Best Outdoor Cinema – Buyers Guide and Reviews

When it comes to the ultimate gardening accessory, an outdoor cinema must be pretty high on the list! Here at GoTo4Gardening, we love that gardens can be used and enjoyed regardless of the time of day.

Here is a comparison table showing the most popular outdoor cinema set ups currently being sold on Amazon in the UK. Click here if you want to read our “Outdoor Cinema Buyers Guide” before browsing the top 10 list.

Read on, are you tempted by our selection? You might be surprised at the quality you can achieve for your money.

10 Best Outdoor Cinemas

We were pleasantly surprised about how much an outdoor cinema setup can cost, here we have selected the best projectors, screens, and other essential parts to ensure you have the best!

10 Best Outdoor Cinemas: Number 1, The bargain projector – Yisale HD 1080p 1000 Lumens

Product Description

For just a few pence under £50 this projector is a bargain! This model is new to the market for 2017 and is a smaller and lighter model. Invite your friends to watch a movie and settle in for the night. This bargain projector can accept AV/USB/SD/HDMI connectors. With the purchase of an MHL cable, iPhone, iPads, and other smartphones can be connected. This is the perfect bargain projector for a family home and has an excellent visual quality. This bargain projector is so easy to use!

10 Best Outdoor Cinemas: Number 2, The best outdoor projector for £500 – ASUS P3B Portable LED Projector

Product Description

When we were looking at the other end of the market, we were expecting to have to make this category ‘the best outdoor projector for £1000’! This outdoor projector for £500 has everything you could ever wish for. It has an 800 Lumen long-life LED light source, which provides just the best HD visuals. The fantastic battery lasts a good 3 hours, so perfect for any film (well, maybe not The Lord of The Rings!) The Wi-Fi projection is great quality and really shines as the best outdoor projector for £500. We loved that the fan wasn’t too loud. One point, though, is that the speakers are not amazing if you are watching anything with great sound affects. Read on further to see our recommendation for the best outdoor cinema speakers. This is still our favourite outdoor projector for £500, though, for its quality visuals.

10 Best Outdoor Cinemas: Number 3, the best outdoor screen – 123 x 77-Inch Inflatable Movie Screen

Product Description

This was another surprise find. Who would have thought that you could get a quality outdoor screen that was inflatable?! Well, here it is. This outdoor screen is enormous! It measures 123×77 inches. No running out of puff to inflate this, take it out of the bag and it will self-inflate in just a few minutes! This outdoor screen comes with everything you need to set it up and secure it.

10 Best Outdoor Cinemas: Number 4, the best outdoor cinema seats – Beanbag Bed Chair Purple Indoor And Outdoor Extra Large

Product Description

You can’t have an outdoor cinema without seats! When it comes to outdoor furniture, your comfy cinema seats have a few more requirements to meet. Fully compliant with BS5852 fire standards, this bean bag chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as your cinema seats. Whether you want to sit deep in the chair and relax, or drift off and have a snooze, at an amazing 180cm long everyone will be comfortable. Don’t worry about spills; this outdoor cinema seat is completely waterproof and UV protected. Gone are the days of slippery bean bags, this outdoor cinema seat has a breathable fabric that gives a real luxury feel.

10 Best Outdoor Cinemas: Number 5, the best outdoor cinema speakers – SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black

Product Description

So we’ve got the projector and the screen sorted, now for some awesome outdoor cinema speakers to really finish off the outdoor cinema vibe! These SONOS PLAY:1 speakers have the most amazing deep and crystal clear HiFi sound. This speaker has been designed to be powerful yet compact. This outdoor cinema speaker is so easy to set up, you’ll be pumping out some quality sound very quickly. We haven’t seen another wireless speaker that packs so much quality sound for the money. These outdoor cinema speakers just cannot be faulted for build quality, sounds, or ease of use.

10 Best Outdoor Cinemas: Number 6, the best HDMI cables – UGREEN 2M HDMI Cable

Product Description

If you have the best speakers, projector, and screen, then doesn’t go using poor quality cables. This HDMI cable is made from oxygen free copper and corrosion-resistant gold plated connectors. This is the gold standard in HDMI cable indoors, so make sure you are using them for your outdoor cinema too! This high-speed HDMI cable features triple shielding to enhance the anti-interference design of the cable. This HDMI cable comes with a variety of connectors to enable you to connect a large selection of sources to your projector. This is a great quality HDMI cable and adapter set; you really do get what you pay for.

10 Best Outdoor Cinemas: Number 7, the best wifi projector – Android Projector Wifi Home Theater 3500 Lumen 1080p

Product Description

WiFi projectors have come on leaps and bounds since they first arrive on the market (and so has home WiFi!) This projector features smart wireless display technology that can stream videos, and games. Via android apps, you can easily stream Kodi, Netflix, and YouTube. This WiFi projector is also compatible with a range of USB sticks and HDMI cables. The LED lamp will last 50000hrs and has an innovative cooling fan system. The dustproof net is removable, and the projector itself is made from ABS Flame Retardant Safety Materials. This WiFi projector is so easy to use, none of that fiddling around to get it to connect! Just turn it on, connect, and chill out!

