A greenhouse can be seen by many as a luxury item in your garden (Or something which will give the kids a smashing time 😉 !! ). Here at GoTo4Gardening, we think that the huge variety of greenhouses available on the market today means that this no longer need to be the case. Many of the greenhouses listed below use polycarbonate rather than glass making them much safer for children and pets!

Here is a comparison table showing the most popular greenhouses currently being sold on Amazon in the UK. Click here if you want to read our “Greenhouse Buyers Guide” before browsing the top 10 list.

Read on and be tempted by our own selection of greenhouses that have made it onto our list of 10 best greenhouses 2019.

10 Best Greenhouses 2019

We have seen them all (or so it feels like it) so hope that our selection of greenhouses across the budget spectrum caters for every keen gardener, however much space you have!

Greenhouse TypeGreenhouse NameWhere Can I buy?
Best Classic Polycarbonate Greenhouse - Editors ChoiceWaltons 6x8ft Greenhouse – Twin Wall Polycarbonate / Plastic Panels, Aluminum Frame, Steel BaseOrder Online
Best Plastic GreenhouseOypla 3-Tier 4 Shelf Mini Walk-in Growhouse Garden GreenhouseOrder Online
Best Greenhouse - HothouseFoil Greenhouse Tent PE Garden Hothouse for Tomatoes with Entrance Door Zipper and Shelving UnitsOrder Online
Best Greenhouse - The Compact ChoiceJago Greenhouse Growbox Garden Growhouse Anti-UV Lattice Foil HothouseOrder Online
Best Greenhouse - The Funky ChoiceGarden Igloo 3.60 m x 2.20 mOrder Online
Best Wooden Frame GreenhouseWaltons 4x6 Evesham Wooden Greenhouse - Shiplap T&G, Shatterproof GlazingOrder Online
Best Greenhouse - ColdframeGardman Wooden Cold FrameOrder Online
Best Greenhouse - The Classic ChoiceHalls Popular 8ft x 6ft Wide Greenhouse with Horticultural Glass and BaseOrder Online
Best Polytunnel GreenhouseVonHaus 3m x 2m Walk-In Polytunnel Greenhouse with Steel Frame and Steel Frame DoorOrder Online

10 Best Greenhouses: Number 1, the classic plastic greenhouse – Waltons 6x8ft Greenhouse – Twin Wall Polycarbonate / Plastic Panels, Aluminum Frame, Steel Base

Product Description

We start our best greenhouse list off with a design classic, a plastic greenhouse that looks exactly like the image that pops into our brains when we hear the word ‘greenhouse’. This one is glass free and lightweight, but with panels made from polycarbonate with a 4mm twin wall. These panels provide this plastic greenhouse with all of the heat retention that you would expect; no shattered glass though with a plastic greenhouse! The frame is made from aluminum, which is rustproof and durable. One of the great benefits of a plastic greenhouse is the minimal maintenance time and costs that have previously been associated with owning a glass greenhouse. A nice edition to this greenhouse is an expanded instruction booklet making assembly easier and integrated rain gutters for water collection and a roof window for ventilation. Waltons also have an instruction video for assembly which really is a good feature.


10 Best Greenhouses: Number 2, the plastic walk-in greenhouse – Oypla 3-Tier 4 Shelf Mini Walk-in Growhouse Garden Greenhouse

Product Description

This walk-in greenhouse a quality design and build and it is amazing how much shelf and floor space you get for such a small walk-in greenhouse! With 3 tiers and 6 shelves, there is so much space for seed trays and pots. This walk-in greenhouse has a really sturdy tubular steel frame and is covered with a heavy-duty polythene. If you are looking for a great value and quality walk-in greenhouse, you won’t go far wrong by purchasing this one.

10 Best Greenhouses: Number 3, the hot house – Foil Greenhouse Tent PE Garden Hothouse for Tomatoes with Entrance Door Zipper and Shelving Units

Product Description

We love this hot house, and it is just the perfect space for seed germination. Whatever the crazy English weather is doing outside, a vision of calm will radiate from the inside of your hot house. Why not join your seedlings inside this hot house on days filled with rain, wind and hail? The Metal frame is powder coated, meaning that its great looks will last and last.

