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A BBQ in your back garden used to bring to mind burnt sausages with raw middles, dodgy burger buns, and a limp lettuce leaf. No longer is this the case! With the technology available in these modern BBQs, gourmet cooking is now achievable, and mass catering without the food poisoning (we think that’s a bonus!)
This comparison table shows the 10 most popular BBQs currently for sale on Amazon in the UK. To skip straight to the buyers guide click here.

There are so many BBQs available on the market, it can be a daunting choice to make! Here at GoTo4Gardening, we have checked out the best offerings available on the market today.

Read on and be tempted by our selection of BBQs that have made it onto our list of 10 Best BBQs of 2019.

10 Best BBQs 2019

Whatever your budget, there is a funky and practical BBQ out there just waiting for you to buy and enjoy. We hope we have taken some of the hassle out of decision-making for you!

BBQ TypeBBQ NameWhere Can I buy?
Best 6 Burner Gas BBQOutback Meteor Hooded Stainless Steel 6 Burner Gas BBQOrder Online
Best BBQ - Classic - Editors Choice Weber One-Touch OriginalOrder Online
Best BBQ - The Fire Pit - Bargain ChoiceLarge Fire Pit Steel Folding Outdoor Garden Patio Heater Grill Camping Bowl BBQOrder Online
Best BBQ - The Drum Style BBQTaurus 660 Large Charcoal BBQOrder Online
Best BBQ - The Outdoor KitchenOutback Signature 6 Burner Gas BBQ with Side Burner, Rotisserie and Cover Stainless SteelOrder Online
Best Portable BBQ - Reusable Easy Carry BBQHotspot - Notebook Portable BBQOrder Online
Best BBQ - The Bucket BBQGarden Trading Whitstable Galvanised BBQOrder Online
Best Disposable BBQDisposable Instant Barbecue GrillOrder Online
Best BBQ for Smoking - The Connoisseur's Choice!KING BBQ Smoker BBQ Grill Station 2 GrillsOrder Online

10 Best BBQs: Number 1, The 6 burner gas BBQ – Outback Meteor Hooded Stainless Steel 6 Burner Gas BBQ

Product Description

Wow – this 6 burner has BBQ is something else! Click on the link, and you’ll see what I mean! If you have friends to impress or a serious amount of food to be cooking, then this 6 burner gas BBQ is the one for you. Part of the Outback range, this 6 burner gas BBQ is a quality addition to their range. In the BBQ, Outback is one of the best in the business. If you are wondering about lava rocks, when the cooking juices fall onto the hot lava rocks, they simply vaporise.  Food is tastier, and cleaning is minimised with this 6 burner gas BBQ.

10 Best BBQs: Number 2, The Classic BBQ – Weber One-Touch Original

Product Description

Over the last 10-15 years, classic and quality coal BBQs have really only meant one brand – Weber. If you are looking for a classic BBQ, then have a look at this Weber One-Touch Original. With everything that you would expect from a quality brand, including their use of specially enamelled steel, this kettle BBQ is stylish and efficient.

10 Best BBQs: Number 3, the Fire Pit – Large Fire Pit Steel Folding Outdoor Garden Patio Heater Grill Camping Bowl BBQ

Product Description

There is something in most (all?!) of us that enjoys a good fire! This fire pit BBQ provides the look, the satisfaction, and the cooking that will make everyone happy. Long after you have finished BBQ-ing, this Fire Pit will keep you warm long into the night. Have a look at the Fire Pit we tested and admire the craftsmanship of its build; isn’t it stunning?! This Fire Pit also comes with all of the kit you need to keep everyone as safe as possible too, the charcoal grate and mesh cover are well-designed and fit well. The perfect Fire Pit BBQ!

10 Best BBQs: Number 4, the Drum BBQ – Taurus 660 Large Charcoal BBQ

 Product Description

If you are a bit ‘old school’ with your BBQ preferences, then take a look at this Drum BBQ. Not dirty oil residue here, though! It may look simple, but look a little further, and it has all of the ‘mod-cons’ that take BBQ-ing further than burnt sausages! This Drum BBQ features a painted lid and firebowl with an enamelled cooking grill and grid. The warming rack on this Drum BBQ is large (how many sausages will fit along a 60cm rack?). Some nice touches with this Drum BBQ are the thermometer on the lid and the ash catcher that we found was really easy to remove and empty. Whatever BBQ ‘group’ you fit into, there is something about this style of Drum BBQ that just makes you want to grab those tongs and get cooking!


10 Best BBQs: Number 5, the Outdoor Kitchen! – Outback Signature 6 Burner Gas BBQ with Side Burner, Rotisserie and Cover Stainless Steel

Product Description

Are you prepared to be wowed? Click on the link above to have a look at what we thought was the all-singing-all-dancing Outdoor Kitchen BBQ. Seriously, who thinks up these modern wonders? (Check out it’s delivery requirements – you need space for them to offload it FROM A PALLET!) This stainless steel beast of an outdoor kitchen is stainless steel and includes a rotisserie; perfect for whole chickens or huge pieces of meat. Have you ever seen ‘Man vs. Food’? We think that Adam Richman would approve of the cooking power in this outdoor kitchen.

10 Best BBQs: Number 6, the Portable BBQ – Ferraboli –

Picnic Barbecue  40x30cm

Product Description

Ah, a portable BBQ? That must be ugly and not worth re-using. NO! This portable BBQ is stunning and an absolute please to use. Not only does this portable BBQ look great, but its also incredibly easy to use; fill with charcoal, light, cook! One word of caution – make sure this portable bbq is completely dry before storing it otherwise it will rust over very quickly.