10 Best Outdoor Cinemas: Number 8, the best pocket projector – UHURU® Palm-sized Mini WIFI Video Projector

Product Description

Before you read the rest of this review, link on the link and check out the picture of it balanced on an iPhone! This tiny projector is 3.9×3.9×0.8 inches but don’t worry about the quality. This HDMI movie projector features DLP Technology with 100 lumens, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, and a resolution of 858×480. This pocket projector is perfect if you want a projector for work and for play; great quality for films and slide presentations! This pocket projector, somehow, has an inbuilt 4000mAh battery that provides a 120 minutes playtime. If you can’t tell, we were very impressed with this pocket projector!

10 Best Outdoor Cinemas: Number 9, the best outdoor extension lead – Masterplug CT1513P/IPS 15 m Extension Lead with In-Line weatherproof Socket

Product Description

Now for a serious point. If you are going to take electricity outside, then you need to take some precautions; no matter how dry it appears to be outside. This outdoor extension lead is a 15m, 13 amp extension lead and features an inline weatherproof socket. This outdoor extension lead has an IP54 rated weatherproof socket and a latching waterproof socket cover to protect the socket when not in use. This sturdy outdoor extension lead features a strong H frame tidy that will help you to tidy up more quickly and to store safely. It is manufactured to BS1363/A. Please note that this is not a permanent outdoor extension lead, it is one that needs putting away somewhere dry once you have finished using it.

10 Best Outdoor Cinemas: Number 10, the DIY outdoor cinema set up! – Cotton Twill Dust Sheet 12ft x 9ft / 3.07m x 2.90m and choose a wall on your property, (or buy a new property!)

If money is a bit tight, there are still options for a DIY outdoor cinema set up if you want to have a go yourself. A dust sheet or a light coloured bed sheet will provide a great screen for your projector to project onto. Your house might also have a suitable wall that can be used. Top tip here is to close the curtains if you are going to project onto any windows, this helps reduce the glare from the projector. Other great areas to aim your projector are your garage door or a sheet hanging between two trees. Grab yourself a bargain projector, a few miss-matched chairs, and some popcorn. Enjoy the film with your DIY outdoor cinema!

Buyers Guide for outdoor cinemas

It can be quite easy to overspend when it comes to garden accessories, and an outdoor cinema is definitely a likely area! Let’s have a look at some top tips for getting the most out of your kit, and the best value for your money.


Projectors are not brighter than the sun (!) so it needs to be dark when you are watching sport or a film. Make sure you have checked the forecast before starting to set up your outdoor cinema, don’t let your kit get wet! However often you are using your outdoor cinema, do not leave it outside!

Top specs

We really wouldn’t recommend buying anything that had a brightness rating of less than 2000 lumens or a resolution of less than 720p or 1080p. HDMI functionality is a must-have so that you can connect any and all of your devices to the projector.

Top Tips for Watching Outdoor Cinema

• Invite your neighbours – this is a great way to let them know that there might be a little more noise coming from your house. Stay friendly by telling them what time you will be finishing.
• Tempting as it might be, charging people to watch a film in your garden is actually illegal as it is an infringement of copyrights.
• While the visuals will be best when it is dark, set up well in advance so that you know everything has been connected properly.
• Make sure all of the power cables are tucked neatly out of the way, remember that people wont necessarily see them even if they are in the most obvious of places. (Try glow sticks around points that might be a trip hazard)
• Our final top tip to you is to remember that a projector is not a coaster! Look after your technology and it will last.

Outdoor cinemas!

Wow! What a lot of things to think about just to watch a film outside! We hope that we have talked you through everything you need to know to make a good start in your search for the best outdoor cinema equipment. If you are going to make any purchase of this size, it is so important to do your research. Our best tip is to make a list of all of the things that you want the outdoor cinema to be able to do (films, gaming, sport, etc) then check out all of the available equipment in your price range for projectors, screens, and other equipment to match your specifications.

Final reminders:

• When you are gathering your equipment together, make sure you have located a power source that you can safely connect to. Have you got an appropriate extension cord?
• Before setting up for the first time, have you made sure that you have all of the correct leads and lengths of leads that your set up reuires?
• Will you be plugging in an external DVD or Blu-ray player? If so, have you thought about where it is going to sit while the DVD is running?
• Speakers – have you worked out how to use them and adjusted them to the settings that will work best for the movie and your equipment?
• Food and drink! Otherwise it’s just not an outdoor cinema party!

Have you set up an outdoor cinema in your garden? Let us know what set ups work for you.

Have fun with your outdoor cinema!

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