The new generation of cordless battery powered lawnmowers combine the advantages of their clean, lightweight electric corded cousins and their powerful versatile petrol powered cousins without the disadvantages of each; making them the lawnmower of choice for your average home garden.

Here is a table of the current most popular cordless battery powered lawnmowers currently being sold on Amazon in the UK. Scroll down for our Editors Pick of the top ten cordless battery powered lawnmowers or click here to see our Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower Buyers Guide.

Here are our own favourite cordless battery powered lawnmowers for 2019, with detailed descriptions for each one below the table.

Click here if you want to read our “Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower Buyers Guide” before choosing from our top 10 list

1. Bosch 0.600.8A4.572 36 V 4.0 A 43 LI Rotak Ergoflex Rotary Mower Best All Round Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower to buy in 2019

Despite it’s rather strange name, this is a fantastic general purpose cordless battery powered lawnmower which will perform fantastically well for most home gardens. This Bosch mower is powered by a 36V lithium ion battery coupled with the new Power drive 43Li + system delivers consistently high torque in all conditions. Weighing only 14 Kg this is very easy to push and the back combs will help to leave the nice striped effect on your lawn – granted the stripes won’t be as pronounced as those made by heavier petrol lawnmowers – but the lightness, and easy of use surely make up for lighter stripes! It is also has an AGR certificate which means it has specially been designed to put less strain on your back.



2. Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex Cordless 36 Volt Lithium-ion Rotary Lawnmower with x 2 batteries (43 cm Cutting Width) Best Light Weight Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower for Lawn Stripe Effect

This cordless battery powered lawnmower from Bosch is designed for larger lawns hence it comes complete with 2 lithium ion batteries each of which should give a good half hour of cutting time and only take an hour to recharge. What stood out to us when reviewing this lawnmower was the stripe effect that it gives – even though it only weighs about 14 Kg – making it better for your back – the rear roller does give that lovely striped finish to your lawn.


3. Mountfield S46R PD Li 46cm 80v Cordless Lawnmower Best Powerful Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower for Large Lawns with roller for striped finish

Mountfield have taken their expertise in petrol lawnmowers and applied this to the new generation of cordless battery powered lawnmowers. This quality self propelled cordless lawnmower with its powerful 80V battery, steel chasis and rear roller will easily tackle larger lawns with the assurance of a petrol mower minus the smell and noise!

4. Mountfield S46 PD Li 46cm Self Propelled 80V Cordless Lawnmower Best Powerful Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower for Large Lawns without roller

Almost exactly the same lawnmower as above just minus the rear roller, a slightly higher lowest cut level (27mm vs 20mm) and marginally more noise and vibration hence the lower price; although it does have a larger grass bag (60l vs 55l).  This quality self propelled cordless lawnmower with its powerful 80V battery which easily tackle larger lawns with the assurance of a petrol mower minus the smell and noise! Keep in mind that the steel chasis whilst making this mower stronger than its plastic cousins it also makes it significantly heavier at about 30Kg.

5. Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower, 40 V, Cutting Width 30 cm Best Low Priced Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower

This cordless battery powered lawnmower from Flymo is a “lightweight” machine suitable for smaller lawns – it works best if the grass is dry. It can be adjusted to cut at 5 different heights with a simple lever.

6. Yard Force 32cm Cordless Rotary Lawnmower with 40V Lithium-Ion Battery and Quick Charger – Best Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower for Small Gardens

Featuring a 32cm cutting width and weighing just 9.5Kg this cordless battery powered lawnmower from Yard Force is ideal for mowing smaller lawns. It includes a 40V Samsung Lithium-Ion 2.5Ah battery with quick charger and can easily be adjusted to cut at five different heights. Although it does come with a rear roller, due to the extremely light nature of this machine the roller is unlikely to leave a recognisable stripe on your lawn.


7. Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower 35cm (14″) with 2x 2Ah batteries and chager – 2501907UC – Best Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower for Medium Size Gardens

A great mid range cordless battery powered lawnmower from the up and coming Greenworks. This model comes with an extra lithium ion battery so if you start with both fully charged you should get a good hours mowing. It folds down for easy storage and weighs just under 21Kg. This mower comes with a free mulching plug and the mulcher is really good for fertilising your lawn with the clippings.

8. Tacklife Lawn Mower, 40V Cordless Lawn Mower 3-in-1, Cutting Width 38 cm – Best Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower for bumpy ground

A fantastic cordless battery powered lawnmower at a very reasonable price. We really like this mower because it is incredibly easy to set up and use. It has side combs next to the front wheels which enable a close cut to the edge of your lawn. This is a robust yet lightweight mower and the absence of a rear roller make it ideal for mowing messy looking bumpy lawns turning them into neatly mowed lawns!

9. BLACK+DECKER Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower with Two 2 Ah Batteries, 36 V – Best Value Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower 

A quality machine from Black + Decker – this cordless battery powered lawnmower comes with two fast charging lithium ion batteries making it perfect for mowing all but the largest gardens. It features six cutting heights easily adjusted with one lever and a neat battery charge indicator, although you will usually feel when you need to replace the battery as the mower as the lawnmower will start to struggle. The large back wheels make mowing bumpy ground much easier too.

