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Top 10 Outdoor Garden Games

Spending time outside of your home is great for your health because it keeps you in shape and you are spending your day on fresh air. Due to that, I wanted to share with you best outdoor games you can find. Some of them are for two; others can involve the whole family

. Some are for your backyard, others you can play in the park. They are different but there is one thing in common to all of them; you and your family will have an amazing time playing them!

Disc golf

I haven’t had the honor of playing disc golf myself, but it definitely looks amazing. It is a game of precision, concentration, and skill. It is called disc golf because it is basically a combination of throwing discs with golf rules. For the game, you will need few discs and a metal basket. The metal basket is elevated from the ground and you have to throw a disc inside. The rules are like for the golf. You have to put the disc in the basket with the least number of throws possible.


Cornhole is a game you can play at home and you can make it at home. It is a wooden panel with one hole on it. The panel is elevated on one side and the goal is to put the bag in the hole from a distance. You can make the entire game by yourself because it is very simple. All you need is wood, beans or corn and a nylon bag. Make a panel out of wood, fill the bag with beans or corn and hit the hole with the bag. Simple, yet very addictive because you will have to know who is the champion!


The best thing about badminton is that you can play it everywhere. All you need are racquets and the ball for badminton which is called the shuttlecock. I know that it is a serious sport and that there are Championships but I see it more as an activity for the weekend with your family. If you are going to play it with your family, you don’t need rules. If you are interested in something more, then I would suggest you check out the rules.


Horseshoe is an oldie but goldie game made for your backyard. The game consists of one stick and few horseshoes. The first thing you have to do is put one end of the stick in the ground. A good idea is to put a sand around the stick so you can easily see what is going on. The game rules are similar to another “backyard game” cornhole. You are standing at a distance and you have to throw the horseshoe on the stick. Remember, horseshoes are in a shape of the letter U so you have to be careful how to throw it. J


I am a huge foosball fan so I have to have an outdoor foosball table on my patio. It is a slightly different outdoor game but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. All I can say is this: Imagine having your friends over, the mean it on the barbecue, the beer is in one hand while you spin the rods with other. Can you imagine better weekend? I know I can’t.

Ball pit

The ball pit is for people with toddlers and small kids. I wanted to make this list for every age and combination so I had to mention the ball pit. The ball pit is the perfect outdoor game when you want to keep an eye on your kid. Just put him in the pool filled with balls and he will have the best time for hours. When the kid is asleep, you can try the ball pit yourself. J

Laser tag

One of the most underrated outdoor games is laser tag. It is better than paintball because it doesn’t hurt that much which makes it better for kids and teens. Laser tag is an excellent recreation because you will run, hide, attack and celebrate the victory. It is the best outdoor game for kids and their birthday parties.


All you need is Frisbee! It doesn’t matter whether you are in your backyard, on a picnic or in the park, Frisbee is always welcome. You can play it in two, four or even six. There are no rules when you are playing with family as long as you can toss it in the right direction. Also, be careful with the wind. It can make your Frisbee go in the opposite direction.

Tin can bowling

Tin can bowling is another game you can easily do it yourself. It is a great game for your children and all you need is 10 tin cans and one ball. Clean the tin cans so that they are ready for coloring. That is a task your kids can do. After that, let the cans dry, you can do that by leaving them in the backyard for a day, just make sure that the rain can’t reach them. When they are dry, put them together and let the bowling begin!

Spike ball

Spike ball is the newest addition to this list. It is a game I haven’t played but I would definitely love to try. It is a combination of volleyball and a strange game called “picigin”. The main goal is to keep the ball in the air. There is one interesting addition to the game and that is a small trampoline for the ball. The game starts when one team bounces the ball to the other team. The second team has to bounce the ball 3 times (just like the volleyball) before it kicks the ball to the “trampoline” and it bounces off to the first team. There are no fields and no boundaries for the game which makes it pretty intense.

About the author: Mark is a blogger and a foosball player who loves foosball and everything related to foosball. Due to that, he made a blog about foosball and if you are interested in his work, you can check out his post about foosball coffee tables.



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