I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

Gardening is not possible today without a good pair of gardening gloves… Or is it?

Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding that “Good” pair of gardening gloves isn’t an easy job.

That is why we have created a list of Best Gardening Gloves 2017. After researching online and spending time testing each pair of gloves, We have shortlisted the top 10 gardening gloves which you can buy right now.

Best Gardening Gloves 2017

Each pair of gloves is reasonably priced and we have included something for both small and large budgets.

With that said, one thing can be said for sure, these gardening gloves are good enough to make it to our list of the top 10 best Gardening Gloves 2017.


Garden Glove TypeGarden Glove NameClick to Buy
Best Gardening Glove to Buy in 2017 Julie Dodsworth Orangery Mid Cuff Gardening Gloves
Best Gardening Glove for LadiesBURGON & BALL GLO/DECOSM New “Deco” Love The Glove
Best Ladies Gardening Glove for the EnvironmentTown & Country Bamboo Ladies Gardening Gloves
Editors Choice AwardTown & Country Large Master Gardener Classic Gardening Gloves
Best Gardening Glove for MenTown and Country Weedmaster
Best Gardening Glove for ThornsThorn Proof Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves
Best Gardening Glove for BramblesBriers Large Reinforced Rigger
Best Gardening Glove for KidsBriers Kids Junior Digger Glove
Best Ladies Gardening Glove for StyleBriers Flower Girl Comfy Gardener Gloves


1. Julie Dodsworth Orangery Mid Cuff Gardening Gloves
– Best Gardening Glove to Buy in 2017

Product Description

Julie Dodsworth Orangery Print. These mid cuff gardening gloves are our choice for the best glove to buy in 2017!
Ideal for all types of gardening tasks from pruning to working in the soil. As well as being a dynamic glove for all occasions these can also be machine washed meaning you will always be looking your best in the garden.

2. BURGON & BALL GLO/DECOSM New “Deco” Love The Glove
– Best Gardening Glove for Ladies

Product Description

The new range of gardening gloves from Burgon and Ball are engineered for ultimate performance and comfort. The gloves are made from ultra-soft yet hard-wearing fabric that doesn’t stiffen after drying.

The gloves come in 2 sizes, Small/Medium and Medium/Large, this plus the elastase rich material enhances dexterity and fit.

Between the fingers the fabric is 2-way stretch mesh which regulates hand temperature in winter and summer. An adjustable wrist strap provides a snug fit and stops debris dropping into the glove.

The padded palm gives the gardening gloves extra cushioning when using tools. The pretty decorative fabric and leather trim make these prefect as a gift for gardeners or as a mother’s day gift.

3. Town & Country Bamboo Ladies Gardening Gloves

Product Description

Made from super soft bamboo material with textured high grip palm. These gloves are also environmentally friendly a rather lovely bonus feature we think and no doubt you will agree.

4. Town & Country Large Master Gardener Classic Gardening Gloves – Editors Choice Award

Product Description

Our Master Gardener is the UK’s bestselling glove. It offers protection against thorns and other sharp objects and has an excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.

The outstanding fit, snug knit wrist included, means there is no loss of dexterity.

5. Town and Country Weedmaster – Best Gardening Glove for Men

Product Description

Perfect for weeding and other delicate gardening jobs, these light and comfortable gloves offer excellent protection. They are made from 100% cotton with a protective nitrile coating on the palm and fingers and they have a stretchy, breathable back. A Velcro style fastening ensures a firm fit.

6. Thorn Proof Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves – Best Gardening Glove for Thorns

Product Description

Our award to best gardening glove for thorns goes to Thorn Proof Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves. Rose gardening can be relaxing and fun. However, without adequate protection, you will be left with scratches all over your arms. Besides being painful, cuts from rose spines are quite dangerous. Sporotrichosis (rose gardener’s disease) can be a more serious consequence of getting scratched by rose spines. This is especially true in people with thin, delicate skin.

7. Briers Large Reinforced Rigger – Best Gardening Glove for Brambles

Product Description

The tough one for a wide range of DIY and garden use. Great palm, wrist and finger protection for those really tough jobs. Thumb and palm reinforcement. Tough safety cuff and knuckle protection. The tough one for a wide range of DIY and garden use.

8. Briers Kids Junior Digger Glove – Best Gardening Glove for Kids

Product Description

These Junior Digger Gloves from Briers are perfect for a wide range of garden activites and tasks for the younger garden enthusiast! Made from highly dextrous and durable materials, these gloves are perfect for keeping little hands clean in the garden.

9. Briers Flower Girl Comfy Gardener Gloves

Product Description

A pair of stylish, soft gloves in the beautiful Flower Girl pattern, which are both comfortable and flexible. The ultra soft, breathable cotton doesn’t get stiff when wet, and the luxurious leather palms give good protection against scratches and grazes. Suitable for light to medium gardening and outdoor work. Ladies glove size: medium. Also available in Orangery range. The Flower Girl design was created by Julie Dodsworth, a British artist who paints her original designs on her canal boat. The pattern takes inspiration from the beauty of the English Rose, making it classically British. Measurements when flat: 24cm from wrist to tip of middle finger x 10cm wide.

