Best Garden Shredders – Buyers Guide and Reviews

Are you considering investing in a garden shredder/garden mulcher?

At this time of year with all the falling leaves and the piles of branches from your pre-winter pruning you may well need a garden chipper or mulcher.

Here is a comparison table showing the most popular garden shredders currently being sold on Amazon in the UK. Click here if you want to read our “Garden Shredder Buyers Guide” before browsing the top 10 list.

There are many different types out there that will complete different tasks (check out no5 – our recommendation for the best garden shredder to produce wood chippings for a wood burning stove!)

Here at GoTo4Gardening, we have reviewed some quality machines, and the essential safety equipment recommended when using these high-powered machines.
Read on and see which garden shredders/garden mulchers have made it onto our top 10 list for 2018.
Click here if you want to read our “Garden Shredder Buyers Guide” before choosing from our top 10 list

10 Best Garden Shredders/10 Best Garden Mulchers 2018

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Check out the best for each category and across the budget spectrum; we have tested some cracking machines!

10 Best Garden Shredders/10 Best Garden Mulchers: Number 1, the cheap garden shredder
Charles Bentley Garden Powerful 2500W Electric Garden Shredder Chipper Mulcher 4500Rpm Blade 40Mm Cutting Capacity 3m Cable

Product Description

Looking for a great quality cheap garden shredder/garden mulcher made us a little nervous; they are powerful machines, how can you do that on a budget? Well, click on the link and have a look at this cheap garden shredder/garden mulcher from Charles Bentley. This is an electric shredder that makes light work of a variety of shrubs, wood, and other garden waste. This great machine provides a great quality of shredded material, perfect for spreading as mulch on your garden beds.

10 Best Garden Shredders/10 Best Garden Mulchers: Number 2, the quiet garden shredder
Bosch AXT 25 D Quiet Shredder, Cutting Capacity 40 mm

Product Description

When you are shredding garden material, it can be quite noisy! We took it as a challenge to find the quietest garden shredder/garden mulcher. This automatic feeding garden shredder/garden mulcher was the quietest one we could find on the market. We loved the 53 litre collection box; so easy for moving the shredded material around! A great safety feature for this quiet garden shredder/garden mulcher is that this piece of equipment will only work when the collection box is inserted correctly. With such a powerful tool, a great safety feature is greatly appreciated.

10 Best Garden Shredders/10 Best Garden Mulchers: Number 3, the petrol garden shredder
Garden Chipper Shredder | 15HP Pull Start Mulcher | Petrol Chipper Titan Pro

Product Description

This petrol garden shredder/petrol garden mulcher is known as ‘The Workhorse’, and we know why! At 15hp, this petrol garden shredder/garden mulcher is a durable machine (will a full UK warranty and a spares service!) This petrol garden shredder/garden mulcher is one for the pros; with tow bar provided (!) this petrol garden shredder is ready to be towed to wherever you want to use it. This petrol garden shredder features a brush hopper for leaves and stems up to 10mm in diameter, and a side chute is ready for branches that are up to 75mm; this is a bit of a ‘wow’ machine! Garden waste: sorted! Year round mulch: sorted! Click on the link to check out this beast of a machine!

10 Best Garden Shredders/10 Best Garden Mulchers: Number 4, the leaf vacuum shredder
VonHaus 2800W Electric Garden Leaf Vacuum, Blower & Mulcher (shredder) – Adjustable Speed, 40L Collection Bag & 10m Cable

Product Description

This is such a cool idea (and great fun to use!) Pop on the shoulder strap and turn this machine on. While we were testing garden shredders/garden mulchers, we couldn’t resist testing out all of the features of the 2800w motor on this machine. We didn’t have the equipment to check the claim, but the manufacturers say that the motor produced an air speed of 275 km/h! There are 3 speeds that you can select from, from a wheel on the handle; it’s easy to switch. The leaf blower was fun and left such a professional-looking finish to our garden! If you are looking for a way to mulch leaf so that they can go directly into your compost bin, buy this machine! Click on the link and have a look at the other great reviews.

10 Best Garden Shredders/10 Best Garden Mulchers: Number 5, the best shredder for chippings for a wood stove – GOWE chipper shredder

Product Description

When we looking for garden shredders/garden mulchers, we were trying to figure out what a user might want from the end product. We love wood stoves, and we realised that people might want a garden shredder that would produce chipping for a wood stove. Now, to produce wood chippings for a wood stove requires quite a machine. We found the answer in a beast of a commercial chipper/shredder (click through on this link and check out this monster machine!). Yes, it’s pricey. Yes, it’s huge. BUT – yes, it will produce great quality chippings for your wood stove; and from your garden waste!

10 Best Garden Shredders/10 Best Garden Mulchers: Number 6, the best log splitter
Swedish Log Splitter

Product Description

If you are thinking of how to make the most of your garden waste, then you might be thinking about splitting logs. There are a few countries that come to mind when thinking about wooden products; Sweden is one of the first that we thought of. This simple, safe, practical, and low cost log splitter is great to look at and just brilliantly easy to use. No muscle flexing and missing the log with an axe required! To split the wood effectively with this Swedish log splitter requires a little prep work to sort out the bottom log. Once it’s sorted, just pop the log you want to split onto the base log and drop the striking weight a few times. It’s really satisfying to use, and you will very quickly have a lovely pile of logs just ready to burn. (Or whatever else you want to do with logs!)

