up to 100m away. We loved these speakers, they fit well into any corner and add to the ‘look’ of your garden or outdoor space.

10 Best Outdoor Speakers 2019: The best outdoor hidden speakers – GS10 OUTDOOR GARDEN SPEAKER

Product Description

When it comes to outdoor tech, sometimes it can look all just a bit too much. We saw this outdoor hidden speaker and just loved the design. Apparently seen in major theme parks, these outdoor hidden speakers will add that special sparkle to your garden. They are completely weatherproof and offer 360 degrees of sound through an 80w speaker. The beautiful and discreet engineering for these outdoor hidden speakers protects the speaker from rain, the cold, and the heat of the sun.

10 Best Outdoor Speakers 2019: The best rock speaker – Outdoor Garden Speaker Slate Rock 120W

Product Description

Similar to our choice for the best outdoor hidden speakers, our choice for the best rock speaker adds decoration to your outdoor space rather than hiding the speaker. Whether your garden is classically laid out, or a contemporary space, these rock speakers will add a special touch to your garden. These rock speakers are waterproof and weather resistant, so no need to bring them in; they will add to your garden aesthetics year round. These rock speakers are engineered from high-grade UV stable composite materials, making these rock speakers hard wearing.

10 Best Outdoor Speakers 2019: The best small outdoor wall mounted speaker – Boston Acoustics SoundWare Cube XS Satellite Speaker

Product Description

Sometimes, in some gardens, there just isn’t the space for big wall-mounted speakers or the floor space for the speakers we have reviewed so far. These extra small satellite speakers have a width of just 10cm and finished in a high-gloss black. These small outdoor wall-mounted speakers would look stunning near an outdoor pool or terrace. These small outdoor wall mounted speakers are easy to mount thanks to the Varioform casing and the wall mount with a ball joint. These small outdoor wall mounted speakers are elegant and feel like a quality product. You might be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the sound that these small outdoor wall mounted speakers, especially the bass tones. These small outdoor speakers make watch HD TV a whole new experience (yes, these can be used inside too!)

10 Best Outdoor Speakers 2019: The best heavy duty outdoor speaker – Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

Product Description

These heavy duty outdoor speakers wouldn’t look out of place in some of the biggest music festivals about! These Atrium heavy duty speakers produce such a sound quality of sound that you can’t help but be impressed. These speakers were new to the market in 2002 and set a new standard for performance and build quality. These heavy duty outdoor speakers are just amazing to listen to, and the all-weather certification can leave you confident that they will deliver you and your garden sound all through the year. One of the really quirky things that we loved about these speakers is that you can paint them!

10 Best Outdoor Speakers 2019: The best Bluetooth outdoor speaker – Sharkk ²O Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless Speaker

Product Description

While there are many great Bluetooth speakers available on the market (and we have reviewed some already!), these Bluetooth outdoor speakers have a range of 60ft and can stream music over 100ft. These Bluetooth outdoor speakers have a waterproof rating of IP67 meaning that this Bluetooth outdoor speaker can go anywhere! Poolside, beach, the shower, you name it, these Bluetooth outdoor speakers can go there! While we picked this for our choice of best Bluetooth outdoor speaker, these speakers also feature the option of connecting a device via an auxiliary port or by inserting a MicroSD card. After a full charge, the battery will last for around 10 hours. This Bluetooth speaker features a built-in microphone that allows you to answer phone calls or use Siri on your apple phone.

10 Best Outdoor Speakers 2019: The best hot tub speaker/the best poolside speaker – HOT SKY Shower Radios IPX7 Portable Fully Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Product Description

When it comes to choosing the best the best hot tub or poolside speaker, the speaker has to be 100% waterproof! The waterproof IPX7 rating means that the speaker will survive being immersed to 1m for up to 30 minutes. We liked that these speakers have LED lights (that can be turned off too!) that could really light up your pool party.

10 Best Outdoor Speakers 2019: The best professional outdoor speakers – Pyle PPHP1249KT Powered Bluetooth PA Active Loudspeaker with Microphone

Product Description

These professional outdoor speakers are just in another league. The Pyle PPHP1249KT pa system features a self-powered 12-inch subwoofer bass. At an impressive 1800 watts, this self-powered speaker will play the entire audio spectrum and will not be drowned out in even the largest venues. All types of media can be connected to these professional outdoor speakers, including any Bluetooth enabled devices. As you would expect with such powerful and professional quality speakers, you can chain link these speakers together or plug in any instrument directly. These professional outdoor speakers are built to last. There is a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, and the company appears to be very approachable regarding repairs or exchange.

How to choose outdoor speakers?

To help answer this question, we have put together an outdoor speakers buyers guide; we hope it helps!

Outdoor speakers Buyers Guide

Some of the speakers in our guide represent quite an investment in your garden. How do you make sure that you have picked the speakers that are the perfect fit to your needs and requirements? Have a read through the factors to consider that we have listed out below. Get in touch if we have missed something!

Choosing the Best outdoor speakers for you

Yes, the professional outdoor speakers that we listed (The Pyle PPHP1249KT) are amazing! But do you want such huge speakers in your garden? Do you need such volume on your balcony? Let’s face it, do you have the money to splash out on outdoor speakers? Don’t worry though, there are plenty of speakers out the ones that will fit your required specifications and your budget! This buyers guide will raise some essential things that you will need to consider. We will help you search for the best outdoor speakers for you!

Size and power source

As we have talked about, size really does matter. Do you have a balcony or a small patio? Then have a look at some of the smaller models available on the market. Do you want speakers that can be left outside year round, or are you in an area where that just wouldn’t be a good idea? Battery powered speakers (and therefore fewer or even no cables) look slick, but if you are going to be bringing them in after every use, then maybe the speakers you need are not in this price bracket. On the other hand, if you have a sizeable garden and plan on regularly using your outdoor speakers and leaving them out, don’t scrimp! At the end of the day, outdoor speakers are an investment; buy the ones that meet your specifications.

To Bluetooth or not to Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is an amazing feature to have on outdoor speakers. It is available on most modern technology that you might want to connect to your speakers and means that you are not connected to a cable. (Anyone reading that remembers TV controls on cables?!) Yes, there are those who will say that Bluetooth is just another thing to go wrong and to just buy an outdoor speaker that you can plug in, but the technology is so good that this really shouldn’t be a concern if you are purchasing quality technology.

Replacement parts and a warranty

When you are researching and considering which outdoor speakers will be the best choice for you, do check up on the availability of replacement parts and any warranty that comes with the purchase. Think about how much you want to spend without having something to fall back on if the outdoor speakers are not up to the job, or if they break soon after purchase. We have seen some quite persuasive copies of the big-ticket items, don’t be caught out!

Outdoor speakers; which ones work for you?

There are so many options out there and factors that we haven’t been able to cover in this guide. We hope that the outdoor speakers we have been able to look at for you and the advice we have given has been useful for you. As always, if there is something that we have missed that you think should have been included or something you would like to ask – please let us know!

Happy gardening!

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