Isn’t a hosepipe just a hosepipe? – No!

If you are a keen gardener with more than the smallest of ‘postage stamp’ gardens, you will at some stage need to buy a hosepipe. So you settle down and have a bit of a Google to find a great price. Uh oh! Who knew there was a choice?! And what a choice there is out there!

Here is a comparison table showing the most popular hosepipes currently being sold on Amazon in the UK. Click here if you want to read our “Hose Pipe Buyers Guide” before browsing the top 10 list.

We know you don’t have the time or the energy to spend choosing the best hosepipe for you, so we have created our own shortlist. We hope it helps!

10 Best Hosepipes 2019

In our shortlist, we have included a range of the best hosepipes that are available on the market at the moment. They are all different, and our list features the best hosepipes across a variety of budgets.

Hosepipe TypeHosepipe NameWhere Can I buy?
Best Hosepipe - The Classic ChoiceHozelock 25m Freestanding Hose Reel with 15m HoseOrder Online
Best Automatic HosepipeHozelock Auto Reel with 20m hoseOrder Online
Best Extending Hosepipe100 Ft Garden Hose Pipe Expandable Hose PipeOrder Online
Best Flat Hosepipe50 ft Flat Hose and Spray Nozzle with Reel Easy Wind Reel 7 SettingsOrder Online
Best Hosepipe - The Professional's ChoiceKingfisher PP750 50 m Pro Platinum Professional Hammer Hose – YellowOrder Online
Best Hosepipe - The Modern ChoiceKärcher HT4.540 Premium Hose Trolley With 40m PrimoFlex HoseOrder Online
Best Hosepipe - The Bargain ChoicePowerplus 15 Metre Coil Garden Water Hose Set with 7 Pattern Spray Gun and Tap Connector POW63853 - 2 Year Home User WarrantyOrder Online
Best Hosepipe - The Starter SetHozelock 30m Starter Hose Starter SetOrder Online
Best Hosepipe - The Compact Choice - Space SaverKärcher CR3.110 Compact Hose BoxOrder Online

10 Best Hosepipes: Number 1, the classic choice – Hozelock 25m Freestanding Hose Reel with 15m Hose

Product Description

This is one of the classic hosepipes, produced by none other than Hozelock. Click on the link above to check out our best hosepipe choice number 1. Recognise it? It has been around for years! For good reason too. The compact reel is neat and tidy, making it simple to store, and the reel can hold up to 25m of hosepipe, making it perfect for the majority of gardens. This manual hosepipe reel by Hozelock is a great purchase. Hozelock adapters come in a multitude of shapes and sizes and for all different purposes. If you need a hosepipe to carry out a task, buy a Hozelock and you won’t be disappointed.

10 Best Hosepipes: Number 2, the automatic choice – Hozelock Auto Reel with 20m hose

Product Description

If you are not a fan of the muddy hands that are inevitable with the coiling or reeling of a hosepipe manually, then this auto reel by Hozelock could be right up your street (well, into your garden anyway). This hosepipe is not just a gimmick either. The mechanism in the reel locks automatically so that the user doesn’t have to hold the hose taught at any point. When auto reels were first being produced, they were hard work and not worth the purchase. Hozelock have solved many of these hang-ups and have produced this hosepipe that takes a worthy place on our shortlist of 10 best hosepipes. The recall on this auto reel hosepipe is sublime and coils neatly without any kinks (or effort!) The auto reel hosepipe comes complete with a wall bracket that allows for an 180-degree pivot; every part of your garden is accessible with this hosepipe!

10 Best Hosepipes: Number 3, the expandable choice – 100 Ft Garden Hose Pipe Expandable Hose Pipe

Product Description

Let’s face it, hosepipes can be bulky. Solving this problem is this amazing hosepipe that expands when the water is turned on, and then back to its original dimensions when the water is turned off. It is also kink and tangle free, and features end ducting made from aluminium that is designed to prevent bursting when under pressure. The only downside to this hosepipe is that it is not compatible with sprinklers. Apart from that, this is an inventive hosepipe that is fun to use.