10. Gold Leaf Soft Touch Gloves

Product Description

Launched in 2004, by Jayco, a family owned and managed company, the RHS endorsed range of Gold Leaf Gardening Gloves has now become recognised as the world’s premier brand of gardening gloves, elevating hand wear in the garden to never previously seen levels of quality, comfort and style. The SOFT TOUCH TM Gardening Glove is a truly innovative glove which offers an extremely close fit allied to incredible durability, and unmatchable dexterity. The palm of this glove is constructed of very high quality DEERSKIN leather which is characterised by its softness and suppleness, whilst remaining highly durable.

Gardening Gloves Buyers Guide

For those who don’t know, gardening gloves come with several things you need to consider before you actually spend the hard earned money.

Choosing the Best Gardening Glove for You

There are a number of important sizing and design factors to consider when deciding which glove to purchase. What works best for you will depend on what you’ll use the gloves for, as well as your hand type and not to mention your budget.

But, in general, there are a few things you should consider when choosing gardening gloves. Good gardening gloves should be durable and stand up to regular use in the garden.

In this Buyers Guide to Gardening Gloves we review the features to consider when buying new gardening gloves so that you know exactly what too look for!

Fits Like a Glove

A poorly fitting gardening glove can make pruning and other gardening tasks a miserable experience, who wants that? Gardening is meant to be fun right?

Don’t expect to “break in” new gloves. If the fingers don’t bend or you can’t stretch your hand open, you won’t wear the gloves enough to loosen them up! So there is no point in even buying them.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to how tightly a glove should fit. For heavy-duty work t can be preferable to have a looser glove. But for “regular” gardening tasks, a nice snug fitting glove is the way to go. It stays put, keeps the dirt out, and gives you more fine motor control of your fingers.

When Buying Gardening Gloves Online

If you’re buying online, check to see if the company has an online sizing guide to help you choose the right size.

Some will provide measurements such as:

• finger length
• hand length
• circumference of the hand

How Your Glove Should Fit

Look for gardening gloves that allow you to move your fingers freely, important things to consider include:

• Try making a fist– can you close your hand tightly?
• Can you spread all your fingers out?
• Can you grasp things between your thumb and forefinger?

If not, look for a different pair of gloves. It’s ok for the gloves to feel stiff at first but they should still be flexible enough to allow you to do all the gardening tasks you normally do.

Gardening Gloves for Ladies & Men

Each brand has gloves specifically designed for both men, women or kids. “Unisex” gloves generally aren’t a good idea, especially for women, as they’re typically too loose and wide to be comfortable for those of us with smaller hands.

You will notice in our top 10 Gardening Gloves for 2017 we have selected the best gardening gloves for ladies along with the best gardening glove for men. Oh! And how can we forget out top pick and the best gardening glove for kids!

What Design Aspects to Look for in A Gardening Glove

Durability & Comfort

If your gardening gloves aren’t comfortable, you’re unlikely to wear them. But the most comfortable gloves are often the least durable.

Cotton gloves offer comfort but not much protection, while all-leather gloves prevent nicks and cuts but aren’t best for letting your skin breath.

A happy medium is a glove that is durable, yet pliable, that protects your hands while still letting you work freely.


Gloves have to flex well, particularly at the joints, if they’re going to be suitable for most gardening work. This isn’t usually a problem with thinner gloves (like cotton or knitted gloves) but can be a significant issue with thicker leather and heavy duty work gloves.

Glove Fingertips

Fingertips are often the first part of gardening gloves to come undone, especially if you garden tough rocky soil. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably end up catching the end of your gloves when pruning!

The drawback to reinforced fingertips is that they decrease your ability to feel what you’re touching. If you’ll be working with delicate seedlings or your work requires a high level of accuracy, consider taking your gloves off or buying a second pair without much (or any) extra protection in the fingertip area.

Padding & Protection

Good quality gloves often have an extra layer of material, usually leather or some sort of man made material, over the finger tips to protect them from wearing out. That extra layer also protects your fingers from sharp objects you may encounter in the soil, such as rusty nails, broken glass, thorns and stinging insects.

A little bit of padding on your glove can be a good thing– too much however can make it difficult to close your hand or bend your fingers for delicate work.

How Much do Good Gardening Gloves Cost

When it comes to gardening gloves, like most things in life — you get what you pay for. That doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot for a pair of quality gloves for working in the garden. Just that you can expect the price to go up as your need for strength, flexibility, durability and so on increases.

A comfortable pair of lightweight cotton gardening gloves can easily be had for under ₤ 10. But a quality pair of sturdy leather gloves with reinforced fingertips, double-stitched seams, a structured wrist closure and plenty of flexibility will likely cost around ₤ 20 – 30. If that’s what you need, it’s well worth spending the money.

Final Words – Wrapping it all up

Considering how the market of gardening gloves is pretty saturated, finding the perfect pair is never an easy task. That’s when lists like these come into play. The list was carefully crafted, keeping in mind things like the needs of a customer and how much are they willing to spend on a pair of gardening gloves.

We hope the list helps you pick the best gloves for gardening according to your budget. Do keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a “perfect” pair, that’s why each glove is built to suit the need of different person or task.

In case you think we missed a good pair of gloves for gardening please get in touch and let us know. Likewise if you are looking for gardening tips you have came to the right place.