10 Best Greenhouses: Number 4, the compact greenhouse – Jago Greenhouse Growbox Garden Growhouse Anti-UV Lattice Foil Hothouse

Product Description

If you are a little short on space, don’t worry! There is a greenhouse option out there that will fit any space and budget. This compact greenhouse is the perfect way to grow salad and vegetables in a confined space (or act as a germination suite for a larger garden!). This compact greenhouse has plenty of space for your plants as well as being able to protect them from whatever weather is thrown at it. No need to worry about birds or other attacking your plants, the cover has a longer overhang so that you can bury it or weigh it down with stones or gravel. However you choose to use this compact greenhouse, it is a crowd pleaser.

10 Best Greenhouses: Number 5, the geodesic dome – Garden Igloo 3.60 m x 2.20 m

Product Description

This geodesic dome was not designed to be a greenhouse, but if you are looking to make a statement in your garden, then this garden igloo would provide a massive wow factor. This funky-looking weather-proof geodesic dome was designed to be an extra outdoor space, but why not use it for its greenhouse abilities? If you would enjoy relaxing with a gin and tonic in this outdoor/indoor geodesic dome, why not try your hand at growing a lemon tree? Imagine adding a slice of your home-grown fresh lemon to the glass! Enjoy the peace and sanctuary of your very own mini Eden Project.

10 Best Greenhouses: Number 6, the wooden greenhouse – 4×6 Evesham Wooden Greenhouse – Shiplap T&G, Shatterproof Glazing

Product Description

A wooden greenhouse does not have to look like a glorified shed, and this Evesham wooden greenhouse demonstrates this beautifully. Whether you want to grow fruit, vegetables, or flowers a greenhouse means that you can grow these year-round regardless of the weather going on outside of the wooden greenhouse. This wooden greenhouse is beautifully crafted with planed shiplap panels used in a tongue and groove construction. This brings a level of durability and strength to this wooden greenhouse that just makes it shine above the others. The ‘glass’ panels are 2.5mm styrene, which is shatterproof. If you are looking for a greenhouse for the whole family to get involved with, this wooden greenhouse could be the perfect choice for you.

10 Best Greenhouses: Number 7, the cold frame – Gardman Wooden Cold Frame

Product Description

Cold frames are just beautiful. I have visited many different gardens with different setups, but the areas that always feel the most attractive to me are the kitchen gardens with their cold frames. Cold frames have quite different uses to greenhouses, but for plant protection over the winter they are second to none, so we thought they rightly deserved a place on this list of best greenhouses. This cold frame is an attractive wooden one with a hinged lid and locking stays for ventilation. The wood on this cold frame is FSC certified timber, and the ‘glass’ is twin wall polycarbonate.

10 Best Greenhouses: Number 8, the classic glass greenhouse – Halls Popular 8ft x 6ft Wide Greenhouse with Horticultural Glass and Base

Product Description

If you are a greenhouse purist and only glass will do, Halls make their version of the absolute classic glass greenhouse. With a strong aluminium frame and die cast zinc alloy ridge and gutter joints, this Halls glass greenhouse is everything you would hope and dream for in a glass greenhouse. Some nice touches include roof vents with integral gutters and a smooth action sliding door. If you are looking for a greenhouse and want the classic look in your garden, buy this glass greenhouse!

10 Best Greenhouses: Number 9, the polytunnel greenhouse – VonHaus 3m x 2m Walk-In Polytunnel Greenhouse with Steel Frame and Steel Frame Door

Product Description

For those with larger gardens and allotments, a polytunnel greenhouse is a luxury, but a must have! Forget the overwhelming heat of summer and the sub-zero frosts of the winter, your vegetables will feel right at home under the watch of this polytunnel greenhouse. We looked at a variety of polytunnel greenhouses, but one of the main deciding points that led us to choose this one was the door. The number of polytunnels that are not sold with a decent door; what’s the point? This polytunnel greenhouse, in comparison, features a metal door that is remarkably sturdy. Nice touches include 6 roll-up and insect-proof mesh windows with ties. If you are thinking about giving tropical plants a go, then a polytunnel greenhouse is a great option. With all of the ‘windows’ closed, a high humidity can be achieved making this polytunnel greenhouse perfect! Don’t worry if you have a concrete garden either. Use tomato bags and pots to create your mini oasis in the concrete jungle.