10 Best Hosepipes: Number 4, the flat hose – 50 ft Flat Hose and Spray Nozzle with Reel Easy Wind Reel 7 Settings

Product Description

This 15m hosepipe has a built in handle, and the box includes a 7-setting spray gun. The hosepipe is aesthetically pleasing in its flat design, but the beauty of this is the ease in which it can be reeled. Easy reel, easy use, easy store. What is there not to love?


10 Best Hosepipes: Number 5, the professional’s choice – Kingfisher PP750 50 m Pro Platinum Professional Hammer Hose – Yellow

Product Description

This is a truly great piece of kit and well worth the outlay. This quality hosepipe was developed with professionals in mind but would be a real asset to any garden. It is kink resistant and has a triple layered outer cover; this thing is tough! At 50m long, not only is this hosepipe built to last, it will cover most gardens adequately. No worrying about crushing the delicate plants, this hosepipe is long enough to simply take the clear path. With a bursting pressure of 25bar, this half-inch hosepipe works with any of the major-brand connectors and is simply a quality choice.


10 Best Hosepipes: Number 6, the modern choice – Kärcher HT4.540 Premium Hose Trolley With 40m PrimoFlex Hose

Product Description

We’ve all seen their window cleaning adverts, but who has seen the quality hosepipes made by Karcher? This hosepipe offers all of the quality of other Karcher products and has been built to last. The beauty of Karcher products is the additional care that they take when it comes to ergonomic handles and the extras. Karcher don’t expect you to have to buy loads of extras when you purchase one of their hosepipes either. In the box is a full set of connectors and a massive 40m of piping! Should you need further connectors, we found that all of the click connectors from other major brands worked with the Karcher hosepipe. The trolley itself is made of high-quality materials and looks great in the garden.


10 Best Hosepipes: Number 7, the bargain – Powerplus 15 Metre Coil Garden Water Hose Set with 7 Pattern Spray Gun and Tap Connector POW63853 – 2 Year Home User Warranty

Product Description

Sometimes, you just need a cheap and cheerful tool to do a job, and if you have a small garden, then there is no need for 40m of hosing! This neat and nifty coiled hosepipe stretches to 15m and retracts when you have finished with it. Included in the box is a 7-setting spray gun. This the perfect bargain hosepipe option.


10 Best Hosepipes: Number 8, the starter set – Hozelock 30m Starter Hose Starter Set

Product Description

If you’ve never had a hosepipe before and you need to buy the whole lot, then you won’t go far wrong with the purchase of this quality starter hosepipe set from Hozelock. In the box, you’ll find a 30m hosepipe, a tap connector, a hose end connector, an aquastop connector, and a nozzle. This starter set is great value especially when you consider that they have included the aquastop connector in the pack. The aquastop connector means that you can change nozzles without having to turn the tap off; really useful when you have a variety of planting situations to water. This Hozelock hosepipe comes with a 10-year guarantee – beat that!


10 Best Hosepipes: Number 9, the compact choice – Kärcher CR3.110 Compact Hose Box

Product Description

This beautiful little hosepipe set does exactly what it says on the tin. They have achieved the manufacture of a compact hosepipe by using a micro hosepipe. With a length of 10m, this is not a hosepipe to be watering acres of garden with, but roof terraces, balconies, and window boxes will be well catered for. The quick click system on this hosepipe closes the water off and, therefore, prevents any water from dripping while you change accessory. All accessories are conveniently stored on the drum, reducing the storage area even further. Karcher products are always really well thought out and look great in any setting. This is not going to be a messy, ugly, eyesore of a hosepipe in your garden.


