If you have a lawn, you will need to buy a lawnmower, unless you have a gardener or a friendly neighbour who will lend you their lawnmower
Here is a comparison table showing the most popular electric lawnmowers currently being sold on Amazon in the UK. Click here if you want to read our “Electric Lawnmower Buyers Guide” before browsing the top 10 list.

Let us know which one you choose and send in some pictures of how well it works for you!

10 Best Electric Lawnmowers 2019

To save you spending hours online researching the perfect electric lawnmower for you and your garden, we have researched and tested the finest in electric lawnmowers that are currently available on the market.

Each of the electric lawnmowers that feature in our own shortlist is great value for money, decide on your budget and have a read.

Electric Lawnmower TypeElectric Lawnmower NameWhere Can I buy?
Best Electric Lawnmower for Small GardensFlymo FTL330 Turbo Lite Electric Hover LawnmowerOrder Online
Best Lightweight Electric LawnmowerBosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower, Cutting Width 34 cmOrder Online
Best Electric Lawnmower for grass box capacityQualcast Electric Rotary Lawnmower - 1400WOrder Online
Best electric lawnmower for tech innovationBLACK+DECKER Edge-Max Lawn Mower with 42 cm Cut Intelli Cable Management 45 L Compact Go Box, 1800 WOrder Online
Best electric lawnmower: Editor's ChoiceMountfield Princess 38 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller LawnmowerOrder Online
Best electric lawnmower: Futuristic Hover MowerFlymo Easi Glide 330VX Electric Hover Collect Lawnmower 1400W - 33cmOrder Online
Best electric lawnmower for comfortVonHaus Electric Rotary Lawnmower 1200W with 32cm Cutting Width & 3 Cut SettingsOrder Online
Best electric lawnmower for longevityBosch Rotak 37 LI Ergoflex Cordless 36 Volt Lithium-ion Rotary Lawnmower (37 cm Cutting Width)Order Online
Best electric lawnmower: Cordless - Battery PoweredBLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower with 2 Ah 2 BatteriesOrder Online

10 Best Electric Lawnmowers: Number 1, the choice for small gardens

Flymo FTL330 Turbo Lite Electric Hover Lawnmower

Product Description

When someone says ‘Flymo’ most people will think of small gardens and lightweight electric lawnmowers. While this isn’t always the case any longer, this lawnmower is the best of the lightweight Flymo electric lawnmowers. Perfect for small gardens, the Flymo Turbo Lite 330 is easy to use however strong you are feeling! Mowing your lawn with this lightweight electric lawnmower is a breeze and fun to use. For those with smaller gardens, the 10m cable is more than adequate, and you will have the freedom to mow. This is also a great quality lightweight electric lawnmower. Flymos are produced to a great quality, and this electric lawnmower’s 1150 watt motor and 33cm metal cutting blade demonstrates this.

10 Best Electric Lawnmowers: Number 2, the lightweight choice

Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower, Cutting Width 34 cm

Product Description

While this lightweight electric lawnmower has an impressive and powerful 34cm cutting blade, the Bosch Rotak is the lightweight choice for us. It was quite a surprise not to choose a Flymo for our choice of lightweight electric lawnmower, but the additional power of the 1300 watt ‘Powerdrive’ motor and it’s mowing capacity won us around. Another impressive feature of this lightweight electric mower is the innovative grass combs. These all for a really neat mow, right up to and over the edge of the lawn; what a great feature! All Bosch lightweight electric mowers have a free 2-year guarantee included, and Bosch also offers the opportunity to upgrade this to a 3 year guarantee. If you are looking for a reliable and backed-up lightweight electric lawnmower, this is the one for you!

