A grass seed spreader is an essential tool for any enthusiastic gardener. Its function is to spread lawn seed and fertilizer (the larger models) across your garden without having to do it by hand. It will allow the seeds to be spread more evenly across the lawn which will allow your garden to flourish throughout the seasons and will stop it from becoming patchy. Gardening undeniably carries many health benefits that will help you to live a healthy lifestyle, so it is good to invest in a product that will continue your love for everything gardening related.

So what are the main benefits that come with using a grass seed spreader?

It will save you money and time

First of all, a grass seed spreader can help you to save time. Even though a lot of the handheld models are more suitable for small gardens and are a great tool to utilise when designing your small area, they can ensure that you get the job done quicker than it would take you to do it by hand. For larger gardens, there are also options such as a towable spreader or a heavy duty spreader that you can use to create a beautiful outdoor area. It will also save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to repeatedly apply the fertilizer or sow the seeds in areas that you might have missed when doing it by hand. There are many models to choose from no matter what your budget and size of your garden. And to find the right one for you and your garden, it is important to research and read any customer reviews before you buy.

It will protect you from harmful chemicals

Secondly, a fertilizer spreader will help to protect you from the harmful chemicals that are within the fertilizer itself. Preventing you from having contact with the fertilizer directly, you don’t have to worry about having any reactions from it. Alongside your fertilizer spreader, you should also always use a face mask when you are spreading it around your garden. Some fertilizers contain heavy metals that have numerous health risks, therefore you want to make sure that you aren’t being affected by them.

It is multifunctional

Thirdly, a seed and fertilizer spreader can be used for other functions other than sowing seeds and spreading the fertilizer. For example, when the weather is colder and it’s icy, you can use it to spread salt across the ground. Similarly, if you have recently redecorated your garden, you can use the spreader to fill in any of the pavement with sand. Quick and efficient, it is far more accurate than if you did it with a shovel. The fact that it is multipurpose also saves you on money that you would have spent on other tools. If you have spent a little more out on a heavy duty/battery operated model, this will help to make the initial outlay of money worth it.