Do you like trimming your own hedge? 🙂 Are you looking to buy your first hedge trimmer or to upgrade to a new hedge trimmer for 2019? We have compiled a hedge trimmers buyers guide and a list of the best hedge trimmers for sale in the UK in 2019. To skip straight to the buyers guide click here.

Here are the most popular hedge trimmers on Amazon in the UK this year

Our Top 10 Hedge Trimmers of 2019

Best Basic All Round Hedge Trimmer – Bosch AHS 45-16 Electric Hedge Cutter

A quality hedge trimmer from Bosch this type of machine has become a classic and a staple of most households with a garden hedge. It is lightweight – just 2.5 Kg and has a powerful 420W Bosch motor. The cutting blade is quite short at just 45cm, however this may be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you intend to use this hedge trimmer. This is an ideal machine for keeping your hedges under control. Do not buy this machine if you need to really hack down your hedge as it will struggle to cut branches more than 1.5cm thick. It also comes with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee which can be extended to 3 years on the Bosch website.


Best Heavy Duty Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer 2019 – Bosch AHS 70-34 Electric Hedge Cutter

Another fabulous hedge trimmer from Bosch for 2018. This machine features a pwerful 700 watt engine and also has a special sawing function for thicker branches. Take this power together with the long 70cm cutting blade and you have a great electric hedge trimmer for large hedges.


Best Lithium-ion Battery Powered Electric Hedge Trimmer 2019 – BLACK+DECKER GTC18452PC-GB 45cm 18V 2.0Ah 

Black & Decker have brought us a revolution in battery powered hedge trimmers with their GTC18452PC trimmer. Gone are the days of heavy, under powered batteries which only last for 10 minutes. With this hedge trimmer you will get a light weight battery powered machine that can easily deal with most standard sized garden hedges without having to recharge the battery. We are really impressed by this hedge trimmer – you get almost all the advantages of a regular electric hedge trimmer (when we say almost, it isn’t quite as powerful as the more heavy duty corded machines) – without the hassle of trying to cut your hedge and not the electric cord!!

Best Pole Electric Hedge Trimmer for Tall Hedges 2019 – Einhell GC-HH 9048 900W Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

If you have a tall hedge to trim and are looking for one of those extendable pole hedge trimmers then we recommend the Einhell GC-HH 9048 900W trimmer. A well crafted machine with the motor and weight all at the bottom making it easier to handle. The diamond ground blade can be adjusted to finish the top of your hedge at your preferred angle. The hedge trimmer has quality metal gears and has an adjustable handle making it a suitable hedge trimmer for left handed as well as right handed gardeners.

Best Light Weight Petrol Hedge Trimmer – McCulloch SuperLite Hedge Cutters

Seems to good to be true – a powerful petrol driven hedge trimmer weighing less than 5kg! A quality machine from McCulloch this light weight petrol hedge trimmer features a “soft start” which makes pulling the start cord much easier. The dual action blades with a large gap between them makes light work of thicker branches. Choose this light weight petrol hedge trimmer to tackle even the larger residential hedges.

Hedge Trimmer Buyers Guide

There are three main factors to consider when looking to buy a hedge trimmer in 2018:

  • The dimensions of your hedge
  • Your physical disposition
  • How often you will be trimming your hedge

Electric corded, Battery powered or Petrol Hedge Trimmer?

Depending on the factors listed above you will have to choose whether you need an electric corded hedge trimmer, a battery powered hedge trimmer or a petrol hedge trimmer.

Electric Corded Hedge Trimmers

These are often the best value for money, lightest and most reliable long lasting hedge trimmers. If you have a reasonably sized hedge which you are trimming 3 to 4 times per year then a corded electric hedge trimmer should suit your gardening needs. The major downside to a corded electric hedge trimmer is the cord! Few if any users of these machines can claim to have never accidentally cut through the cord. Also the fact that they are corded limits their usage to being within reach of a power source.

Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers

Battery powered hedge trimmers do not have the downside of corded trimmers so there is no need to worry about cutting the cord or a power source. They are however usually heavier and less powerful than their corded equivalents. The batteries as well as making the trimmers quite heavy lose power after a relatively short period so if your hedge is going to take longer than 20 minutes to trim, you may have to have extra batteries as back up. The newer models however use lithium ion batteries which are lighter, more powerful and longer lasting than the old nickel batteries.

Petrol Powered Hedge Trimmers

Petrol powered hedge trimmers are the beasts of hedge cutting! The more powerful ones will cut through even the bushiest most over grown hedges like a knife through butter! Word of advice – do not skimp and go for a cheap model as they often do not perform and instead of cutting your hedge you may spend most of the time trying to get the two stroke engine to start and cleaning flooded spark plugs!

Petrol powered hedge trimmers are generally quite heavy and noisy so a strong pair of arms and a decent set of ear protectors are recommended when operating one!

Hedge trimmers!

Wow! There is quite a bit to think about here, hey?!  Which hedge trimmers are you going to buy? Make sure you have click on the links that we have provided to read more information about the individual hedge trimmers and to see other user reviews.  These might be a ‘big spend’ item, spend time read our reviews and carrying out your own research before purchasing.


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