10. Mountfield Princess Princess 34Li 34cm (13.4″) Cordless 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower – Freedom 48 – Best Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower for Flat Lawns

Another quality cordless battery powered lawnmower from Mountfield. This is less powerful than the other 80v Mountfiled mowers we listed above hence the lower price. This lawnmower features a rear roller and since it weighs about 16Kg you should get a decent stripe on your lawn. A good buy from Mountfield and it comes with a 24 month guarantee.



11. GreenWorks G-MAX 20” 40V Cordless Twin Force Mower

I bought the greenworks gmax twin force lawn mower to replace my old honda petrol mower which had finally given up the ghost. Overall I’m very impressed with it and wouldn’t go back to using petrol lawn mowers on my garden. The greenworks lawn mower is much lighter and easier to manouver than a petrol mower and compared with the noise from a petrol mower it’s as good as silent!

It doesn’t cut the lawn as short as my old petrol mower and is also not as good at hoovering up fallen autumn leaves, but overall the gmax twin force cordless mower makes for a much easier, cleaner and quieter mowing experience.

Here is a video of me testing the GreenWorks G-Max Twin Force Lawn Mower:


12. Worx 36v Cordless 34cm Mower

The Worx 36v cordless lawn mower is a fantastic machine for home owners with small to medium sized gardens. I was very impressed with its cutting performance and manouverability. Compared to some other cordless lawnmowers I’ve tried the worx mower gives a much closer cut right down to 2cm and will also cut right up to the edge of your lawn.

The worx mower is light weight and extremely easy to manouver, and runs for about half an hour on fully charged batteries – easily enough time to mow 400 square metres of lawn.

Here is a video of me testing the Worx 36v cordless lawn mower:

Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmower Buyers Guide

This cordless lawn mower buyers guide will ensure that you are fully informed when it comes to choosing the best battery powered lawnmower to suit your type of garden and your particular requirements.

How tall are you?

The answer is usually ‘not tall enough’, but don’t take this for an answer when it comes to an expensive piece of gardening kit! Gardening is a joy, spending hours using a tool that is uncomfortable or makes you feel miserable is not the way to live! Look at the range of settings available on the handles of the cordless lawnmowers. Check to see if the handle can change angle as well as its height. If you have the opportunity, try out a cordless lawnmower. Most cordless mowers are relatively lightweight although they do range in weight from under 10Kg to over 30Kg so consider how heavy it is and how strong you are before making your choice. While it might be great to find a new workout routine, will you shun mowing because it is too much like hard work? Just because you have found the mower that ticks all of the boxes for your garden, it doesn’t make it the perfect electric lawnmower for you. This purchase needs to be both the right battery powered lawnmower for your garden and for you!

Buying a cordless battery powered lawnmower online

A few top tips if you are looking to buy a cordless lawnmower online.

  • Do some research into the servicing that your new machine will need and make sure that there is a service centre locally
  • If you see a very low price, check for things such as manufacturers guarantees and reviews on the specific product.
  • Double and triple check if it comes with a battery and charger. Lower prices often mean that a battery isn’t included or only one battery instead of two.
  • Can I easily find spare parts – particularly new batteries – all lithium ion batteries eventually will need replacing – the better ones may last as long as the mower does!
  • Check the ergonomic design – some battery lawnmower are actually have an AGR certificate which means it has specially been designed to put less strain on your back.
  • Ask in our forums if you are looking for a cordless lawnmower that does not feature in our editors picks; someone is sure to own or have used one!

Cordless lawnmowers for different garden settings

What is your lawn used for? Is it as smooth as a bowling green and the centre piece of your garden or is it used as a sports pitch by your children (and you!)? Think about the wear and tear that mowing your lawn will inflict on your cordless lawnmower. Lightweight and plastic, or heavy duty with a metal chasis? While the appearance of your mower might not be your style choice, you need to pick one that will cope with your garden. Remember that lawnmowers with a rear roller are designed to give that beautiful striped finish but will not work on bumpy ground, so if you have a bumpy lawn stick with a four wheeled lawnmower.

A useful extra that many cordless lawnmowers are now starting to incorporate is a mulch setting, whereby the grass clippings are finely ground and spread on your lawn as a nitrogen rich fertilising mulch!

How much do good cordless lawnmowers cost?

How long is a piece of string? Battery powered gardening tools are one of the items of gardening kit (more than most, I would argue) that really live up to the adage of ‘you get what you pay for’. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to re-mortgage and buy the most expensive battery powered lawnmower that you can find. What it means in practice is: don’t skimp! Research common parts that need replacing and find out how much they cost. If you’ve ever bought a printer, you’ll know that sometimes the cheapest initial spend can quite often turn into the most expensive option in the long run.

… and finally!

We hope that our shortlist of 10 Best Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmowers 2019 has been of use to you. It’s never an easy task to pick the perfect battery lawnmower for your garden but with a few top tips we hope we have made the journey a little easier for you.

Looking for something more traditional or maybe you are a petrol head 🙂 ? Why not take a look at our best petrol lawn mower reviews?

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