Best Garden Water Features (April 2019) Buyers Guide & Reviews

If you have a pond or fancy having one in your garden, then a water feature is a real must have. They don’t need to be big and fancy (although if that’s your thing then why not?!) No pond? No problem! There are a multitude of water features out there that are suitable for patios or anywhere you would like to position one! They can be solar powered, made of a whole range of materials, and even be suitable for indoor use if you don’t have the garden space to allow for a pond.

The huge variety of water features that are available on the market today might make it seem impossible to choose! Here at GoTo4Gardening, we have delved into the world of water features and have picked our favourites.

This comparison table shows the 10 most popular garden water features currently for sale on Amazon in the UK. To skip straight to the buyers guide click here.

Read on through our selections; maybe we have found the one for your garden!

10 Best Water Features

There are a lot out there to choose from! We have selected water features across the budget spectrum and with some very different features.

10 Best Water Features: The Solar Powered Water Feature – Feelle Solar Power Fountain Pump 1.4W

Product Description

If you are looking for a simple, yet effective solar powered water feature, then this could be the one for you. The solar panel is highly effective, and no additional batteries or leads are required. When you open the box, you’ll find 6 attachments that will give you options for different water patterns. This solar water feature does require full sun, so if the spot you are thinking of for a water feature is in part shade, you might want to look at the many other solar powered water features available on the market. The pump on this solar powered water feature is a floating one (pretty cool, hey?!) and starts working after just 3 seconds of full sun light! This is a great solar powered water feature that will fit in a variety of different settings such as a pond, a birdbath, a pool, or a fishpond.

10 Best Water Features: The Ceramic Water Feature – Lily pad Ceramic Cascade

Product Description

This Ceramic water feature is beautiful and would be a stunning addition to any garden. The water in this ceramic water feature cascades down from the frog’s mouth into the reflective pools that are in the lily pads below the frog. The trickling water brings a soothing ambient feel to an idyllic spot. With its green glazing, this ceramic water feature will become the focal point in any garden space, balcony, or patio. This ceramic water feature is solar powered; no wiring or operating costs! Just put the lily pads and the frog in place, and then relax.


10 Best Water Features: The Stone Water Feature – Monolith Stone Self Contained Ornamental Fountain & Pebble Pond

Product Description

This stone water feature is something very special. At 138cm tall, this is not a stone water feature that will shrink into a corner of your garden! Virtually (!) unbreakable yet easily moveable, this visually stunning stone water feature will look amazing as a centre piece or focal point in your outdoor space. There are four main parts to this stone water feature: the stone itself, the sump, the sump cover, and the submersible pump. The power cable is a respectable 10metres in length, but the manufacturers state that it requires “hard wiring into a suitable R C D protected circuit, by an approved electrician.” (Please take all necessary precautions when dealing with water and electricity. Always seek the advice of an expert). The main stone piece, the sump, and the sump cover are made from polyethylene polymer, one of the most durable materials used in garden accessories. The manufacture of this stone water features means that it is completely weather proof.


10 Best Water Features: The Wooden Water Feature – Wooden Barrel With Pump

Product Description

This wooden water feature just looks like a classic. Think old-school pub with benches and an overgrown garden. The wooden barrel has been given an aged effect, and the realistic cast iron pump has been given period features that really are very effective. If you are looking for a wooden water feature that takes you back in time, yet is reliable and modern, this is the one for you! There is no need to worry about this wooden water feature leaking; the barrel has a water proof liner made from rubber. The mains powered pump has a 10m outdoor cable, perfect for the majority of gardens.

10 Best Water Features: The Waterfall Water Feature – Blagdon 1054355 Liberty Waterfall Jug

Product Description

A water feature is a delight for the senses, and this waterfall water feature delivers on all fronts. Seeing and listening to moving water is just perfect. This waterfall water feature is a little different from the others on our list; this one has a chargeable lithium battery and therefore runs mains free! There is no need to bring electricity into your garden to power this waterfall water feature. Another feature for your senses are the LED lights that provide a beautiful illumination at nighttime, and the control panel gives access to a timer function. There is the option to upgrade to a solar panel to charge the battery, but we think that one of the beauties of this waterfall water feature is the ability to be able to put it wherever you want to put it. This waterfall water feature will bring alive any garden or patio that it is situation in.