10 Best BBQs: Number 7, the Bucket BBQ – Garden Trading Whitstable Galvanised BBQ

Product Description

For portable and fun BBQ cooking, you can’t beat the classic bucket BBQ design. This is not cheaply made either. The galvanised steel of this bucket BBQ and the extra large air holes make this quite a little marvel. The coals will be well aired, creating all-round quality cooking. This bucket BBQ is easy and fun to carry, and the handle is easily removed when you are ready to cook. If you use easy logs, then you will be able to fit most of your BBQ-ing kit into this bucket BBQ and walk off to find that perfect BBQ spot.

10 Best BBQs: Number 8, the Disposable BBQ – Disposable Instant Barbecue Grill

Product Description

Any list of practical BBQs would not be complete without noting that there are some very good disposable BBQs around. Made by Premier Decorations, these disposable BBQs live up to the quality of their other products. Our top tip when it comes to cooking on a disposable BBQ is to work on your patience! Remember that the coals need a decent amount of time to be hot enough to cook safely on. Make sure the coals are evenly spread and then let them burn until there is no more smoke. Disposable BBQs remain hot for a very long time (we were surprised, in testing, just how long they are untouchable for!). Make sure you have allowed enough time for them to have gone cold before you need to throw them away.

10 Best BBQs: Number 9, the Smoker BBQ – KING BBQ Smoker BBQ Grill Station 2 Grills

Product Description

If you are a fan of cooking programs such as Great British Menu, then you will have noticed that an increasing number of high-end chefs are now smoking foods themselves. Gone are the days of smoked food meaning a weird piece of cheese wrapped in an impossible-to-remove orange wrapper! Have a look at the bells and whistles on this model of smoker BBQ (click the link above). We couldn’t believe the price and the insane value for money that it offers. This really is the king of smoker BBQs! Use the ventilation valves to control the oxygen supply so that your food is smoked to your exacting tastes. This smoker BBQ is also a mean BBQ-ing machine. The lateral firebox is impressive, and the cooking grids are enamelled, making them robust enough for the everyday BBQ-er (tell me I’m not the only one??!!) With its two wheels, this smoke BBQ is easy to move around and put away after use. This is such a brilliant Smoker BBQ and would look amazing in any garden.

10 Best BBQs: Number 10, the Indoor BBQ – Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki Table Grill

Product Description

Yes, you have read this correctly; this is marketed as an indoor BBQ. Andrew James make quality kitchen kit, so we were excited to try this one out. The indoor BBQ is basically long, flat, and non-stick. This indoor BBQ is great fun to use! Sat around a table, the individual diner chooses how long to cook their food with the help of the 8 included spatulas. We think that this would be really fun for cooking pancakes and omelettes on; why not try out cooking a whole English breakfast? There is nothing to stop you using this indoor BBQ outside either, providing you have a power source. For those health conscious among us, the drip trays drain away without you even having to think about it; no-one need miss a BBQ!

BBQ Buyers Guide

So, wow, that was quite a dash through some great BBQs! Have you seen ‘the one’? Need a little more help with some of the big questions? We’ve put together a BBQ Buyers Guide that we hope will help!

Choosing the Best BBQ for You

There are some fab looking BBQs out there, but which one will suit your requirements? A smoker might be a load of fun, but are you actually more in the market for a disposable? Have a look through our buyers guide and see if some of our pointers help you to choose the perfect BBQ for you!

BBQ Size – how many do you want to feed?

Are you really going to be feeding your extended family of 30+ every weekend? Would a quality and classic Weber be the better choice? Think realistically about the size of the BBQ and how much food you need to be cooking. If you just never use the majority of the grill space, just think of the fuel, and therefore money, that you are wasting!

Gas, coal, or electric BBQ?

Purists will say coal and nothing else. I do agree, sometimes, coal is a great cooking medium and well after cooking you are then left with a lovely warm heat source late into the night; especially with a Weber or Fire Pit style BBQ. Gas gives you instant heat that is ready to be cooked on straight away (almost) and is usually much cleaner on the BBQ. If you are tempted by gas, do remember that you will need to invest in a gas cylinder too. The first time you go to pick up a cylinder, you will need to fill in a hire form that costs in the region of £30-£40 on top of the gas itself. Electric is quick and easy to use, but not really an option for mass catering.

What sort of food do you want to cook on your BBQ?

This is a really important point to consider. Sausages and burgers will cook on pretty much any cooking equipment. If you want to cook in pots and pans, then you will need to move more towards a gas BBQ with a burner.

Design Aspects to Look for in a BBQ

Build quality

With BBQs, you really do get what you pay for. If a price seems too good to be true, then it probably is! If you don’t recognise the brand, look to see what the BBQ is made from. Look at the component parts and check to see how well the kit all fits together.

Replacement parts

If you are shelling out a couple of hundred pounds on a piece of kit, you expect to be able to get replacement parts. Weber and Outback are known for great customer service, and retailers will be able to get their hands on all sorts of replacement parts for you. If you are looking at other brands, do check out whether replacement parts are available. If you are spending more than £100 on a BBQ, I would suggest that not being able to purchase replacement parts makes the BBQ a no-go.

Additional kit

There is so much BBQ kit about! Check out all of the tongs and spatulas that are out there!

How much do good BBQs cost?

We have featured BBQs ranging from £25 to nearly £1000. Set your budget and go BBQ hunting!


I love a good BBQ; I have a gas Outback and a Fire pit. They are such sociable eating events, and I really think that you just can’t beat them. We hope that our shortlist and buyers guide have helped you to choose the perfect BBQ for you.

Happy BBQing!

Here at GoTo4Gardening, we love a good BBQ. Please make use of all safety equipment available and remember that the whole idea of a BBQ is that it is burning fuel! Stay safe.
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