10 Best Garden Shredders/10 Best Garden Mulchers: Number 7, Safety equipment (PPE) the best safety gloves
Oregon Large Chainsaw Protection Gloves

Product Description

If you are going to be using powerful gardening equipment, then you need the right safety kit, or PPE; Personal Protective Equipment. These gloves are designed for use with a chainsaw. They are made of leather with durable palm areas. These chainsaw gloves offer comfort and protection in one. However long you will be shredding for, these chainsaw gloves will be a joy to wear. We loved the knitted cuffs for that extra bit of comfort and a snug fit. If you are unfamiliar with safety gloves, rest assured that Oregon is a market leader in safety wear, and these chainsaw gloves are great!

10 Best Garden Shredders/10 Best Garden Mulchers: Number 8, Safety Equipment (PPE) The best safety goggles
Bolle Tracker II Safety Glasses

Product Description

To often, eye safety is not taken seriously enough in the gardening world. With high-powered equipment, safety goggles are an essential part of your PPE. These ones by Bolle also show that you don’t need to wear clunky and ugly safety glasses to keep you safe. The lenses feature a filter from UV radiation as well as having a platinum coating that has a high scratch resistance. If you are looking for great quality safety glasses that look good too, these are the ones for you.

10 Best Garden Shredders/10 Best Garden Mulchers: Number 9, Safety Equipment (PPE) The best safety helmet
Chainsaw Forestry Safety Helmet

Product Description

Another piece of chainsaw PPE, this safety helmet with ear defenders is a quality piece of kit. When the box arrives, you will need to fit the visor, but after that, you are good to go. The safety helmet is comfortable yet sturdy and gave the impression that it would provide good all round protection. There are a few chainsaw safety helmets out there, but we felt that this was one of the best. Click on the link to check it out.

10 Best Garden Shredders/10 Best Garden Mulchers: Number 10, Safety Equipment (PPE) The Best Ear protection
Optime 3 Headband Ear Defenders

Product Description

Shredders can be noisy things! These ear defenders are comfortable to wear and reduce both high and low frequency noise. Unlike others that we tested, the sealing rings are soft and broad, making them comfortable even when worn for several hours. Optime also make these ear defenders in a version that you can attach to a helmet.

Garden Shredders/Garden Mulchers Buyers Guide

There were some gems in that list! Which one will suit your requirements the best? Are you more concerned about a quiet garden shredder or the end result? There are a few more things that you will need to decide upon when choosing the perfect garden shredder for your gardening needs.

Choosing the Best Garden Shredder/Garden Mulcher for You

When you are choosing gardening tools, it can be quite easy to persuade yourself that you NEED the biggest, shiniest tool that does everything. Unfortunately, big and shiny comes at a price. In this buyers guide, we are going to look at a few factors that you should be taking into account before investing in a garden shredder/garden mulcher.

Power source

This is a really important consideration when it comes to garden power tools. A garden shredder uses a lot of energy. Where are you going to use your garden shredder? If you will be moving it around or using it a long way from a power source, then you will need to go for a petrol garden shredder. The petrol garden mulchers that we have seen were sturdy and hardwearing machines. Electric garden shredders can be great machines too, just make sure that you invest in the appropriate RCDs, and any other recommended electric safety precautions.

What do you want to do with the green waste from your shredder?

When you are comparing garden shredders and garden mulchers, you need to consider your desired end result; why do you want to shred your green waste? If you want to produce wood chippings to power a wood burning stove, then you will need to invest in a garden shredder that is up to the task of chipping wood. If, on the other hand, you are looking to start the mulching process and help along the composting process then you have a few more choices.

Shredding for mulch

If you are looking for a garden shredder to produce mulch to put back into your garden, think carefully about what you are shredding; do you really want to put shredded weeds back? (The answer is no!)

Replacement parts

You might have noticed from our previous reviews that we are quite keen that any garden tools that are on the investment end of the budget spectrum have easily accessible spare parts! Ask whoever is selling the shredder to you about parts and how easy they are to get hold of. If they can’t answer, step away from the shredder!

How much do good garden shredders cost?

A reasonable garden shredder will start at around £200, but the heavier duty ones and the ones that are more specialised will cost a lot more. It’s simple really. The longer you want something to last, or the better quality the product, the more it will cost.

Garden Shredders/Garden Mulchers!

Which one of our shortlist are you tempted by? Have you bought a different brand? Let us know; maybe we haven’t head of it, and we should have! As ever, we hope that our shortlist and the buyer’s guide were of use to you. Big spends can feel daunting at times, but do your research, and you should be just fine. You’ll (probably) never find a garden shredder that ticks all of your boxes, but prioritise your most important boxes, and you’ll have a decent garden shredder that will see you through.

Have we missed anything? Please do let us know in the comments section below.

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Happy shredding!

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