10 Best Water Features: The Bird Bath Water Feature – Pizzaro Solar Bird Bath Water Feature

Product Description

Bird baths are really important in any garden that you are attempting to attract birds into. Having a bird bath water feature not only adds a stunning visual interest in your garden but also can help to keep the water oxygenated and fresh. This bird bath water feature has three fountain heads so that you can choose between 1, 6, or 8 jets. One aspect we really liked about this bird bath water feature is that even when the weather is overcast, the backup battery will kick in so that your bird bath water feature will continue to run. We loved the LEDs on this bird bath; there is so much going on in gardens during the night! This great bird bath water feature is made from polyresin, meaning that it is UV and frost resistant.


10 Best Water Features: The Modern Water Feature – Blumfeldt Schönbrunn Sphere Fountain

Product Description

Sometimes garden water features can look a bit old and dated, not this one! This modern water feature would be a stylish addition to any outdoor space with its curved black-grey basalt base and a black fountain sphere. When on, there is a constant stream of water via a staircase of on the skin of the ball. The pump then brings the water down into the pool and up to start its journey again. This modern water feature has a powerful 2W solar panel and a battery for those days when the sun does not shine, running for up to 8hrs. This modern water feature goes to prove that a water feature can look very stylish!


10 Best Water Features: The Small Water Feature – Rolling Marble Ball Water Feature Fountain

Product Description

Small garden? Don’t worry! This small water feature has a marble ball with a diameter of 10cm. The sphere on this small water feature sits on a marble base that is simple in style, but elegant. When you open the box, all you will need to do is to attach the base to the pump then add water! The water runs continuously, and with a simple flick of the hand, the ball will change its rotation. The marble has been finely ground, creating a perfect sphere, the water moves as if it is frictionless. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use, this small water feature is stunning to look at and a great price.


10 Best Water Features: The Indoor Water Feature – Indoor Table Water Fountain Feature with LEDs – Ripple Rock Wall

Product Description

There is nothing more restful than the sound of moving water. Why should this relaxing sound be confined to the garden? This is a beautiful little indoor water feature that will brighten up a dark corner, or become the centre piece on your table. This indoor water feature would be a very simple way to add some tranquillity and peace into your home, and would also make a perfect gift for a friend who could do with some calm!

10 Best Water Features: The Best Water Feature Cleaner – Hydra Fountain Clear

Product Description

If you are going to have a water feature, then you really need to find the best water feature cleaner available on the market. The Hydra Fountain Clear is effective whatever the weather might through at you in the UK and is widely regarded as one of the best water feature cleaners out there. It is very simple to use. Clean your water feature (or remove from the box!) and fill with fresh water. You then need to give your water feature a ‘shock dose’ and then set in place a weekly addition of the Hydra Fountain Clear to your water feature as a maintenance dose. We have chosen this as our choice for the best water feature cleaner because of its high concentration of disinfectant. It has a unique formula, which means it will keep clean all water features regardless of what they are made from. A note from the manufacturer: “Do not use Hydra Fountain Clear in fountains and water features with plants, fish or invertebrates.”

Water features: The Buyers Guide

There are so many different water features out there available on the market today. There are a few important factors that you will need to consider when you are choosing which one to buy.

Choosing the Best water feature for you: size and power source


Do you have a spot already for a water feature in your garden, or is this an idea for future development in your garden? Think about how the size and positioning of a water feature is going to change the look and sound of your garden. Is your new water feature going to be the main new focal point in your garden, or is it going to be an accent piece in an existing display? If you are thinking about a large water feature, do consider how loud it might be and how close your neighbours are to the water feature!

Power source

Another important factor to consider (it is surprising how many people neglect to consider this!) if your water feature will be mains powered, how close is the nearest appropriate socket? Solar powered water features sound and look amazing. No unsightly cables or anxiety about the whole water and electricity situation. BUT, do you have a shady garden or an open garden that is exposed to full sun for a lot of the day? This will probably answer your question on power source! However, as we have seen from a few of our favourite water features, there are some solar powered water features that also have a backup battery for those days when the sun does not shine; have we found the best of both worlds?

Water features!

We hope that you have found our list interesting and informative. Who knew that there were so many options out there that are available to purchase on the market today?! If you click on any of our suggestions, do read through the manufacturer descriptions to make sure that the water feature is the best fit for you. If you like the style but not the particular water feature, have a look around, you never know what is out there.

We love gardens and relaxing in them, but when discussing items that need power, and power to a gardening accessory that needs water, we do recommend that you research the safest way to power your water feature and to ask for professional advice if you have any questions.

Do you have a water feature in your garden at the moment? What led you to choose it? Do comment below and add a picture of the water feature in your garden.

Happy gardening!

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