10 Best Electric Lawnmowers: Number 3, the one with the 40-litre grass box!

Qualcast Electric Rotary Lawnmower – 1400W

Product Description

When you are out mowing, one of the main issues is the continual running to and fro with the grass box to empty it. This has been a particular problem in the past with electric lawnmowers, but not any more! The Qualcast electric lawnmower features a grass collection box of 40 litres! This will massively reduce the time spent emptying with this electric lawnmower. This electric lawnmower is a powerful machine! Featuring a 1400 watt motor and a 37cm steel cutting blade, this is a quality electric lawnmower. This electric lawnmower weighs in at only 14kg and has a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

10 Best Electric Lawnmowers: Number 4, the tech choice

BLACK+DECKER Edge-Max Lawn Mower with 42 cm Cut Intelli Cable Management 45 L Compact Go Box, 1800 W

Product Description

This electric lawnmower has a unique feature (let us know if you have seen it in another brand or model!) The ‘Compact and Go’ system by Black and Decker is a nifty little invention that we really think should be in all electric lawnmowers.

Situation: the grass box is filling. Uh oh, you’ll have to stop and empty the box.

Solution: pop your foot onto the foot pedal, and the cuttings in the grass box are shifted to the back of the box and compacted; how fab is that?!

Yes, you will need to eventually empty the grass box of this electric lawnmower. There is a nifty window in the box, so you know when.

‘The Tech choice’ maybe oversells this electric lawnmower, but at GoTo4Gardening we like our gadgets with clever extras!


10 Best Electric Lawnmowers: Number 5, the all-singing-all-dancing choice

Mountfield Princess 38 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower

Product Description

When it comes to Mountfield lawnmowers, they are some of the best in the business. We were excited to see this electric lawnmower in their range. The Mountfield electric lawnmower features everything you’d expect to see in this premium brand. Everything from large diameter rear wheels and a fully integrated rear roller, to fully folding handles. This electric lawnmower has it all. This Mountfield electric lawnmower works as a 3 in 1 machine. Yes, It mows! But it also offers you the choice of either collecting the cuttings in its spacious 40-litre grass box or mulching the grass. We loved this electric lawnmower for its handling and just being able to do whatever we wanted it to do!

10 Best Electric Lawnmowers: Number 6, the futuristic choice – this one hovers!

Flymo Easi Glide 330VX Electric Hover Collect Lawnmower 1400W – 33cm

Product Description

Have you ever seen a hover electric lawnmower? With the Flymo Easi Glide, you are in for a treat! It does everything you would expect an electric lawnmower to do, but it floats on a cushion of air. This electric lawnmower really has to be seen to be believed! When you have an electric lawnmower that hovers, manoeuverability is not an issue. This electric lawnmower will hover to where ever you want it to and leave a beautifully mown lawn. As with all Flymo electric lawnmowers, all you need to do is open the box, set the handle height, and get mowing!

10 Best Electric Lawnmowers: Number 7, the choice for a comfortable mow.

VonHaus Electric Rotary Lawnmower 1200W with 32cm Cutting Width & 3 Cut Settings

Product Description

For the majority of gardens, this new electric lawnmower from VonHaus would be a great addition. Balancing a powerful motor with a lightweight chassis is no mean feat, yet this electric lawnmower manages to achieve both. Your lawn will look neat and trim thanks to this electric lawnmower’s selection of cut heights. Choose between 30mm, 45mm, and 60mm for your perfect lawn care. How did we pick this electric lawnmower for our comfort award over the many others on the market? It’s ergonomic handle. If you are spending hours cultivating the perfect lawn, then you want to be comfortable. The adjustable nature and quality design of the handle on this electric lawnmower really does award the user with a superior control and handling. The wide wheel system not only helps to protect the lawn but makes the handling a delight.

10 Best Electric Lawnmowers: Number 8, the one to last 10 years (manufacturer claim)

Bosch Rotak 37 LI Ergoflex Cordless 36 Volt Lithium-ion Rotary Lawnmower (37 cm Cutting Width)

Product Description

The aim of this electric lawnmower is a pristine lawn. It has some quality features to help you to achieve this every time. The grass combs on this electric lawnmower mean that you can cut up to or over the edge of your lawn. Long-gone are the days of strimming when you own this mower! With this electric mower, is the quality of the 36V/2.6Ah Lithium-ion battery. While performance will always vary according to differing conditions, perfect conditions on a full charge will allow for mowing periods of up to 30 minutes. The full charge of these incredible batteries takes around 60 minutes, while 30 minutes provides an 80% charge. The batteries are designed to provide 500-700 charging cycles, which the manufacturer estimates, means that the batteries on this electric lawnmower should last between 5 and 10 years! That sounds pretty good to us.