10 Best Greenhouses: Number 10, the potting shed – Potting Wooden Summerhouse/Log Cabin Shed

Product Description

While on the hunt for a great potting shed to recommend, we came across this wooden building that is half summerhouse, half potting shed! Before you click on the link, though, let me just say that this is a product on the luxury end of the budget scale. This stunning potting shed features 12mm shiplap cladding and a great quality tongue and groove floor. There are 5 styrene-glazed roof panels as well as 3 opening and 7 fixed styrene glazed windows. Click on the link and admire the beauty of this potting shed for yourself!

Greenhouse Buyers Guide

TThere are so many factors to consider when choosing which greenhouse to spend your hard-earned money on. While we have covered a few in our product descriptions, there are a few things that you will need to decide upon so that you can choose the best greenhouse for your garden.

Choosing the Best Greenhouse for You

The geodesic dome and the luxury wooden potting shed are beautiful, but is what you really need a 20foot polytunnel? Do you love the idea of a polytunnel and become self-sufficient, but your available space is on a balcony? This buyers guide will raise some essential things that you will need to consider. We will help you search for the right greenhouse for you!


Size matters (yes, I said it!) So often I’ve seen people choose a greenhouse and skimp on £100 or so when they really needed to spend the money and get the bigger one. A greenhouse is an investment; buy the one that you need!

Glass, wood, or plastic?

While I’m sure that the ‘glass is the only way’ bunch will say that there is a discernable difference, I’m not convinced. While I’m not a fan of too much plastic in the rest of my life, plastic windows on a greenhouse make sense. They don’t shatter if they fall out and they are strong and light. When it comes to frame type (wood/plastic/metal), this is mostly an aesthetics exercise. Wooden greenhouse frames are generally heavier and can be more expensive. Plastic frames require pinning down or another way to weight them. Metal frames can last for a very long time, provided the metal is treated.

Greenhouse use

This is a really important point to consider. If you want a greenhouse to germinate seeds in and you’re on a budget, the walk-in greenhouse or similar will do a great job. If you want a more permanent building-style greenhouse, then you should look more towards the traditional-style ones and ones that can be adequately weighted down.

Design Aspects to Look for in a Greenhouse

Build quality

If you purchase a flat pack greenhouse, then this is mostly on you to ensure! If you have the budget, then to have a specialist greenhouse company come and erect your greenhouse is a luxury, but also money well spent! When it comes to putting a greenhouse together for yourself, I really recommend at least 3 people for anything over a 6×6 frame.

Replacement parts

Depending on the build of your greenhouse, you will need to buy replacement parts. In the ‘good old days’ greenhouse life was all about buying ‘M’ clips! There will always be bits and pieces that you will want or need to buy for your greenhouse, so do make sure that the brand you have bought can easily supply these parts to you.

Additional shelving, supports, etc.

Another addition that greenhousers (is that a real name for us?) love to buy is additional tiers and shelving. Anything to capitalise on the potential for space! *Just * one more variety of beans … is often my cry as a pootle off to the garden centre for some more shelving!

How much do good greenhouses cost?

As I mentioned earlier, it probably depends on the size. Small plastic greenhouses can set you back £20. Luxury summer house potting sheds will start at over £1000. For a good quality, solid greenhouse of any construction, you are probably at around the £500 mark once you have bought all of the parts.


Wow! That felt like a bit of a whistle-stop tour of the greenhouse world! I hope that my recommendations and buyers guide have been useful for you, even just as a starting point. When you are preparing for a ‘big spend’ it is never easy to decide on the perfect greenhouse. Our best tip is to make a list of all of the things that you want the greenhouse to be able to offer you and what you want to grow in it. Then line up your tick sheet to the different greenhouses and buy the one that ticks the most boxes.


Have we missed anything? Please do let us know.
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Happy gardening!