10 Best Hosepipes: Number 10, the tidy choice – 100ft Expanding Garden Hose Pipe with Hanger

Product Description

Take our number 3 recommendation, add storage, and you will get this great value hosepipe. The problem with hosepipes is finding somewhere to store them. This is not a problem with this hosepipe. Water with your double layer latex hosepipe, then simply put it in the hanger that hangs from your outside tap; simple! If you don’t have an outside tap you could use a hook somewhere discreet in your garden or shed, or even a hanging basket bracket! This blue expending hosepipe expands to 100ft (30m in new money) and features a polyester silk webbing as a strong outer cover; this is a robustly designed hosepipe for a bargain price. In the box, you’ll find a standard garden tap fixing with the hosepipe connector and a 7-setting spray gun. Whatever you get up to in the garden, this hosepipe is a great option.


Hosepipe Buyers Guide

So … wow! A hosepipe is not just a hosepipe!

While we have been through a few pointers, here are some more things that you need to consider before parting with your hard-earned cash.

Choosing the best hosepipe for you

When you are choosing a hosepipe, there are a number of important factors that you will need to consider. You will need to think about how big your garden is, what you are going to use the hosepipe for, how often you will need to use the hosepipe, and what your budget is. Let’s take a walk through and think a bit more about hosepipes!

User requirements

*If you are buying a kit, as opposed to just the hosepipe itself, then you will need to think about what connectors you will need to complete your watering jobs. You might just want to use your hosepipe to fill a bucket or tank a long way away from the tap. In which case you will need a nozzle that is capable of releasing as much water as possible and as quickly as possible. Think about a nozzle that you can easily control the direction of the water and that as little water as possible can escape from.

*If you are looking for a hosepipe that will power a sprinkler then you will need to make sure that the diameter of the hosepipe and the pressure that it can handle are suitable for a sprinkler attachment.

*Are you planning on leaving your hosepipe outside or putting it away in a shed? Think about the quality and build design of the reel (if you buy one) and consider how it will weather when left outside.

*As the user, consider how heavy the hosepipe and reel are and how often and how far you will need to move your hosepipe equipment.


Purchasing a hosepipe online

There is really very little to prevent you from purchasing a quality hosepipe online. All of the product information is easily accessible, both in this shortlist and on the manufacturers’ websites. Just check the product descriptions to make sure you are sure that the make and model that you are looking for is the one that you are buying. Read the content descriptions so that you are aware of everything that is going to be in the box; nothing worse than a great new piece of gardening kit arriving and then finding out that you need to go and buy another part before you can use it!


What design aspects should you be looking for in a hosepipe?

Handles and control

Ergonomics are the key to enjoying using your hosepipe and attachments. Look at the handle design and consider if you are going to be comfortable when using the hosepipe. There are some brands that make attachments for smaller hands, so if you need them then they are worth searching for.

*If you are going to be using a squeeze spray gun then think about how long you are going to be spraying for. If you will be spraying for a long time, then look for a squeeze spray gun that has a lock mechanism. If you squeeze and hold you hand in the same position for too long, you will quickly become tired and develop a sore arm. The lactic acid build up in your arm will make it almost impossible to stay in the same position for very long.

*If you are not comfortable using your hosepipe then you are unlikely to continue to use it. What a waste of money! Buy the right kit in the first place.


Quality of the hosepipe

Particularly if you are going to purchase online, read the descriptions! You will see reference to ‘wall layers’ or ‘hosepipe skin’ this is one of the best indicators you can have when it comes to choosing a quality hosepipe. In general the thicker the wall or, the greater the number of wall layers, then better quality the hose.

Reel techniques

Manual or automatic? It’s your choice!

How much do good hosepipes cost?

It all depends on what you need it to do for you. If you want a hosepipe for your postage stamp then around the £30 will buy you a more than adequate quality hosepipe, and you could probably find one for a tenner. If you have a large garden and want a professional quality hosepipe, you are most probably looking at nearer £100 for the hosepipe and then will need to purchase the fittings. Gardening is a wonderful hobby and having the right kit for your patch is the key to enjoying your day.


That was a bit of a whistle-stop tour of some of the best hosepipes available to buy on the market today. We hope that you have found this shortlist and our advice useful.


Have we missed a cracking hosepipe? Let us know!

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