Best Garden Gadgets 2017 – Buyers Guide and Reviews

GARDEN GADGETS!!! Wow, we love them here at GoTo4Gardening! From the expensive electrical gardening helpers, to the cool accessories for a few pounds. You never know what you might find when you are looking about for the next big thing.

We’ve been having a look around, and we think that these gardening gadgets are pretty cool. Make sure that you click on the links to check them out in all of their glory. Read on and see what we found; which one will be your favourite?

10 Best Gardening Gadgets 2017

So many gadgets, so little time to explore them all. A great wireless bird box camera, or a ceramic bird feeding tyre? We’ve seen a lot of cool stuff on our hunt for the 10 best gardening gadgets of 2017!


10 Best Gardening Gadgets: Number 1, Best Bird Box Camera – Green Feathers Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision, Wireless Receiver, 700TVL Video and Audio

Product Description

This awesome tiny bird box camera is the perfect answer for watching birds nesting and chicks hatching! The wide-angle view of this bird box camera gives a 110 degree field of view which is not found on any other camera in this price bracket (that we’ve seen). Watch the whole nest, as well as the birds coming and going. The quality of this wireless transmission between the camera and your TV is great and will provide hours of entertainment for your whole family. The night vision on this bird box camera is powered by 6 night vision LEDs; you’ll have a clear view whatever the light! The technology uses invisible IR light; the birds will not notice the camera even when it’s dark. To make the setup easy, this model includes a 3m extended power supply. If you need, more then the upgrade is available. If you are looking for a bird box camera, this is a great choice.

10 Best Gardening Gadgets: Number 2, Best Fire Starter – Weber Chimney Starter

Product Description

If you are looking for a fire starter (and no, we’re not talking about The Prodigy here) you won’t find a much better option out there than this fire starter from Weber. The big name in BBQs, they know a thing or two about fires and how to start them! This fire starter really is the easiest and quickest way to get your charcoal red hot and reading for cooking over. Simply fill the fire starter with briquettes and a couple of Weber lighter cubes, and you’ll be well away. This fire starter easily provides enough cooking coal for 47 and 57cm charcoal BBQs. Within 15mins of lighting the fire starter, we found that the charcoal was red hot and ready for cooking! This small investment is well worth it; you’ll save your money from buying the quick light packs within a few BBQs

10 Best Gardening Gadgets: Number 3, Best Fire Pit – La Hacienda 58106 Camping Firebowl with Grill, Folding Legs and Carry Bag – Black

Product Description

There really is nothing like a fire pit. Use it for cooking, heating, or both. They are a beauty to behold. There is nothing quite like gathering around a fire pit whatever time of year! This fire pit is actually designed for the camping market, but is more than sturdy enough to hold its own in a domestic situation too. It is made of solid steel, and the BBQ cooking grill is made of chrome. There are all sorts of included accessories with this fire pit: a log grate, a mesh lid, and an ash raking tool to name but a few. The only minor downside is that it is only recommended that wood is burned in this fire pit, but we found that this was fine to cook over, so only a minor issue. This fire pit is lightweight and portable but strong and sturdy.


10 Best Gardening Gadgets: Number 4, Best BBQ Light – SOAIY® Bright BBQ Grill Light-handle Mount Outdoor Led Light Lamp

Product Description

I love to BBQ year-round, but sometimes it gets dark before I’ve finished. This is the BBQ light that I actually bought last winter, and I still think that it’s the best on the market. The 10 LEDs on this BBQ light are so bright, and the whole grill will be illuminated. The manufacturer claims that this BBQ has a life span of 50000; that’s a lot of BBQs! This BBQ light is a doddle to attach to any BBQ (or anything else that you might want to attach a light to!) Whatever the shape of your grill handle, the adjustable screw clamp will fit. This BBQ light built to last and looks great. The body of the BBQ light is made from heat-resistant ABS; perfect for those long BBQ days!

10 Best Gardening Gadgets: Number 5, Best Automatic Mower – Husqvarna Automower

Product Description

We looked at an automatic mower before in our electric mower reviews, but have also seen this one and had to give it a place on our list of top garden gadgets. This automatic mower will mow happily come rain or shine in lawned areas of 600m2 or less. It is compact and has three wheels, giving it an impressive movement. Slopes of up to 25%? No problem! This automatic mower will leave you with an immaculate lawn to be proud of! The battery takes about 50 mins to charge and will mow for around 70 mins on a charge. This was great fun to test out and would definitely be on our list of top luxury gardening gadgets!

10 Best Gardening Gadgets: Number 6, best watering app/best garden app –Plant Monitor, Ollivan Xiaomi Bluetooth Smart Soil Tester Soil Moisture Meter Nutrient Water Temperature Light Moisture Sensor for Flower Plant Care ( Wireless Plant Sensor)

Product Description

Now, for those ‘appy’ among us, this is an absolute must have! This wireless plant monitor has got to be the best watering app there is! We have seen other apps that are based on guess work (or the weather forecast, however you look at it), but this is a proper piece of kit. The Olivian Xiaomi Plant Monitor is a physical plant monitor that you stick in the pot or the soil next to the plant you want to monitor. Then, with the watering app, you select the type of plant (from a huge database), and then the Olivian Xiaomi Plant Monitor stick and your watering app will work together and tell you when you need to water your plant! It’s awesome, no more dead plants!