10 Best Electric Lawnmowers: Number 9, the battery choice

BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower with 2 Ah 2 Batteries

Product Description

Black and Decker are known worldwide for their battery powered tools, so it should come as no surprise that they win (hands down) our award for the best electric lawnmower that is battery powered. Inside the box, you will find two 36V lithium batteries which means that gardens up to 600m should be easy to mow.  If you want to forget sockets and extension leads, this powerful electric lawnmower is the electric lawnmower for you.

10 Best Electric Lawnmowers: Number 10, the robotic choice

Flymo Lithium-ion Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R

Product Description

You might have heard of the Roomba vacuum cleaners, but how about a robotic lawnmower? Sounds like a dream, but it’s real! Sit back and relax while this robotic electric lawnmower does the hard work for you. Set it to work everyday, and your lawn will be immaculate all season. This robotic electric lawnmower can easily handle any lawned area up to 400m2 and does not leave wheel marks. This all sounds great, but I hear you ask, where do the grass cuttings go? This robotic electric lawnmower cuts every blade repeatedly and over so many days that the actual particles are tiny. They are simply left on the lawn, and they return to the ground where they act as a natural fertiliser. This is possibly the most expensive electric lawnmower we have reviewed, but is a dream mower!

Electric Lawnmowers: The Buyers Guide

Read all of our reviews? Great! Now to have a think about some of the other aspects to consider before buying your electric lawnmower.

How tall are you?

The answer is usually ‘not tall enough’, but don’t take this for an answer when it comes to an expensive piece of gardening kit! Gardening is a joy, spending hours using a tool that is uncomfortable or makes you feel miserable is not the way to live! Look at the range of settings available on the handles of the electric lawnmowers. Check to see if the handle can change angle as well as its height. If you have the opportunity, try out an electric lawnmower. Think about how heavy it is and how strong you are. While it might be great to find a new workout routine, will you shun mowing because it is too much like hard work? Just because you have found the mower that ticks all of the boxes for your garden, it doesn’t make it the perfect electric lawnmower for you. This purchase needs to be the right electric lawnmower for your garden and the right electric lawnmower for you!

Buying an electric lawnmower online

A few top tips if you are looking to buy an electric lawnmower online.

  • Do some research into the servicing that your new machine will need and make sure that there is a service centre locally
  • If you see a very low price, check for things such as manufacturers guarantees and reviews on the specific product.
  • Ask in our forums if you are after an electric lawnmower that does not feature in our shortlist; someone is sure to own or have used one!

Electric lawnmowers for different garden settings

You know your lawn. Is it smooth enough for bowls, or does it look like a thousand Labrador puppies have attacked it? Think about the wear and tear that mowing your lawn will inflict on your electric lawnmower. Lightweight and plastic, or heavy duty and plastic? While the choice might not be your style choice, you need to pick one that will cope with your garden.

A useful extra that many electric lawnmowers are now starting to incorporate like their petrol cousins is a mulch setting, whereby the grass clippings are finely ground and spread on your lawn as a nitrogen rich fertilising mulch!

How much do good electric lawnmowers Cost?

How long is a piece of string? Electric gardening tools are one of the items of gardening kit (more than any, I would argue) that really live up to the adage of ‘you get what you pay for’. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to re-mortgage and buy the most expensive electric lawnmower that you can find. What it means in practice is: don’t skimp! Research common parts that need replacing and find out how much they cost. If you’ve ever bought a printer, you’ll know that sometimes the cheapest initial spend can quite often turn into the most expensive option in the long run.

… and finally!

We hope that our shortlist of 10 Best Electric Lawnmowers 2019 has been of use to you. It’s never an easy task to pick the perfect electric lawnmower for your garden but with a few top tips we hope we have made the journey a little easier for you.

Looking for something more powerful? Why not take a look at our best petrol lawn mower reviews?

Have we missed an electric lawnmower from our shortlist that you think should have been included? Let us know!

Likewise if you are looking for more gardening tips you have came to the right place.


Happy mowing
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