Want to take your gardening a little more seriously? Then this gardening app will go even further. Choose the parameters to keep an eye on. The Olivian Xiaomi Plant Monitor stick will keep tabs on ambient temperature, light intensity, soil moisture, and fertiliser. How cool is it? Choose the area of your garden that you want to work on, and use this gardening app and the Plant Monitor Stick to monitor it scientifically.


10 Best Gardening Gadgets: Number 7, Best Terrarium – Modern Artistic Clear Glass Geometric Terrarium

Product Description

There is so much appeal in the idea of a miniature garden, and we really think that a terrarium is the way to go if you want to be on trend this season. Not only can you grow plants in any situation inside a terrarium, they look amazing. While appearing modern, they have actually been around for a long time and there are paintings of Victorians (who else) proudly showing off their displays. This terrarium is small, but perfectly formed and perfect for growing moss, ferns, airplants, cacti, succulents, or any other miniature plants. Click on the link and take a look at this stunning terrarium and get your own today!

10 Best Gardening Gadgets: Number 8, best BBQ tool set – Esschert Gt37 50 x 26 x 5cm BBQ Tools Wood/ Metal

Product Description

BBQs and summer, what a perfect match! Some may say that BBQ tools are just BBQ tools. Here at GoTo4Gardening, we disagree! BBQ tool sets are the icing on the cake when it comes to BBQ-ing prowess! We have been on the hunt for THE BBQ tool set for a while, and we really do think that we have found it here in this wrap set! We loved the wrap and the vibe that it gives; these are not your ‘cheap and cheerful’ set, these are quality and hardwearing tools that are built to last! The stunning combination of wood and metal just shout out style! Click on the link to see what we are on about!

10 Best Gardening Gadgets: Number 9, Best BBQ Gadget – Silicone Oil Bottle with Basting Brush

Product Description

We do seem to be a bit ‘BBQ heavy’ on the gadgets, but hey it is summer (isn’t it?) This is the cheapest gadget on our list at £1.99 but just a brilliant idea. BBQs can be messy affairs with oil and fat getting everywhere. This little BBQ gadget is a little silicone bottle with a basting brush attached. This BBQ gadget is perfect for adding a little oil or more flavouring to whatever you are BBQing. Easy to clean (pop it in the dishwasher) and resistant to high temperatures; what is there not to love?!

10 Best Gardening Gadgets: Number 10, Best Bird Table accessory – Fred SWING TIME Ceramic Bird Feeder

Product Description

When we were looking for a great bird table accessory, there was quite a bit of choice. When we saw this, even though it’s not a gadget, it had to be our bird table accessory for this list. This ceramic tyre will look awesome hanging from anything you fancy hanging it from in your garden! This is a great feeder for a quirky gift too, chances are even your more funky friends won’t have one! You wont even mind if the squirrels take a fancy to your new feeder, it is great fun to watch them swinging on a tyre swing! It’s great fun to look at, and you’ll be feeding the birds too.

Gardening Gadgets Buyers Guide

WOW! Now how on earth can we provide you with a guide when we have looked at such a variety? Always up for a challenge!

Choosing electrical gardening gadgets

With electrical items, you need to have an eye on the power source and type/amount of power that your gadget will need. Let’s think about the automatic mower. It works in all weathers and needs charging. First of all, you will be bringing it in to charge, so no worries about extension cables. But let’s think about water and electricity (one of the main issues with electric gardening gadgets). If you are bringing something in from outside to charge, wipe it down and make sure that it is dry before you connect it to the power source!

Choosing a gardening gadget by material

A couple of the gadgets we have chosen were chosen because they look amazing. The terrarium we picked was glass, the BBQ tool set was wood and metal, and the bird feeder was ceramic. If you have a busy household full of boisterous pets and children, you might need to consider a plastic terrarium! Don’t worry, though; you can definitely still achieve the look even if you don’t choose a product that is made of the same material as the original item. Just search out a decent quality one and read some reviews!

Should you always buy a ‘big brand’?

Well, it all depends! A general rule of thumb is that the fewer moving parts and the less power something requires, the less you need to worry about the quality of the product from a safety point of view. We reviewed the Weber fire starter along side a non-branded one. The Weber performed head and shoulders over the other one. Look at the best quality brands that are producing the gardening gadget that you are after. Check out what the brand is producing and their price point, then search for alternatives.


Gardening Gadgets

We do love a gardening gadget (you might just have noticed that!). We hope that you have enjoyed looking at the variety of gadgets that are out there and have found some inspiration from the gadgets we have highlighted.

Which is your favourite? Is there an amazing gardening gadget out there that we have missed? Please let us know!

Happy gardening!

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